Paint a Map Keepsake with Watercolor: Watercolored Map of Mediterranean Cruise

hey there everyone today I have a little
bit of a different video because I wanted to show you a little bit of my
journey to Italy over Christmas if you don’t know I went with I have a whole
story and I’m going to tell you in the video it is something else but anyway I
went to Italy with my family and I came back and created a map of my visit of
all of the ports that I went to so it’s super cool I’m going to show you where I
learned how to do it I’m gonna give you all the deets so hang with me let’s get
to it so I got some stamps in my passport and
I have lots of memories and stories some good some bad from my trip to Italy but
when I came back after a couple weeks it took me to recover from this insane trip
I logged onto my Skillshare account if you don’t know what Skillshare is give
me a minute I’ll tell you about it and this new class popped up it was like
fate it was like hi I know you just went to Italy and I think this would be a
great thing for you to try to do and send to the people that went on the trip
for you as a keepsake so I’m gonna get into it I’m going to show you some
screen footage from the class and everything but this is basically a map
of the Mediterranean cruise that I went on and all the ports that I went to I
went to several different places and then I kind of free handed some images
that would go with the different ports that I went to and this will all make
sense to you as I go on in the video here but yeah so the class on Skillshare
first of all the instructor is Peggy Dean and I just adore her I’ve taken
every single one of her classes and the class that I drew inspiration from for
this project I am linking below for you so you can check it out I also have two
months free of Skillshare so if you’ve never heard of it you can get in there
for two months free of charge and see what it’s all about
it has topics ranging from crafts what are coloring card-making all those
things to music cooking photography I’ve taken a couple of photography classes
here’s some of the footage from the actual class that I took and she walks
you through how to create your map on Google Maps – how to trace it and you
don’t need to go buy anything for it I had everything I needed at home you need
a window with some light you don’t need a fancy light box she talked me through
how she created her little icons of her trip wherever she went here in Spain I
think it was she just walks you through everything and I love this class there
was it’s just very slow-paced I can pause I can ask questions I can interact
with the instructor hers came out a lot better than mine
but she’s the professional that’s why I took a class from her right so you can
go in again at you can read reviews on classes before you take them there
discussions where you can ask her your instructor things and she’ll reply and
then there’s a place where you can upload your project if you want to now I
jumped on this class right away so I am the only project that has been uploaded
so far but there’s about 400 students I think taking this class right now so
anyway now we’re back to my footage and I’m just going to ramble and ramble and
ramble so Skillshare has graphic design photography I’ve taken some photography
classes I’ll link them here one was a flat lay class so I learned how to use
props that I had in my house for flat lay photography for all of my cards that
I’ve been doing I have taken a class on how to take good Instagram photos and
how to use filters I’ve taken a class on the Lightroom app and how to use edits
and stuff to make your pictures really pop so I’ve found a lot of fun things
that are in my niche but it will be fun for me eventually to go outside my niche
and look up you know cooking I don’t cook as my husband so we’ll be fine to
get into some cooking classes and everything so how this is different from
YouTube is they’re very in-depth classes they are structured they are at your
pace they are interactive to where you can talk to your instructors so that’s
how it differs from YouTube because the videos here on YouTube are more
condensed for you and the things on Skillshare are not so there’s a lot more
information over there so that’s how it is a little
bit different in case you were wondering why do I need to go over to school sure
that’s my opinion again I do have free two months for you a free two month
membership down below just click that link boom you’ve got two months for free
so you can go on there and check it out for yourself and see if it floats your
boat and look I made a boat see my boat so that’s gonna be Venice that was a
gondola the little boat up there the thing to the right all the way to the
right is a cup of coffee because that was one of our ports and Montenegro
there wasn’t anything to do there for the period of time that we had so we
went to a coffee shop and people-watch drink coffee and use their Wi-Fi so that
was the coffee cup I have so many stories and fun things to tell you about
my trip so anyway so we started by I drove I live in New York so I drove over
to the airport to JFK and my parents are in Florida so they flew to Atlanta where
they met my brother’s family because they’re in Atlanta and then they all
flew to JFK together so then we were all meeting at JFK and then we were getting
on our international flight to Rome they missed their connecting flight to Rome
because the plane from Atlanta to JFK kept circling in the air for like 45
minutes to an hour they couldn’t land my mother was puking on the airplane
because they just kept going around and around and around and they couldn’t land
something about ice on the runway so they missed their flight to Rome I was a
hot mess I was crying I didn’t want to leave I didn’t want to go on this
vacation on this cruise without my family so I was so upset but my husband
made me get on the plane so I flew off to Rome Italy while my parents were
stuck in the JFK Airport by the way my flight to Rome was delayed by an hour
and a half so they could have gotten on our flight and all would have been well
but because the airline that I flew to not officially call it a delay they
closed the check-in meaning my family couldn’t get on the plane which was
complete bogus beep that was my beep I was not happy but
whatever that’s a different story so I went off to Rome which we were in Rome
for three days before we got on our cruise and I was without my families so
me and while my family’s back in JFK I’m with my parents my brother
sister-in-law and my three my two nieces and nephew everybody was upset everybody
was crying everybody was exhausted it was just a hot mess and I’m on the plane
just boohoo crying so they end up spending the night in some Airport Hotel
very little sleep trying to figure out how they were gonna get on a plane to
Rome it was Friday our cruise was departing on Monday the airline could
not get them to Rome until Monday so they would have missed the first day of
the cruise so long story short they paid what cost
probably an island a brand-new freakin Lamborghini they paid through Delta to
get to Rome by Saturday night and there goes half my inheritance right they paid
so much money I’m not gonna tell you how much but you can buy a car with cash buy
a small island whatever it was insane so they finally made it to Rome they missed
a day and a half in Rome they were all jet-lagged anyway we get on the cruise
we’re on the cruise all as well we’re having fun
our first port was Venice so we got to spend the day a Christmas day in Venice
which is my little boat up there my little gondola then we went to what was
our next I can’t remember the actual order in which we went but the
highlights were there now I’m going in and like free handing my lettering which
was it looks like my six-year-old daughter did it but hey whatever it’s
handmade so what else happened what else happened we had fun on the boat Florence
was a super fun but we didn’t get a lot of time in Florence because of the
transfer from where the ship was to actual Florence took about three and
half hours that gave us about two and half hours in Florence before we had to
go back to the boat so that was a big bust I don’t remember much Florence and
then when you’re on a cruise and you can’t dock right up against the eye
you have to take something called a tender attenders like a little boat that
takes you from the cruise ship to land well one of the tenders was so rocky it
was rocking back and forth sideways and front to back it was like a nightmare
they had to get like 10 to 15 crew members to basically always have your
hand on someone they had to pick people up and care in and and lift them out of
the tender on to the cruise ship because there was a big gap of ocean water I got
seasick it was like what but we finally made it we made it back from all of our
trips Barcelona Spain Montecarlo which had a huge casino there so I did a deck
Oh a little deck of cars Florence was the Duomo we’ve got Rome which was the
Colosseum I had so much fun and this class just popped up as like hey you
should take this yes I’m going to because I had this printed and I’m
sending it to my family framed as a memento of our trip on the way back we I
had no problems because our trip you know our plane from room took us
straight to New York and I drove from JFK to my house my parents had to wait a
day to go home and my brother’s plane on the way home to Atlanta got rerouted to
like Memphis or something I can’t even remember because of bad weather in
Atlanta and they had to reroute because they were running out of fuel so they
had to reroute and go someplace get fuel sit on the runway and then they made it
home same so anyway this is a memento of our trip
and so each port I just took something from my memory and tried to freehand it
so Barcelona Spain has a very famous church its Sagrada família and I tried
to paint that and of course I think I’ve went over everything else the Duomo the
Colosseum for Rome Dubrovnik Dubrovnik I think Croatia is awesome it was this old
town with all these stone walls so that’s the stone wall and of course the
Venice is the gondola so I think that’s in the coffee my coffee cup was pretty
ain’t but anyway so is the port there just wasn’t a lot to do in the time that
we had but anyway this is a memento from my trip to the
Mediterranean my cruise thank you so much to the Skillshare to Peggy Dean for
this clot it couldn’t have come at a better time it was like fate fate so she
walked us through it I did this all in a day I took the whole class while my kids
were at school from beginning to end I was able to do it I did not go out and
buy anything I used everything that I had so I just loved it so again I’ve got
a discount below if you’re interested in checking out the membership you get a
free two months and there’s a ton of stuff on there there really is so I
encourage you just to to click that link just to check out and see what all’s on
there because I think you’ll be amazed I really do otherwise I won’t be telling
you about it so thanks so much for joining me today and I’ll be back very
soon I’ve got a video coming up it’s out of sequence so I actually in my next
video reference this video but it’s gonna be backwards but anyway and I’m
gonna have ten cards using one background I won just 110 cards that’s
coming at you next week so I will see you again very soon thank you so much
for joining me and if you’re not a subscriber I think you should be I
really do thanks for watching

6 thoughts on “Paint a Map Keepsake with Watercolor: Watercolored Map of Mediterranean Cruise

  1. Hi Laurel, Really Loved your crafty tutorial so many wonderful memories and what a wonderful way to capture them thank you so much for taking the time to share your trip this way you will have extra wonderful memories for ever โฃ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ Lin

  2. Iโ€™m sure youโ€™ll begin to remember more amazing memories once youโ€™ve had time to recoup. I imagine the flight alone is grueling, even without the chaos you and your family encountered. Love your memory map, such a wonderful idea! Canโ€™t wait to hear more about your trip!โค๏ธ

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