Hello my loves, how are you? Greetings, it’s a beautiful day. Today’s video is about how to get your Schengen Tourist Visa from the Philippines to the Netherlands approved So, what did I do to have my Schengen Tourist Visa application approved? Even if it’s my first time, and I don’t have… stamps on my passport saying that I’ve been to this and that country, anywhere. I don’t have those but my tourist visa was still approved with my first application. So if you want to know, guys, how I did it…just keep on watching! HOW TO GET SCHENGEN TOURIST VISA FROM THE PHILIPPINES TO THE NETHERLANDS APPROVED
[W/ ENG. SUB.] I’m Inday Zelly by the way, a Filipina-Dutch vlogger living here in the Netherlands And if you guys are new to my channel please don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so when I have new videos, you’ll be updated anytime every time So let’s get started guys I have here a cheat sheet by the way, in case uhm you guys are wondering ‘coz I really want to give you, to share with you the step-by-step of the things that I was doing, the requirements that I provided Yeah, so that… we have an orderly video today ‘coz I know it’s not easy to apply for a tourist visa from the Philippines to the Netherlands so I just want to make it as clear as possible to you guys so please excuse me if I have a cheat sheet here because I’m not that sharp to remember all the requirements ‘coz it’s THAT many. There. So the first thing to do is to go to This is the Netherlands’ embassy website in the Philippines and their address is at Makati Currently, they are also representing Latvia and Poland And guys, please download the checklist because it contains all the requirements that we need for visa application And please, please read them carefully Read it carefully and fully understand what are needed So we can avoid visa refusal So the first requirement is our travel documents. So this is a valid passport, and make sure that there are still 2 pages left on your passport Those pages are for your VISA if your application gets approved. So if you guys are not so sure about your passport anymore, if you think it’s too old, then just get a new one. It’ll be easier to have a new passport because you’ll know for sure it’s still valid Okay so next is application form. The application can be downloaded from and make sure to fill out all the questions there honestly. Attention guys, by the way, don’t forget to make copies of your original documents with A4 size paper because those are needed for later when you’re submitting your requirements Okay so third is photo. So this is a photo guys that will meet the requirements of the Dutch passport system. What I did guys was to go to a photo studio and then I told them I need a passport photo or Visa photo for my Schengen Tourist Visa application. And most of the time guys, with the photographers, they already know that. They would know the required size or quality for your passport photo Because guys, that’s the photo that will be used for when your Visa application is approved. That’s the photo that will be put on your Visa. Yes! Okay so fourth is proof of financial means. Attention: This is not required for applicants with sponsors. Like me, I had someone sponsor me For everything. My then boyfriend, who is now my husband, he sponsored for everything. So, I didn’t need to provide this. But if you are supporting yourself, as a tourist here in Schengen area, you need bank statements, credit card statements, and balance covering the last six months So yeah, I’m sorry that I’m not able to provide more information about this requirement because I didn’t need to provide it as I had a sponsor. Gets? (Inday laughs) So hopefully, these flowers are helpful to you, prepared by yours truly. I know that it could get tense, the Visa application, ‘coz it’s definitely not easy. To think you want to be with your loved one but what if the application got denied, right? So it could really be nerve-wracking. I hope my flowers here are helpful in making the ambiance of our video relaxed, charot, over! There guys, so fifth is proof of travel. Attention: Don’t ever buy a plane ticket too soon. And the reason for that is… what if your application gets denied? Your payment would be put to waste. ‘Coz guys, it’s expensive to get a flight from the Philippines to the Netherlands. Sometimes it can cover from 40,000 to 60,000 pesos. So, we don’t want that to be wasted. So, if you’ll book a flight or a hotel room, make sure that it has a free cancellation that you can cancel it even if your Visa gets denied. So what I did with my flight reservation, ‘coz that’s really needed, I searched online, around Makati City and I saw some travel agencies , guys, that offer flight reservation especially for Schengen Tourist Visa applicants. There. Before I went there, the one that I had chosen, before I went there I called them first. Because I might just waste my fare, guys, and then it could turn out that that travel agency doesn’t offer that kind of service. So first, call them. Ask them how much it would cost and if they do offer it in the first place and in my case I think it got up to about… like 2 to 3,000 pesos but that was like 6 years ago, guys It has really been that long. So maybe now it’s more expensive, But yeah, it’s normally around that price. So that is it, guys, copy of your roundtrip airline reservation with reservation number or itinerary. So next is proof of sponsorship. This is if you have a sponsor or someone to be your host who lives around the Schengen area. If they will cover all your expenses and your accomodations during your stay here in the Schengen area. So this invitation letter or form, by the way, can be downloaded online And it looks like this: And to the sponsor, you have to submit the sponsorship letter or the host invitation to your municipality or gemeente and it’s only valid for 3 months So to the sponsors, attention. Just kidding (Inday laughs) Attention. (Inday laughs) So to the sponsor, you are only allowed to sponsor if you can provide 12 month valid work contract starting from the date of the Visa application You must also provide a copy of at least 3 months salary statements and with a minimum wage of around 1,500 euros, I think? To 2,000 euros. I don’t know guys how much it is exactly But it’s around 1,500 euros to 2,000 euros salary per month. They’re not so clear about it in their website so So I just asked some of my friends who also happened to just invited their families and they told me it’s around that minimum wage Next is proof of relationship. So this is like your photos together, and if you guys are married, then just provide a copy of your marriage contract There guys, so we are here at the 6th requirement. Which is the proof of will to return. Based on my experience, I didn’t have a job during my Visa application so I had nothing like to prove that I will indeed return to the Philippines that I will not overstay here in the Schengen area But then guys if you are employed Just provide a copy of your work or employment contract and if uhm… you have family ties in the Philippines like for example you’re married and you have kids then you also have to provide a photocopy of your marriage contract So in my case before, I really didn’t have anything to show them as a proof But yeah it’s probably just a fluke It went okay, I didn’t have a problem, guys. So we are at the 7th, guys, which is proof of health insurance or travel insurance. There, so, your travel insurance must cover 30,000 euros for your medical. ‘Coz guys we wouldn’t know once we get here we might get sick. Or we might get into an accident. We have a travel insurance that will cover for our medical expenses. Actually, this video is not my first one about the Schengen application video. So on my first video, for my other channel, many have asked what is the health insurance what health insurace did I get Guys, it’s pretty normal to have a big amount to be covered by your health insurance. That at least it should cover 30,000 euros There are some who thought that they would need to pay 30,000 euros That health insurance is costly, no, absolutely not. Usually, the cost of travel insurance is around 3,000 to 5,000. Guys, there are insurance companies that’s not too expensive, and there are others that can cost more. And sometimes the price can depend on your age. The younger ones get to have lesser fees for their insurances Compared to the elders, for example our mothers, our fathers Theirs really cost more. So how did I get an insurance at the Makati area? I again searched for this thru Google. So do be careful in getting insurances There are some on Google that – What’s that [noise]? It’s on Google guys, the accredited health insurance comapnies around Makati only. Now uhm, guys it’s easy to research for it. If you are not so sure and if you want to get more information just call them and ask them if they offer services for health insurance or travel insurance for Schengen tourist applicants You can always ask them how much it costs So at least before you go to their office, you’d already know and you’ll have more choices to choose from. Now in my case, I no longer remember what insurance I got before, guys But yeah, there’s plenty around Makati. So we’re at the last part guys, it’s the Visa fee which is around 60 euros. That’s like 3,000 to 4,000 pesos guys It depends on the exchange rate. So, if you have completed your documents, and you are very sure of these that you’re not lacking of anything, and that you know all of the information about your sponsor, their work personal information, guys, of your sponsors make sure to learn about those because they’re really needed in your Visa application. It is expected that what you say will match the information given by your sponsor. So guys, about the sponsorship letter Your sponsor or your host doesn’t need to send the original copy of the letter to you to the Philippines It’s not necessary because the photocopy will do to be passed later to your interview with the Philippine embassy at Makati. Oh no, it’s not Philippine embassy, guys! Netherlands embassy, Dutch embassy. Charot. So that’s it guys, I’ll say my goodbyes for this video And I really, really hope that everything will be okay, that you’ll be able to complete everything, guys Do not go or book an appointment to the embassy not unless you have completed your documents. So I really, really hope you’ll have your applications approved and I really, really hope this so that you can be with your loved one. There. And I know how difficult LDR relationships are and those Visa applications, they’re really challenging, especially on those websites of the Dutch embassy it’s not very clear what are the requirements, what they want us to do so I hope this video of mine is helpful If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask at the comment section down below and if you liked my video don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so that when your Inday has a new video you’ll be updated anytime every time And if you guys want to know about my Schengen tourist Visa interview experience Just click the next video Okay guys and I really really hope to see you with my next one. Bye!!!


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