Overly Excited Tourist Survives Renaissance Faire

– God save the Queen! I’m at the Resonance Pleasure Faire. Let’s take a go back in time and have a good time! (trumpets blaring) Get out of my ass! Look at this guy. Holy snopes, a real authentic ATM from the Medieval Rena-saints! Privy! (jingling bells) Are you joking my ass? they got a friggin… ya know, one of these? Aw, bowl of nuts, it’s a
real authentic dead guy. I don’t like it. Are you joking my ass?
They got cold dry necks. Don’t mind if I do! Giblets and masks sign me up! Are you friggin’ joking my ass? Get off of that danosaur, you’re crazy! This place is choc full of danosaurs I feel lucky as hell! They even got danosaurs on sticks I feel like I’m in heaven’s ass! Some sort of magic show. A little gay, but they mean well. Here is a fair maiden doing a rock climb. I pray for her ass. Keep away from my little ass. What are these guys dressed as? No one came to my dang play, I feel like I’m in
frigging high school again. What the heck are they are fighting about? What’s wrong? it’s a friggin’ beautiful day! Back in the medieval resonance gravity was a quarter what it is now. Crazy crap! Wow a real life jengo set! Only at the rustenance flair. Whoa baby they got a ghost! – Fork in the ground! – What? Must be making a q-tip for
one of those dang danosaurs. Look at these frickin’ idiots. Would you look at the
size of that Maypole? They say it’s a hundred feet tall and it was constructed
for no reason at all! Are you joking my ass? This poor guy has his head missing! Hey quit fiddlin’ around. Your bicycle’s missing a
wheel, are you joking my ass? Tell you a joke, am I joking your ass? – Knock knock! – Who’s there? – The Renaissance Pleasure Faire! – The Renaissance Pleasure Faire who? – The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is the best day of my whole life! – [Both] Huzzah! – Breast of chicken! (giggling) We gotta go! Well what a day I’ve had. I’ve seen a lot of danosaurs
and a lot of nerds. It even was the best day of my whole life.

70 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Survives Renaissance Faire

  1. Funny or Die thinks this kind of crap is funny. Are you joking my ass? This is why your channel doesn't get any views and is dying, despite having 2 million subscribers.

  2. I guess not enough people watched Check It Out to know that this guy stole his act from the Dr. Steve Brule character, or that he is an inferior version of it. Huzzah!

  3. not even worth a chuckle….homophobic jokes, "being funny" with dumb pronunciations, nerds?….just sad shit man.

  4. Ryan… after a dismal year of not only Trump but fighting cancer, you've brought me to tears with laughter. And, I'm not joking your ass. Please visit Napa where you can tour MANY GRAPES with rich aholes. LOVE THIS FOD! Thank you for the good good

  5. Are you jokin' my ass?! Best series of ever. it's a hundred feet long and whispers rick moranis quotes in your ear when you're in the shower

  6. Well there it is, they(Humans all-over the world) says that they hates evil so much but they supporting it, by listening and cooperating to traitors from Jew(right now is like fungus), Nasrani(EU), Majusi(Asia) to join them to rule this innocent earth. They wants to conquer all the lands and seas, and they've been planning to defoliate Islam's land. Even if they succeed, it won't be long. Well, end of the world is near though, aaaaaand, it will be longer.

  7. Hard to make fun of something thatโ€™s already so horrible. Not as funny as usual but you definitely get a pass.

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