Outsourcing Pregnancy: Reproductive Tourism

as super interesting story about c wordpress something known as reproductive tourism your but yeah but the united states you can i get so easily
started outsourcing pregnancy no but i’m not going to be outsource everything
we outsource pregnancy this is an incredible story so it turns out that their is a half
uh… billion dollar industry in india for surrogates but i was pretty sure that our girls over
here could also be a no but here’s the interesting part of it women in the united states are waiting to
get pregnant ok they won establish a career they want to be successful they want to be
financially prepared and by the time to finally get to that financial point their in their forties right a lot of women
have a hard time getting pregnant so a lot of them will think okay let me get
his surrogate that that best way for me to do this accepted thirty in the united states is unbelievably
expensive but in india it’s just a fraction of the cost and make sense yeah so american women will travel to india hence reproductive tourism and um… they will pay a surrogate to carry
the baby deliver the baby and the between the baby to the united states and also you have to keep in mind and i think
this is the most problematic aspect of the story their lot fewer uh… regulations uh… in india when it comes to surrogacy
and also adoption like for instance out there were two office professor wendy chap can anjana
remark they wrote a book about this and i’d be talked about one case where uh… an indian
woman would drop offer child at the place that she thought was a boarding school women from the united states where docking
children from that boarding school which was that and the ic the american women away under
the impression that it was not a boarding school that it wasn’t orphanage seek the truth
is that if you deregulate enough might cause some trouble so now a back to the serious situation now
looking is there some sensitive in that while women a mutiny india’s like look i’ve
seen so many kidding this week by got out called president for
four thousand dollars in debt i give you something pretty take care my family to find out they
paid seven thousand dollars for me to carry this baby for nine months i could do that
but it was on my kidney saigon i signed up now sometimes a_t_t_’s woman in certain enclosed
areas yeah that drives me crazy you know it bread and then of course some other women in rural areas
have the hide this from their town zigbee judged ford so they figured the work somewhere
else have the baby and then give it up but now of course here’s another problem uh… in this have actually with the wealthy
indian family and and and indian circuit where they had the woman live with them for
a while but then they got an argument uh… the wealthy woman accuser of stealing taking care of the house so we don’t want
you we don’t want the baby anymore goodluck so the indian us target was all the sudden
are left to take care of these baby to fend for herself even though she doesn’t have much money so you know there are a lot of issues there
because of you know the lack of regulation and they don’t get paid on felipe deliver
the baby intended in that case about the family was
like listen uh… cavity monster and if you have an abortion
having abortions on my part c again yet if you have less regulation of my cost
less but that lack of regulation has a price than usual at prices paid by the poorest people but you know i do wanna note that of course
they’re going to be downsized things like that’s right but there is also the upside you know there are
women in india that are desperate they need the money and they think that you
know there was a woman quoted in the story two sec you know some people would say that
this is exploitation of the poor in india but i don’t see this is exploitation icy breaking
glass for fifteen hours exploitation but you know better on the edge of the people who
do it i get it might only get they make more money doing this and you know and one of the uh… women said she is just
listed is this a white baby through obviously i didn’t have it outside of relationship revisor
although some accountable can understand how they could have a baby without the sex if so they don’t believe that they sell open
if they were quite sure to help right now with arts robotic but other that’s good it so there’s there’s a lot of had different
issues uh… but an israeli it’s amazing man first we start outsourcing the dvd uh… you know and television makers at all
that stuff now were you and outsourcing their reproduction it’s amazing

100 thoughts on “Outsourcing Pregnancy: Reproductive Tourism

  1. @METALMAN4Wii One question: Why is it wrong to have someone be a surrogate mother? Is it wrong under all circumstances, or only some? If only some, under what circumstances is it okay?

  2. I haven't seen an add at the start of the videos all day & I've been watching for half an hour now, various different clips. Have TYT abandoned the absurd itea of forcing products down our eye-holes at the start of each video, or is this just a pleasant lull?

  3. @TheSpideryOne It's morally wrong and what happens if the woman having the baby has some sort of sexual disease ? i'll tell you the baby is going to have it all because the real mom was to busy to get knocked up…..!


    I swear to you if you can find one pretty girl who is not sterile (or fat and ugly girl for that matter) who is NOW not pregnant or has a kid i will…. do somethng big or some shit…

    I am 23 and I know of not ONE girl that I know that does not have a child and/or is pregnant.

  5. @scasey1960 The women get their eggs from the surrogate. That's kinda how it works. They get the sperm from their husbands and they insert it into the surrogate, and nine months later you've got a kid. Tada!

  6. there is always a health risk in pregnancy. If you are a poor woman in rural India, are you going to get top notch healthcare, nutrition? Especially if you are not being paid till AFTER the baby is handed over?
    It sounds like exploitation to me!

  7. @METALMAN4Wii What are you talking about?
    liberals are pro-regulation, at least in the US.
    liberal is to the left of the spectrum here.

  8. @ickybird
    it is exploitation and the women are basically human livestock, the wealthy women keep them like pets until they get their baby.

  9. How is this not exploitation? They keep these women in enclosed spaces, and don't pay them for their labor until months after they produced results. Furthermore, they pay women over seas to do it so they can get bargain babies. If this isn't exploitation then I don't know what is…

  10. Is it just me who'd think "Yeah, the baby's cheaper, but what if that means the baby gets poor nutrition and develops a complication? That's not worth it"?

    I just don't understand what people can have against regulations! Yes, regulation can be in excess, how many things can't be in excess? Heat can be in excess, but take it away, and you're no better off!

  11. @waltermh111 Every Documentary about the U.S. Government I seen always saids Liberals are against Regulations. they believe in sink or swim aka no help from the Government when it comes business and even TYT said so…….!

  12. Adoption of local kids within the US is near impossible compared to foreign adoption; it's the government's fault for making it so onerous. This is sadly a natural evolution of the usual bullshit… Fucking governments.

  13. @METALMAN4Wii Why is it wrong, morally? You need to explain this.
    The woman passing a disease to the child is something that regulations on surrogate mothers would help prevent.

  14. @TheSpideryOne I thought Libertarian is the same being Liberal ?
    it's just a longer name like how Dem is to Democrat……!

  15. @TheSpideryOne If the host mom has Herbies is one. also as someone else pointed out there's thousands of kids if foster homes. that need a home why not adopt them instead of this freaking science experiment……?

  16. @METALMAN4Wii Nope. Libertarians are not Liberals. At least, not on all issues.

    Liberal is the 'long' name, Libs for short.

  17. @METALMAN4Wii I'd already addressed your worry on diseases. And I am not arguing that adoption is a better option- I agree. I want to know why you think it is 'wrong'?

    What if the woman is infertile? Cannot have a child on her own, no matter how willing she would be to carry it? Is it still wrong then?

  18. @upplsuckimcool16 I'm 24, not one woman I know (including myself) is pregnant, and not all of them already have children.

    Do something big.

  19. @METALMAN4Wii libertarians are usually socialy liberal, but fiscally conservative.

    But they are as broad in belief as liberals are.
    liberal is usually socially and fiscally liberal, meaning for helping those in need and pooling the money to pay for that help, whether through volunteerism or taxes.

    libertarians believe what you do socially should only be by choice and your own business, so taxation is generally unethical. If you cant pay for it through volunteerism, too bad, out of luck.

  20. @waltermh111 So there basically like Conservides only they say there to the left ?
    even tho the Left is for Regulations not a free for all for the Rich……!

  21. @UserUnfriendly21 Well actually the process to adopt a child takes way longer then it does to have surrogates mother. Because usually the mother you may adopt the baby from well wait for about six months and in that mean time you have to go throught a whole lot of paperwork and by the time your finished with that the childs real mother will change her mind and want to keep her baby

  22. Surrogate motherhood is legal in the US, but prostitution (with the exception of Nevada) isn't? You can have strangers' babies in your body for nine months for money, but you can't have strangers' penises in your body for a few minutes for money?

  23. @edersiomoran Quit your preaching, the first thing I hear from women who gave birth is how they want to lose weight. They usually are afraid of the possible risk of birth. Many women do lose their jobs because of maternity leave, and you can bleed out if your vagina is ripped badly. Clearly you are a man so your opinion is irrelevant. Any woman who doesn't take these facts into consideration is a complete idiot. And my life choices don't have anything to do with you so I'll do as I please.

  24. @edersiomoran I don't think you need a good reason to choose a career. Why should it matter? We were born with one life and it is our duty to live out our dreams and ambitions. So if a woman wants a career over family then she is brave since so many people have such negative opinions about it. There was a time when women couldn't even have jobs. And now we have idiots like Jackthemeat who think women who take that opportunity are greedy. It's your life so live it the way you want to.

  25. Wow, I thought surrogates were only used for them the women couldn't conceive themselves. Never thought of these other issues. Interesting.

  26. I wouldn't trust the surrogate unless she was in my house. Who knows how she would treat her body or the growing baby if she wasn't under watch.

  27. @Georgiapeach770 Unfortunately, weight gain is soething shallow. It's relative and should not be a deciding factor. If risks are your worries, take into acount that the surrogate runs the same risks. Also, having children is not just pregnancy, so careerwise it will have the same effects, if any, on your career . They still have to be raised. You are totally right, I have no effect on your life choices but I mean no disrespect. Me being male should not make you disregard my point of view.

  28. @abobobobobo3 They are getting much less than Americans would. That's why the money is going over there in the first place. If it wasn't, many of these women would just starve or work in a sweat shop for 10 cents an hour. Meanwhile money IS now flowing into India. As a result, they're actually doing a lot better for themselves. They're influencing the world stage now. & If it were like donating kidneys on the black market, it would be wrong, WHEREVER it was being done.

  29. Respond to this video…And what's your obsession over evil white people? ALL PEOPLE ARE EVIL!!! The whites just had more power for a while. That dynamic is changing quickly.

  30. @METALMAN4Wii Actually, ironically, most libertarians are to the far right because while they are for personal liberty, it usually means in a way that results in fascism. They want zero gun laws, regulation of business, low to no tax and nothing that isnt 100% voluntary, but as we know, that just ends with the same thing they claim the left does, it gives all the power to the sociopaths who create big business that becomes its own type of gov if not take over any local gov.

  31. @METALMAN4Wii What i meant by socially left, is their idea of 100% personal liberty, such as zero gun laws, regulations, etc… the right of everybody to do what they want and let very local government or society deal with it.
    Some libertarians are anarchists, some are for say gov to be only as large as a typical state, no federal gov.

    But they tend to dislike change and on the local level, many are as restrictive as the typical person. They are fine with forcing, as long as its local.

  32. @waltermh111 Hummmmm Sounds Right Wing to me hey maybe Obama is secretly one ? because we all know how he pulled the wool over our eyes. at first I keep defending him saying he can't fix in 2 years what bush did in 8 years. then I realise the people Bush had in charge of our Government are still in charge under Obama. like I said we need a new party one that won't except money from the Banks and is only for the people……!

  33. @METALMAN4Wii Obama is either a center-right faking everything to get something for his side, or hes a centrist trying his hardest to play "fair" with an unbeatable belief that the conservatives (not just republicans) really do care about compromise if he only pleases them enough, or that he should be nice to them no matter how many times they slap him

    Sadly, some liberals really are that sappy. Obviously he has yet to keep a single campaign promise without passing a halfbaked bill

  34. @METALMAN4Wii I dont know what to think, but I moved on. At this point, we wont go anywhere but downhill or coasting on fumes at least, until we are prepared to riot like europe isnt afraid to do.
    I am no right winger destroy the gov bit, but then the euros know how to riot without wanting to nuke the opposition either.

  35. @METALMAN4Wii Documents about the banks are supposedly to be leaked in january. It wont change how the gov sees them, but it will be interesting to see whats in them and if anybody wakes up.

    Sure wont be anybody on the right because all they do is blame the gov for everything as if the banks wouldnt be run by sociopaths or have power to screw us over if it werent for the gov.
    But we know for 100% sure that the banks did risky and unethical business before the idea of gov bailouts, and …

  36. @METALMAN4Wii we know for fact that the banks, hedge funders, all those scammers were sure they couldnt fail. They dont screw us because they can get help if needed, they do it because they are sociopaths, on natural highs, and so sure of themselves, and are gambling with other peoples money anyway, the money of the people that give them the money with trust

    It pisses me off that some people dont want to spread the blame properly. It can be spread to lack of regs in gov, too much power to banks

  37. Speaking as a foreigner… all this outsourcing gives other poorer people jobs. Plus it decreases the cost of goods / inflation. At least they not selling kids into slavery.

  38. @donttreadonmyass Yes, the surrogates are being paid but the business behind this is unregulated so it renders the possibility of poor working conditions and an unfair wage. And if the women are not paid until after the baby is delivered how safe are their working conditions? Pregnancy itself is costly when it comes to the mother's personal care. And what are the motivations for the women who choose to outsource their pregnancy? If it is due to career it is a further exploitation of women.

  39. Yes Anna, the Indian woman who dosen't see how she is being exploited is suffering from ADAPTIVE PREFERENCES! The benefits accrued are minimal. Not only that, she could be taking her own life in her hands in order to deliver the child in question. Further, a "pregnancy ring" could be formed by money-hungry pimps. The entire idea is abhorrent.

  40. @spazzing
    All of the DNA in all of our cells equals about 1 percent of our body weight. 97% of our DNA is noncoding or "junk". Therefore this baby has barely 0.0097% stuffs from his parents. The rest is all from the serogate mother (not "from out of nowhere"). At least that's how I see it. Anyhow don't bother replying. I rather stay "dumb" than listening your insults.

  41. @donttreadonmyass your entire argument rests on an ad hominem fallacy.

    People can and often do work towards a common goal voluntarily, this is the essence of socialism.

    Capitalism is slavery, and slows down the progress of humanity as a whole. Very few major inventions have come out in the past few decades without government involvement. Lol @ free markets.

  42. @spazzing I didn't see nor even mention it as a threat. Stop making stuff up. Maybe you should stop replying. You are just acting like a jerk now with no good reason.

  43. @donttreadonmyass you attacked me personally, thus its ad hominem. the rest of your argument failed anyway.

    no, you dont decide that with capitalism because most of fthe time those with all the wealth and resources have a lot more power than you. if you dont want what they want, youre shit out of luck and you will starve or conform to what they want. you cant be free and be held by the balls like one is with capitalism

    socialism is not about force at all, you are very misinformed.

  44. @donttreadonmyass If you arent already rich, you cant create your own job because you cant gather the resources necessary. Capitalism is for the already rich, or those who got lucky to make it, which isnt that common.

    If we want a society that works better, we need one that goes full out on all cylinders. That is socialism. No inefficient middle man called currency

    Public services are NOT the same thing as socialism. Until you learn that you cant have a serious discussion about this

  45. @donttreadonmyass You ad hominem was the only thing you had, your arguments after that werent good, so the only thing you actually had was ad hominem(like i stated originally). Any attack on the person as an argument (which is exactly what you did) is ad hominem

    this is response 2/2

  46. Good story – I wrote an essay this semester about the surrogacy issues in Canada (some outsourcing, but mostly focusing on the complication of if the commissioner(s) want(s) an abortion but the surrogate does not).

  47. @abobobobobo3 —india has other races too like mongoloid and aboriginal australoid,but more than 75% of indians are caucasians because ancestors of most indians came from eastern europe,georgia,ukraine,central asia

  48. @sgthunter09 Wrong. We need as many people in this country as we can get. Young people grow up and pay taxes and social security and the like. While it is true that worldwide there are to many people, individual countries benefit from having a large population.

  49. @donttreadonmyass You are such a spin doctor, tread. I never once mentioned cages or baby factories and you are merely putting words in my mouth. I think these women are in poor working conditions because they aren't paid until after the fact leaving the medical care up to them. If you have ever been pregnant, or around women that have been, you would understand what a physical burden pregnancy is. Pregnancy is dangerous and could even kill. Thus, a few grand is an unfair wage for the act.

  50. @edersiomoran Shallow or not all women fret about their weight, it's very very rare to meet a woman who doesn't stress about it. You can have a career and have kids, the women in my family have done it. What I meant was that you as a man can't possibly have a complete understanding of a woman. To say worrying about weight gain is shallow is insensitive. Stretch marks and extra flab doesn't help the self esteem. Not to mention the possibility of postpartum depression. Pregnancy isn't for me.

  51. @donttreadonmyass tons of resources is a purely subjective statement, what i call a ton of resources will be vastly different than what you call tons of resources.

    what if they dont want to sell drugs? what if they want to start something more important right away? are they not free to follow their goals, or do they have to serve people first to save money? Thats not freedom, thats complete and utter wage slavery.

  52. @donttreadonmyass in order to get out of the prostitution and drug selling attitude of the slums they have to go into the only real businesses they can offer (according to your logic as i see it) prostitution, drugs and gambling. all things that make society worse off. the government isnt precious to me, i hate government, which is why im a socialist and not a capitalist. you need a government to force everyone to accept your arbitrary philosophy of property rights, i do not. continued

  53. @donttreadonmyass and finally, having an indian reserve isnt enough, you have to buy the resources needed to actually build the casino…. which isnt cheap….

    response 3/3

  54. @donttreadonmyass Regarding the enclosed spaces comment..I was merely repeating what Cenk said about the women staying in enclosed spaces because they are afraid to be judged by their communities for carrying someone else's child… or renting out their bodies. You also have no idea whether their homes are a safe working environment they might live in the slums. And pregnancy has its risks like every other task. Despite that the women are paid I believe renting another person is pretty immoral.

  55. @donttreadonmyass LOL speaking of economics fail, how about people with next to no income and no business training actually getting loans? what fucking world are you living in?

    FDA = regulation.

    Fail again.

  56. @donttreadonmyass lol again!!!

    you started out complaining about regulations saying they keep people poor and now you ARE in favor of regulation

    and LOL!! you said a way to get out of poverty is to start a business, and if you have no income you can get a loan, now its "id be happy to work for 10 an hour" what a fail that was. Were talking about how capitalism is anti-freedom, and you just proved it. Someone has to go be a wage slave, doing something they may not want to in order for survival

  57. @donttreadonmyass black market prices are usually much higher. Also, youre still avoiding the wage slave issue. What if an impoverished person does not want to sell drugs or sell their body? Tough shit, go be a wage slave? You wont hear me saying that, id rather them be able to goto school and do the work they love when they want to, that is freedom.

  58. @donttreadonmyass selling things on ebay? what is someone with nothing going to sell on ebay? you realize the internet was invented by the government, right?

    no, in the free market the poor remain poor unless they break laws, which put their lives at risk.

    You have to be extremely fucking naive to believe in the nonsense youre saying. Capitalism is a god damn fairy tale that never actually works for anyone other than the rich, baring massive left wing regulations.

  59. @donttreadonmyass lol i guess thats your way of bowing out gracefully? I guess you arent comfortable admitting you are wrong(insecurity perhaps)

  60. There is another benefit to this that wasn’t covered in the clip. Women over 40 who give birth are much more likely to give birth to children with behavioural, linguistic, numeric and/or cognitive difficulties. This method of outsourcing pregnancy may cut down on this.

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