Get in with me! Where are we going? Were going to pick up Malea. Come on! Get in with me. Were going to meet her? Stop. Turn it. Are you excited? I’m so nervous! Anything else? No. Music Playing. Hi sweet girl! Come here. Look! Yay! Ready? Ooooo! Mmmmm! Oh Yay! It’s okay sweet girl. Music Playing. Alright Jay Ready? Malea! Hi! Oh she kind of waved to you! Look! She waved at you! Malea! What do you think Jay? I dont know. Is Malea here? MmHmm. Does she look like you thought she would look? Yeah? Are you excited? Hey! You’re a big brother now. Are you chewing gum? No way buddy. Alright you ready to go eat lunch with her? Alright let’s go! Is he silly? Such a goofball! Do it again Jay. Shake your hear like you were saying no. Do it again Jay. She’s looking at you. Do it again. She’s copying you! Laughing. She’s silly. You’re crazy Jay. Laughter. She slobbered. Laughing. Music Playing Oh man. That was a day. We just met our daughter. That was a day. She’s cool like me I think. Alright. Let’s decompress here. I need a massage. Bad. Don’t just put it on me. Im interviewing you. Oh my gosh. Tell me about your day. This is for all the people. It was way better than I expected. Wouldn’t you say Mark? Absolutely. How about when she just cried when you were
leaving and reached out for you? Sweet girl. Is that what you wanted? No. I mean yes but no. I don’t want her to be sad. She’s so scared. Best thing about today? I dont know. All of it. I dont know. What was the best moment? When she waved at Jay? Yeah. Yeah? When she smiled and was laughing. Yeah. Alright. What about you? Same thing. What did you think was the best? Umm…I liked when we colored. That was pretty fun. When Jay met her and then you could just tell
she perked up when she saw Jay. He was so pumped to see her. So that was awesome. Again tomorrow. Again tomorrow. Over and out.

85 thoughts on “Our NEW BABY | Thailand ADOPTION

  1. She is absolutely gorgeous!! What a great video!!

    I am curious about Malea's heritage. I see she is from Thailand but she doesn't look like most Thai people I have seen. Is she of mixed race?

  2. Awwww she looked soooo sad at the beginning!!! These poor babies/kids! They are neglected, abused by their bio parents, they end up in these orphanages and they get attached to the caregivers there and then they’re adopted. Life must feel so unsteady, never permanent for them, because already in their short lives they’ve been moved around so much and experience so much pain(mentally and physically), so much sadness and that’s so heartbreaking! But what’s amazing, is when amazing parents adopt these babies/kids and love them and give them a great home and show them what it’s like to be loved by a mom and a dad and that’s amazing! So even know this little girl looks so sad at the beginning of the video she’s going to get so much love for the rest of her life and that’s amazing!

  3. It's beautiful. I clearly remember an episode of KUWTK when Kim obviously pretended she wanted to adopt a girl in an orphanage in Thailand and some so called official said that Thailand doesn't allow international adoptions. So I'm very confused

  4. Hi guys i am new a few months ago my mum and dad said i was adopted they said my real mum and dad drunk and smoked then the police found out and choosed to adopt me now i am a teenager and just met my new brother that was adopted too i look after my brother alot and have a really nice mum and dad

  5. This is such a precious video. I'm in tears. This brought back so many memories for me. Our 4 that adopted had the same "Don't let me go" grip when we first met them. Mine were older though ages 7, 6, 4, & 3 at that time. They had such a sadness in their eyes. I remember crying for them for months. They have overcame so much in the short 10 months that we have had them. I am so proud to be their mom. Thank you for sharing these videos it reminds us that on our not so good days we are not alone on our journey. Love from our family to yours ❤

  6. How old was malea when you adopted her? She seemed to accommodate so quickly and naturally to the family. It was beautiful

  7. I'm so glad to see people like you guys. I'm also adopted; that world we know is very much frightening and confusing but I'm glad to see such patient and loving people who's willing to do this.

  8. Laura and family just subscribed and already in love with y’all!!! The way Maela hangs on to you and won’t stop staring at you is like she knew, like a naturally born child recognizes their mothers voice, the love in a mothers voice can only be heard by her natural children. Born from you or born to you, you are her natural Mother! Y’all just had to find your way to each other ❤️

  9. My goal ever since I was a child was to adopt a baby girl from China. I am still going with my goal..
    I can't wait to meet my baby, Chouko Hara.

  10. awww big brother is so cute! As a Thai I want to Thank You for opening your hearts and choosing to adopt a Thai orphan, and for doing everything you can to provide her with a warm and loving home.

  11. my youngest relative was adopted. As far as I know, his parents just left him.
    Oh! And he is the first adopted person I know!

  12. She is so precious! Does she already have a name, or are you planning on naming her? Love you guys and you are a big inspiration for my future because this is what I want to do ❤️

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