Our Hostel in Chongqin

♫ Opening Theme ♫ good morning!
how are you guys? we are in Chongqing,
it’s a city in the center south of… … of China and look how beautiful [is this] this is our room, it’s a complete mess,
forget about that! look how beautiful is this this place we are in this hostel… … which is an ancient [building], an old house from the… … the Qing dynasty period
it has like 200 years, or something it’s beautiful, look! everything [in the building] is made out of wood so, it has two patios one over here, even with little turtles and the other [patio] has fishes and [colored] carps and a little happy pig face this one had a very bad day anyway, it’s beautiful
look at the doors it is a video?
yes! say hello! we need to pay [for the room] okay, that part is not so beautiful this is the main entrance [to the hostel]
and this old quarter, it’s the last one standing [of its kind] because they are redeveloping this area on the waterfront and they’re throwing everything down
just to make [new] real estate projects in this block [all the houses] are very old like our house it maybe 100, 150, 200-year-old houses from the late… (look at that door!) from the late Qing dynasty period its beautiful I love this city!
I like it too you can see [the blend] of old and new nǐ hǎo (hello in chinese) you have to speak through your nose yeah, but my nose is blocked today.
(that’s perfect!) like, “nǐ hǎo”
“nǐ hǎo” downtown [Chongqing], or
at least the part we were yesterday, looks a lot like Hong Kong it has the same vibe uphill and downhills, and little alleys I don’t know where we are going
me neither it’s lovely here we are like, downtown of the downtown check this out!
Wow! do we have to come this way?
No! Ohh… Great! wow! [here you can see] the contrast between the new and the old it doesn’t get more obvious there’s something happening over there,
let’s see! okay! ciau!

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