Oscar Senior – Czech app for elderly boosted by Google Campus

Some years ago when I was in Silicon Valley
working on a different project, my grandma was very excited
about my travels and wanted to call me. It was hard to connect with her online,
and phone calls were expensive. So, we started looking for a simpler solution. Oscar Senior helps elderly people and
anyone with poor IT skills to access the world of technology. By simplifying the tablet or phone interface, users can get in touch
with family and friends more easily, and access existing online services. One day we were approached by Google – they loved the idea behind Oscar Senior and suggested that we apply to Google Campus. In the end they selected us,
and we’re so glad they did. Google Campus has allowed us to access
a wealth of experience and knowledge. Now, we work with experts in the field. They share useful information and recommendations so we can develop our ideas. This is so valuable for us, particularly since we can access
this support at any time. I would recommend Google Campus to anyone who’s looking to gain experience,
grow and learn.

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