Orica-Scott Cycling Team Car | Tour de France 2017

– Teams cars are the nerve
centre of a professional cycling team on a Grand Tour so let’s have a closer look
at the Orica Scott Team Car. (light music) First up let’s have a look
at the outside of the car on the roof rack. Now Orica Scott’s got eight bikes on top, four complete bikes and four bikes with the front wheel removed. Now if you look a little bit closer these bikes aren’t put on the
roof in any particular order. Oh no, there is actually a
strategy for putting bikes on the roof so all of
the protected GC riders will have their bikes on the outside. Now on this side of the car
we have Roman Kreuziger’s bike also have Estaban Chaves’. As you can notice Chaves’ bike
is just that little bit more accessible being on the
outside of Roman Kreuziger’s. Now if you just head around the back here as well as the eight bikes
we have three front wheels and three back wheels as well. And moving around to the other side, Simon Yates, unsurprisingly, on the outside, easiest to
get to as I mentioned before and then we Daryl Impey’s
complete bike as well. And on the inside that
need the front wheels we’ve got Matt Hayman’s
and Michael Albasini’s. As well as accessibility of the
bike being vitally important as you can see gears have been preselected for nice easy gear for
the rider to pull away in so this one on Simon
Yate’s bike, big ring, third at the back so it’s like 53×19. Nice and easy to accelerate. No worries about selecting gears and thus losing vital seconds. As with most team cars at this level they’ve also got a full
on satellite system so they can watch the race as it unfolds on the TV inside the car. Another couple areas as well, we got race radio and of course, rider radios for talking
between the teams themselves. (soft music) Well we’ve had a look outside the car let’s have a little look inside. This of course is where the
directeur sportif will sit. Quite often there will be
another directeur sportif sat just here whilst the
mechanic sits in the back. It’s focus on this, essentially the nerve centre of the car. Now interestingly, right in the centre of
the steering wheel here is the profile for yesterday’s stage and that was actually Stage 9. It’s not only where the climbs
are but they’ve actually got the points on the
road where the soigneurs are going to be strategically placed so at 16K there’s a soigneur
at the side of the road giving bottles also at
67K after the climbs, feed, sprint then another two places on the
road where they’re bottles. And quite often if there’s any
spares that can be picked up from the side of the road
after the rider has gone past the team car will pick
those up to make sure they give them to the
riders who’ve missed out through those extra little feeds. So a little bit of a
strategy marked on the middle of the steering well there. All teams of course, will have race radio. I think this is the race radio. Then they’ll also have this one as well and this is the intercom that basically the directeur sportif or whoever decides to speak to the riders
will actually communicate with the riders and they
can actually talk back. And quite often cars or
some team cars will have a third radio system as well just to talk between team cars. Let’s have a closer look
at what is in the side of the door here. Unsurprisingly lots of suntan cream and then really easy access, loads of gels, Etixx gels here. There’s also lots of bars and stuff. Also little packets of sport gummies. So obviously easy access the
directeur sportif can wind the window down, rider comes along side, hand them straight out the window. Let’s have a look in
the centre console here. We’ve got some breath mints in there. Now, I wonder what these are? These are numerous pairs
of women’s stockings. Now basically what these are used for they’ll take them out, they’ll have a cool box in the back, fill these with ice on really hot stages of which we’ve seen several already on this year’s Tour de France, fill them up with ice, tie a know in them hand them through the window
and the riders will stick them down the back of their
jersey and it will slowly melt and cool them down as they ride along. Got some more suntan
cream and energy products on the side there, a race manual. So now let’s head into the
back where the mechanic lives. So we’re in the back
where the mechanic sits. Now one thing that is
absent because we are on a rest day today is two sets of wheels. They’ll generally have two
fronts and two back wheels here. What we do have is (zipping) first off a full, portable
mechanics tool set as well. So everything they would
need out on the road. That’s just there. A couple of towels, some spare radios as well. Next up on the head rest directly in front of where the mechanic sits is firstly a TV screen so they can
watch the race unfold. Now they’ll learn a lot of
information from that as well. And secondly, just on top
of the headrest itself is a map of where the bikes
are situated on the roof so basically the mechanic
can jump out of the car and know exactly where
the bike is of the rider that’s just suffered a
mechanical or a puncture. Just in the foot well to
the back of the driver here there’s another cool box it’s absolutely jam packed
full of energy products to hand out to the riders and of course the people
in the car if they get particularly hungry on a long stage. And just down here we have, well an oily rag. No mechanic’s area is complete without of course an oily rag. We’ve got the spare bin
liners for the rubbish to keep the car nice and tidy. We’ve got some chain lube as well. Often see bikes needing
lubrication especially midway through a wet stage when things dry out. You don’t want a squeaking
chain out on the road. And some more tights to put some ice in. And finally, or in French, en finalement, let’s have a look in the boot. Okay well straight away inside we’ve got all of the wet bags. There’ll be two team
cars in a race convoy, Team Car #1 and Team Car #2 but in both of the team cars will be a wet bag for every rider. Now this is Team Car #2 so unsurprisingly they’re all marked 2. So this is the wet bag of Roman Kreuziger. Of course, pretty hefty. Clearly marked out wet
bag so if Roman Kreuziger were to ride alongside
and want some gloves who’s ever in the back can have a look go straight to the glove section and get out a nice pair of
thick gloves to keep him warm. Again one of the main
things about the team car is easy and rapid access
to all of the things that the riders need
whilst out on the road. I love these. Super cool. Let’s have a look at what
else Roman’s got in there. Here we’ve got spare glasses in there, overshoes, gloves, even spare socks and importantly as well the riders generally in these bags will also have a spare
pair of cycling shoes. They’ll have two pairs of
shoes whilst out on the road. All you need is a nasty tumble, break the cleats off your shoe. Unless you’ve got a spare
pair of shoes it’s game over. Now whilst noseying around
the back in the boot I’ve spotted this. Now believe it or not, I think this is a hank or is it a bodge. It’s a towel taped together
with some electrical tape and I think it’s a lumbar
support for the mechanic on those long days sat in the back seat. Also back here, if we just move some of these
wet bags out of the way, we’ve got another fully fledged
mechanic’s toolbox as well. And also, although it isn’t here today, there generally will be an
enormous cool box filled with ice and filled with cold drinks, generally cans of Coke and beat ons for the riders on the long stage as well. Also just to my left in this webbing got a couple of spare Scott helmets. Two in there. Again you just never know what’s going to happen out on the road and of course, the ubiquitous musette. So there you go. A look at what makes and helps a team tick on a Grand Tour Stage. Now if you don’t want to miss another Global Cycling Network Video then click on the globe and you won’t and it’s absolutely free. Now for another team car tour how about clicking just down here. For team car tour at
this year’s Giro d’Italia of the Team Sunweb Mini or if you click just down here you can see me going
along on a rest day ride at last year’s Giro
d’Italia with Orica Scott.

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