OnHub On The Road: 5 Ways it’s More Than A Router

OnHub from Google. It’s a router that gives
you fast home Wi-Fi, but it also does a lot more. So we took it on the
road to prove it. Here is five ways OnHub
is more than a router. Number one. Simple design. OnHub is more than a
router because it’s designed so that you won’t
want to hide it under a desk. Some things work better
when they’re not covered up. Just ask the folks at
Cypress Cove Nudist Resort. SPEAKER 2: Good time. [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: That’s a nice bike. Number two. Guest network. SPEAKER 3: Once a
year, this place fills up with strange bearded
guys from all over the world. SPEAKER 1: OnHub’s
guest network lets you share only the devices you
want with your guests, which comes in handy
when you’re hosting a literary look-a-like
contest and you want guests to share
their selfies to the TV. [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Easy, tough guy. Number three. Network Check. SPEAKER 4: So you’re going
to go the balls of your feet, going side to side. SPEAKER 1: OnHub is
more than a router because Network Check lets
you see how your home Wi-Fi is working from anywhere, like your
backyard while you prancercise. We all know you prancercise. Number 4. OnHub plus Philips Hue. OhHub works with
Philips Hue lights, which we use to add some
pizzazz to bingo night. Guests can now control
your Hue lights through a simple website called
“Oh.Here.” [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] SPEAKER 1: This isn’t your
grandma’s bingo night. Well, maybe it is. Number five. IFTTT. OnHub works with
IFTTT, which people use to create shortcuts
for everyday tasks. Here, they used IFTTT with
OnHub to simplify how trainers play music for dolphins. So now, when trainers
press this smart button, it connects to OnHub and– [MUSIC PLAYING] [WHISTLING] SPEAKER 1: Yep. OnHub just helped
dolphins dance. [WHISTLING] SPEAKER 1: So there you have it. Five ways that OnHub
is more than a router. To learn more, visit us here. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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