OMSK TRAIN STATION : Russian Railways through an Indian traveler’s eyes – RZD

This is Omsk train station This is going to be my first experience with the Russian railway system Its 9:08 am it’s overcast Its cold and windy Thats the main building of the railway station Russians should also use English (Roman script) with their language for the benefit of international tourists Which is the way to enter ? On my left are the ticket counters That is the train information display board Though I can not understand anything as its all in Cyrillic Here is a board having some information in English This was the information counter If I am not wrong, these are all the counters for buying ticket He helped me to buy this ticket This is the waiting area This is the seat number No, its the coach number Here is my name Here is my passport number My date of birth, My nationality and my gender You need to show them your passport in original while buying the tickets from the counters I thank Roman for being so helpful Now I am going to show him my YouTube channel Roman suggested me to use ‘2gis’ offline maps on mobile This station offers free WiFi Roman has left to catch his train He is going to visit Ufa, a city in Russia It will take 23 hours to reach him there I am using the free WiFi to check my whatsapp and facebook messages You just need to register as you do at any airport But all the registration process was in Russian, so you may need to take help from others Just look at this waiting area. Its magnificent This is the outer side of the train station Buses are parked there There is a TV screen and charging points in my front Its 10:07 am My train leaves at 11:07 am The train timings follow Moscow time all over the Russia All the arrival and departure time mentioned on the display board are Moscow time, not local time They mention over the board – Moscow time So please don’t get confused. Thats not the local time There is a gap of 3 hours between Omsk and Moscow Now I am going to search for the toilet Wow! this architecture is so glorious There are the ticket counters Its me Lets explore this station wow! A Russian train Another waiting area But where are the toilets Charging points Escalators I am using Google translate to ask the locals for the toilets I think I am going in the right direction! I really thank Google Translate app. It is so helpful I found the toilets I am inside the washroom area Sorry! I can’t show you how it is from inside. People are busy doing there ‘activities’ This is my monopod.. This is a gimbal.. thats my camera I can’t understand what is the platform number because everything is mentioned in Russian So he is helping me He is running very fast Oh god! My train has already arrived Platform no. 4 & 5 On my left seems to be a local train All the seats are for sitting. There is no sleeper berth 11:11 is the departure time of my train Oh! they are taking videos like me.. with a selfie stick!! On his Identity card, its written in English “Takes care of you” and also his name My first time in a Russian train This is my first vlog from a Toilet You won’t get water (as in India) in the toilets You have to use these toilet papers Now I am going to use this toilet till then bye 🙂

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  1. It was my first experience of helping foreign video blogger and I really liked it! Now I’ve subscribed for an amazing channel of a great traveler!

  2. Hi
    Varun sir..
    this is Amit Sharma and am a big fan of yours..
    and also am your subscriber,

    I watch your all video uploaded by u.

  3. Спасибо большое тебе Роман я живу в Россию в городе Чебоксары…

  4. Roman is a great guy
    And one more thing ,I am sure you are from haryana and you speak very well haryanvi
    Hwa challe h bdi Jor ki 😁😁😂
    You should speak some more sentence in haryanvi
    Now it's 2:30 A.M. and I am watching your whole Russian series
    Love you bhai G

  5. We need people like karl rock ,mithlesh backpacker and varun etc. To explore more about any country rather watching country from famous places

  6. भाई आप हो तो हरियाणा से पर दुनिया भर में घूमने का शौक है

  7. भाई ये किया बोल दिया अंत में खुदा हाफिज toilet में खुदा

  8. Sir pliz toilet me kuhda Hafiz mt Boliye q ke toilet gandi jaga h aur kuhda God ka name h so next time sir kahyal rahkna🌹😊

  9. Thanks sir 💓💓 India zindabad zindabad zindabad zindabad

    Superb sir Jee 🇮🇳🌹🇮🇳🌹🇮🇳🌹

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  11. Main disadvantage of our (INDIAN'S) People is that we don't love or admire the beauty of our nation..I hope the change will come soon….

  12. Ratna sarkar, Russian train Pahli bar dekha, books mein para tha, station kitna alisan, language problem. Bahut accha video hain, jab se apka channel subscribe kiya hain video dakhti hu na rhi hu.

  13. Bhayiya kya aap belrus aur hungary prr blog bana sakte hai and lots of love for u and ur vedios be healthy and roam all over the world…..

  14. Russian ppl r so helpful…in every video I have seen this…completely opposite of how western media shows them…

  15. Hey guy, we shouldn't do anything. If someone still doesn't know Cyrillic in 2019 it's only his/her problems. Russian is the international language, the biggest and most common in Europe. If you are still considering yourself as a British slave, ok, that's your choice, but don't deem us to use this ugly vulgar shameless dialect. We are way higher than this, and we speak fucking Russian in Russia as all progressive non marginal people all over the world know at least basics of this world language. So you and all the morons who want to use English subhuman dialect in Russia, smash your stupid heads please.

  16. Varun bhai aap konse equipment or accessories use krte h during travel and also pls aap apna stuffs jo saath rkhte h uske upar bhi ek video banaye .
    Or konsa product company achi h winter mei travel krne ke liye jaha snow fall hoya ya thand jyada hoti h plus khana peena kya carry krte h or kitna

  17. रूस हमारा(india) एक बहुत ही अच्छा दोस्त है मुझे शुरू से रूस के बारे में जानने की काफी रुचि रहती थी आज मैं आपकी इस सीरीज(russia) को पूरा देख लूंगा

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