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[Dunk] Back during the Super Nintendo JRPGs were the top dogs in video game storytelling. Jump to today, we have incredible motion capture and voice acting performances. We have RPGs where your choices alter the story. We have compact RPGs with sharp humor. You have games that tell stories without any reliance on dialogue whatsoever. And then, all the way in the back… In last place… You have this: [Bana] “Meh-Meh-Meh!”
(Xenoblade Chronicles 2) [Dunk] If you’re gonna subject me to some cringe-worthy PS2 era anime writing, at least hit me with an interesting concept. Daffy Duck meets Wreck-It Ralph. Okay. I’ll play that! Pokemon meets Inception. Okay! That- That sounds pretty fun! So, what makes Octopath Traveler stand out? Uh- you can have eight characters. Not-not at a time, mind you. And goddamn! Are these the most generic uninteresting characters you can whip up? The guy I picked was a Kingsguard, who was betrayed by one of his fellow knights, so he has to go into hiding. [Olberic] “I am no knight.” “Just a man with a sword.” [Dunk] But then something happens and he has to reveal that he actually is a knight. Which, we already knew. And then, he decides to confront the guy who betrayed him. It’s not even a revenge story! He- He’s just gonna find the guy and maybe do something. Not a strong start at all! But it’s okay, because any momentum the story could have had is thrown directly into the garbage can, so we can introduce a new guy. The game just kind of resets when you find a new character so you can play out their solo introductory chapter. It’s a really disjointed way of storytelling and even once they join your party, they don’t actually interact with each other. Their stories just play out in complete solitude with your team, just happening to be there. Depending on your character, the dialogue can be bland and inoffensive or just, a complete fucking embarrassment. [Ophilia] “As you wish, Your Excellency.” “Fifteen years, Your Excellency.” “I was but an orphan, Your Excellency.” “Your Excellency!” [Archbishop Josef] “…this kindness of yours will not be your ruin.” [Ophilia] Your Excellency? [Josef] “…I know you are up to the task.” [Ophilia] “Your Excellency, I…” [Josef] “…I had a dream.” [Ophilia] “A dream, Your Excellency?” [Josef] “Promise me that you will love one another forever.” [Ophilia] “Your Excellency, I…” [OctoDunk] Shut the fuck up! On top of all that, you have my two “favorite things” in any video game… Whoever made random encounters should be kicked into a fucking pit of spikes and shot with a bazooka. Why would you put this in any game? [Olberic] “For years, I’ve asked myself that question.” [Dunk] It’s not even that I particularly despise turn-based combat! It’s just that it’s almost always accompanied by hundreds of horrible, brainless fights. A lot of games will throw easily dispatchable enemies at you. The difference is: You see a Grunt. Boom! Dead. You see that goomba? Boom! Gone. Now, let’s find a level one snail in Octopath Traveler… [Olberic] “Have at you!” “Have at you!” “Ahh!…
The thrill of a fight!” [Dunk] Okay now, do that fifty times and you can fight the next boss. There are promising elements, somewhere in this game but I don’t think it’s worth wading through a sea of monotonous grinding to find them. You blew it, Reggy! [OUTRO]
♪ “Victory Fanfare” – Octopath Traveler OST (Disc 2) ♪

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  1. Wow out of the 13,000 dislikes one of those is a guy who has made 2 videos complaining about dunkey’s review but also hasn’t even played the game, what a legend

  2. A lot of the poor dialogue in JRPGs are a result of bad translations. So many phrases in Japanese just make absolutely no sense in english unless you have a cultural background. I like Dunkey’s review, I just wanted to bring that up.

  3. it's a shame this game is so shit, i always thought it would be at least pretty fun based on the trailers. when i got it, i played it for a few hours and then just gave up because of how boring it all was. my brother did the same.

  4. I will never understand the hate for this video. A man you watch on YouTube didn’t like the game you like and supposedly didn’t like it because he didn’t understand it or isn’t a good “critic”. Heaven forbid we don’t all submit to a fucking hive mind of liking the exact same stuff, different opinions be damned.

  5. Turn based combat is pretty fucking terrible (excluding tactical turn based like xcom and what not)always thought so its so brainless thx dunkle

  6. 8 similar locations and paths
    8 boring ass characters
    8 cliche stories that dont grab your attention
    Prolonged battles that give you didly shit in cash and exp
    Overwhelming grind to achieve a step forward in progress
    Limited skills that are trash(ooooh 12 jobs with 5 skills to learn how exciting)
    I truley hope they take this games visual style and system and make something greater out of it

  7. I stopped listening to this guy after he said the snail in Octopath Traveller was level 1.

    Now, again, I have not played Octopath Traveller.

  8. Really sucks cuz i saw this game, looked at the presentation and was like oh wow this looks like a quality game.


  9. Why did people get triggered over this? Octopath was just a very generic game sold at AAA price for no warranted reason other than misplaced hype.

  10. Anyone else notice that at 1:04 the background is the same as Wesley v.s. Inigo Montoya in the Princess bride duel scene…? 😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  11. Played this game for around 30 hours. I finished the Thief's story and really couldn't be bothered to do anyone else's story. As a fan of Jrpg's, and this battle system, I had fun trying to get all the jobs and the harder bosses. But the stories are just…. garbage.
    Going back to Hollow Knight to get some satisfaction with minimal storytelling but a way more compelling one.

  12. LOL I was looking for an honest to goddess review but reading the comments I see is just filled with trolls. Just to say, the stories are good and its an entertaining game. Plus, I don't know how you played it. But the characters DO interact with each other (travel banter). (-_-)/

  13. This is the most poorly made video I have ever seen from Dunkey. There's a reason why the dislikes are high(even though most of the blind fans liked it anyway). You first begin the video sarcastically like you always do but then you start talking about it in a critical way and this is when the problem starts. You can't do both at the same time. If you want to do a funny video, treat it like one and if you want look at it from a critical perspective then put "dunkview" in the title. It is also a known fact that you don't like traditional turn-based rpg's and jrpg's in general which really doesn't help your case at all. In this video, you carefully picked clips of bad combat and dialogues for comedic effect but you did it in a critical way which confuses the audience into thinking this is a bad game which is definitely not true. I am pretty sure you know how much influence a famous gaming youtuber like you have over the community. The fact that you had to point out this video in your latest video "Game Critics 2" shows how insecure you are about it.
    By the way, shouting out a channel because he criticised your octopath traveller video just to insult him is a pretty dick move. You did advise your fans not to send death threats to the guy but it's obvious a lot of toxic ones will ignore you and will do it anyway and they did.

  14. My problem with this game is how ridiculously slow it is.
    Plenty of games are slow, but this takes things to a new level.
    On top of that it's very grindy.
    So you carry the 6 and…
    not fun

  15. It’s weird to see people trying to call Dunkey out for not getting the snails level right when he was level 22 and it was level 11.

  16. Dunkey, if you know you hate jrpgs….. why review one? If you hate turn based games, how could you possibly have an informed opinion on their gameplay?

  17. The only way you lied is by not showing how f-ing terrible the hunter girl's dialogue is. I liked her story best but my Lord they fell flat on their face with that translation. Easily the cringiest part of the game.

  18. I think the fact that the story’s of all 8 characters never seemed to join was a very big downside of the game. I honestly enjoyed the gameplay for the most part but I think that’s a matter of perspective tbh. I feel if there was a more clear and unified story the game would have been so much better.

  19. This is where a lack of understanding of game design hurts Dunkey as a critic the most.

    Keep in mind I haven't played Octopath Traveler, but I'm right.

  20. What you should take into account when watching his reviews and videos is that he's admitted things like long, story-heavy, turn-based JRPGs with random encounters are really not his thing. If none of that bothers you then go nuts.

  21. А скавр-еникс могли новую часть деус екс запилить, а выпустили это говно. Страдайте.

  22. i have never played octopus traveler, but your opinion is wrong and i think you are are thus a bad critic and you you have lied about a slug in a shell!

    thus i give this a video a 9.5/10 it has a little something for everyone

  23. 0:27 Shows Ni No Kuni

    I guess everyone has their own tastes. I personally never thought of Ni No Kuni as cringe. It just spoke to me like any other Ghibli film.

  24. Look I’ve never played octopath, but after watching the first few minutes I could already tell, You are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye-bye

    But with all that said I still have to give your review a 9.0/10.0
    It just… it has a little something for everyone

  25. I hate the grinding of this game even though my main is Cyrus and i already keep the evasive maneuver at all cost. It’s a fun game, but the grinding can be a pain in the ass.

  26. Now, I've never actually been Japanese, but I can say with 100% certainty that the Dunkman is a racist for not like liking Octopus Traveling. That game is a milestone for Japanese culture, you American swine.

  27. I really thought I would like this game. But I didn't. I gave it a chance, about 25 hours of underwhelming characters and stories until I sold it

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