Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Switch) Unboxing!!

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, today we’re going to be unboxing octopath traveler
for the Nintendo switch. we also happen to have the Wayfarers Edition right here
but we’re not gonna be unboxing this just gonna be unboxing the
regular version right here and anyway here’s the front cover showing the
characters of course down below we can see that it’s rated T for teen and it’s
developed and or published by Square Enix and moving onto the spine we see
the red spine as with every Nintendo switch game, on the top we can see that
this is a y-fold copy and on the back it says every path is yours to take eight
travelers eight adventures explore each travelers story and use their unique
abilities in and out of battle. various shots of gameplay here, down below it
says how will you meet the challenges you face and there that says challenge
purse purchase inquire guide provoke steal scrutinize allure scholar cleric
hunter take on additional jobs to customize your character’s abilities and
appearances. down below to the play modes we see it’s single player across the
board in docked tabletop and handheld mode and it is Nintendo switch pro
controller compatible. the game is rated T due to blood fantasy violence mild
language suggestive themes and use of alcohol. alright let’s go ahead and open
this up, okay first off we’re gonna see the game card on the bottom right and in
the back here we do see all eight characters Olberick Tressa Alfyn
Ophellia Haanit Therion Primrose and Cyrus okay and let’s pop this back
into the box and this will conclude the unboxing of
octopath traveler for the Nintendo switch, as always thank you guys for
staying tuned to popngames for these unboxings and if you enjoyed this one
you can let us know by liking commenting and subscribing thanks for watching bye

13 thoughts on “Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Switch) Unboxing!!

  1. In case anyone is wondering the game case in the collectors edition does not have the same back as this one. It is a not for resale case with a map for the back.

  2. thank you for clearly showing the back cover of the game box without covering up all the bar code info with your hands.

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