Octopath Traveler – How to Unlock the Final Dungeon (SPOILER FREE Guide & Walkthrough)

If you’ve played Octopath Traveler by now,
you’ll likely have realized that the stories aren’t that connected. There might be some small hints here and there
of an interconnected plot, but nothing like a typical RPG. Instead, these are eight smaller stories,
each with their own arc that feels complete. However, there is one last dungeon to find
in the game that does tie these stories together. Now don’t expect a grand interaction between
the party. It mainly serves to tie up loose ends that
were mentioned throughout the game. But the process of unlocking this final dungeon
isn’t the most obvious so we’re going to walk you through it so you can see it for
yourself. The major thing that needs to be done is finishing
all eight stories in the game. The dungeon won’t activate unless you do. But in the meantime, there two sidequest chains
that must be completed as well. The first is found in Bolderfall, near the
Ravus Manor, where a guard named Alphas is pining for a woman named Lyblac. Duel him with Olberic or H’aanit to complete
the quest. Then travel to Saintsbridge to find Lyblac
and start a new sidequest. Alphas will appear and has poetry. Use Alfyn or Cyrus to learn his poem then
go speak with a woman named Flora near the cathedral in town. This will complete the quest line. The other sidequest that needs to be completed
involves Kit, the young man you meet as your first sidequest once you left your opening
town. You’ll find him again in Noblecourt. Talk to him to activate the quest then find
an Aspiring Actor in the area to the right. Use Primrose or Ophilia to bring the actor
to Kit and complete the quest. You’ll then want to travel to Grandport
and then steal or buy lapis lazuli from a merchant positioned between the inn and the
item store. Take the lapis lazuli to Kit, who can now
be found on the Moonstruck Coast on the right side. Finally, go to the West S’warki Trail to
find the Impressario of Kit’s acting troupe. There you’ll be asked to defeat a monster. Once you do, you’ll learn of the final dungeon’s
location. Talk to the Impressario again to receive the
quest related to the dungeon and then use fast travel to arrive. Be sure you’re ready for it too. The boss waiting at the end is no joke, but
you will discover connections between the stories of all eight characters. And there you have it. Good luck with the challenge and be sure to
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47 thoughts on “Octopath Traveler – How to Unlock the Final Dungeon (SPOILER FREE Guide & Walkthrough)

  1. Through out the story of the eight main characters I always wondered why didn't we visit homburg since it was mentioned so many times

  2. Of course there’s going to be idiots that care about spoilers in this game unlike… cough … Mario Odyssey… cough cough … Kirby star allies… cough cough … Mario + rabbids kingdom battle… cough … (I really hope we don’t get this issue in super smash bros ultimate)

  3. Good game so far. Finished all 8 Character stories and unlocked all 4 advance 2nd jobs. Thanks for the FInal Dungeon, GameXplain. Grinding to level 70 took enough of my "free" time, so this was much needed so I can waste less time on the end-game content.

  4. Can you finish all 8 stories in the same game so I don’t have to play through the intros of each character again?

  5. Appreciated, nowhere near that point, but appreciated nonetheless and always nice to see a story spoiler free video to let you know how to do something tha will eat your time.

  6. Can you only find the troupe leader in the S'warkii trail after doing all eight stories because I can't find him anywhere.

  7. I did everything on the kit side quest but I can’t find them at the swarkii trail, do they only appear post game?

  8. The stories are absolutely all connected, and it's a shame the game doesn't point it out or at least guide you to the end a little better.

  9. [Optional dungeon spoilers]

    When the game asks you to make two parties after beating all 8 of the boss flames, do you have to use both parties for the fight? I started the fight and did a few rounds, but I'm worried about investing even more time if I'm just going to be forced to play as a gearless lvl 20something Alfyn and Primrose.

  10. I am way too bad to beat the final boss of that dungeon yet, but the story parts you get to know before the boss, are just perfectly tying it all together.

  11. Non plot related spoiler:

    Don't even bother going in unless you've levelled and equipped all 8 party members, there's a megaman style 8 boss rush followed by a two phase final boss battle, each phase requires you to use 4 of the 8 party members. If you shelve them right after their story at around lv45ish the final boss will easily one shot them. My main party at around lv75 was able to deal with the first phase with a bit of difficulty. There are no random encounters or save points inside and death will result in you having to clear the entire area again.

  12. where is kit? I cant understand what you are saying and ive played it over and over again it sounds like you are saying you can find kit on the moonstruck coast on the right side?? what

  13. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this guide on how to unlock it. I just finished all 8 stories and didn’t know what to do next. Just another reason why you are one of the BEST gaming channels here on the internet!

  14. "Don't expect a grand interaction between the party." That was my biggest issue with the game. The characters never do anything of consequence for each other. It's all skippable and not at all applicable.

  15. I followed a guide that explained all of this, but then forgot to tell me to talk to the guy again to gain the ability to fast travel

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