Oconee County Ecotourism

one thing’s makes Oconee county so
special is the fact that we have so much water here I think we are very blessed
to have 3 very beautiful manmade lakes uh… that are fed by beautiful mountain streams each one of them is unique in its own
personality and characteristics each one is beautiful uh… each one is enjoyed by the fishermen and the
recreational boaters and skiers and sailboats and just about every outdoor activity
that you can think of to enjoy on the water we’re also blessed with the wild and scenic Chattooga River which
separates South Carolina from Georgia the lakes of Oconee include Lake Jocassee Lake Keowee and Lake Hartwell Lake Jocassee and Keowee were created by
Duke Power for power generation Lake Hartwell was created by the core of engineers as a flood control project back in the
1960s about 1960 altogether we have about 82,000
acres of recreational water just between those 3 lakes and fishing is extremely popular
here on all three lakes large mouth bass small mouth bass all kinds of other fish here there
are fishing guides available and you can use about anything you want
here water skiing is very popular also you’ve got the outdoor recreation you’ve got the 3 lakes as i was
saying you’ve got mountains trails you’re halfway between Atlanta and
Charlotte so transportation is easy of a major
interstate highway plus all the recreation is just about anything you could want to do Oconee County in Cherokee we are told means land by the water so we do live up
to that with our 3 three lakes and our beautiful Chattooga River

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