OCFL Update | Visit Orlando’s Celebrating Travel and Tourism Luncheon

Orlando setting a new record with 75 million visitors. We again remain number one by a longshot as well. What a year. Today’s when we really celebrate the importance and the accomplishment of the tourism industry
collectively and our community when we come together do recognize how many
visitors came in 2018. It’s just an opportunity for us to reflect on the
what it took to achieve this the kind of collaboration it took as a community how
everybody came together and wanted to celebrate it and just make sure we don’t
forget the good fortunes we’re enjoying and remind ourselves why we have them
and how we want to continue to have them in the future. A seventy-five million
number is just a barometer indicator of the overall economic health of our
community and so having sustained this number in 35 years of having Visit
Orlando just nothing short of phenomenal so that means really the overall
economic health of Orange County and the entire region is excellent. The thing that unites good businesses and good organizations is they’re constantly striving to be better. and that’s the theme that I sensed in this room that
these people all want to be even better at what they do how can they do that and
so it’s those little tweaks it’s those little things that you can do to provide
a little better customer service a little bit more interesting
communication the way you interact with your guests that help be the best in the
world so that those numbers can keep going up year after year after year. We do feel very blessed and lucky that we have such a strong partnership with Orange County that dates back to the very beginning 35 years ago and I think that really is a tribute and it sustains itself today through a great leadership like we have in Mayor Demings and our Board of County Commissioners. Even though the numbers are up
can go even higher we can do even greater things as a community and so
that’s what I look forward to is what this really brings for the entire future
of our community.

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