my name is Hannah and I’m gonna give you
a tour of my New York City apartment this is our entryway this is where we
keep things like our keys our headphones shoes things like that we installed this
floating shelf and it was so hard to put up but I got this from Urban Outfitters
and I got the view from there as well moving from the entryway we head into
the bedroom so the first thing you notice about our bedroom is that there
is no bed on the floor this is actually our bed we decided on a Murphy bed to
save space it just comes down like this so not gonna put it down right now one
of my favorite parts about our bedroom is this projector in the bedroom instead
of having a TV on the wall we have this like massive movie screen that projects
under the wall and I think it’s really cool over here we have a direct view of
the Empire State Building and it is so gorgeous we can see it from our bed at
night perks of living in New York on the other wall of the bedroom is my
boyfriend’s office I don’t think I can describe this well enough so I will let
him describe it hello YouTube I am Hannah’s boyfriend my name is Eric this
is my desk and the cool thing about this is it is a standing desk so this here
raises like this there we go oh when I’m editing I can have the option to stand
or if I want I can lower like this and sit down at the chair and then this
corner here which is the cleanest it’s ever looked is the gear corner this is
where we keep all of our camera gear or Ronin all that stuff all the good stuff
to make these videos and then of course above all the camera gear we have the
YouTube gold play button for passing million subscribers so make sure to
subscribe to Hannah’s channel right now stop subscribe so Hanna can get another
plaque for us to add to the ward wall moving on from the desk area we
over to my closet my closet is probably one of my favorite parts of this entire
apartment it’s actually more organized than my last apartment because I have
more space have all of my jewelry over here and my bags things like that and
then down here is where all of my clothes hang and I actually still have
actually still have some room for some new clothes and up here we have all of
my sports bras bathing suits down here we have all of my shoes sneakers boots
sandals things like that right next to my closet is our full-length mirror we
actually both had really awesome full-length mirrors when we were moving
in together so we decided to keep them both and just put them in separate rooms
moving over here to Eric’s closet wait I’m not gonna open it he’s a little bit
messy but I tried to organize his closet for him I got the bins from the
Container Store and I believe that it can make even messy people stay clean
I’m kidding okay moving on so in the hallway from the bedroom to the living
room we have this shelf situation these hanging shelves are from Urban
Outfitters as well and I just put some of my favorite books on them a plants I
recognized first date photo and then this is his bike we keep it in the
hallway because there’s not really much room to put it anywhere else so it stays
there but it’s out of the way and from the hallway we head into the living room
it has so many windows and it’s so bright and so warm and inviting this is
the mirror from my last apartment I got this at Anthropologie here’s our
Halloween bats that we kept up because they’re cute over here is this blanket
ladder I got this from Urban Outfitters this blanket from Urban Outfitters this
one from West Elm and this is our couch it’s from article com this was actually
Eric’s couch in his old apartment this is kind of like a cactus and it’s
one of my favorite plants we have originally he actually wasn’t this big
he was like half size but because our apartment gets so much light he just
shot up and grew so we’re gonna have I mean a massive plant one day stay tuned
for that and then over here this is where I keep my picnic basket my mom got
me this for my 21st birthday that’s one of my favorite presents ever right
underneath all of it is this rug we got this rug from Urban Outfitters it’s
actually called the Hana rug so maybe that’s why I picked it but who knows
right now in this apartment we also have our Christmas tree this is one of the
perks of living with your significant other you can get a larger space and
that means a bigger Christmas tree moving on this is our dining room we got
a circular table this is also from article calm and the chairs as well
these chairs are kind of like a black leather and they match the table so we
like them a lot this is from Urban Outfitters very calming and this is a
fake plant we’ll probably get rid of it but it’s here for now and then over here
is our other to plant babies this is a low and this is cactus original names I
know right behind our plants is this massive window we see views of the World
Trade Center it is so gorgeous at night it’s all lit up the first thing you’ll
notice about this kitchen is that it’s a bit outdated what I was saying about bad
design in the kitchen is this one drawer won’t open up fully but the kitchen gets
so much natural sunlight and it does hold all of my things and all of Eric’s
things so it is still a pretty good size so over here is the refrigerator
we actually lucked out because they kind of updated the appliances up here
there’s this like weird floating cabinet which I put all of my cookbooks in we
tried covering it up with this plan because it’s pretty ugly so I think it
looks prettier with the plan over here is the oven stovetop which is also mini
size it’s like smaller than a normal sized oven but it does the job on our
mini stovetop is this pan I always keep this one out it’s my favorite and this
is from our place and then this is my tea maker kettle and this is from Crate
and Barrel and over here on this wall to conserve space is my pot and pan like
stoppers this brand is caraway home and with the package of pots and pans comes
this little holder so I put it on the wall over here and then in the corner
have you go lip tiss which I always have in the house I like to have some kind of
flower or something above that we have the pantry this is where we keep all of
our spices protein bars granola things like that and in this cabinet is where
we keep all of our almond butter nuts chia seeds pasta things like that down
here our coffee maker Eric really got me into French press coffee so because this
kitchen is small and we’re now two people we put all of our protein powders
on top of the cabinets because we have so many we have what 8 8 protein powders
that’s a lot in addition to the cabinet space we also have additional storage in
this island this is where we keep all of our utensils cooking utensils I got most
of them from Target and williams-sonoma down here is all of our tea supplements
and our gum we have an obsession with that this is all of my baking stuff and
here all of our silverware and down here is where I keep the rest of my pots and
pans and their little toppers are the ones that are on the walls over there
they’re actually really modern Eric and I love these pans so so much on top of
this island we have our click and grow this is like a
art technology garden for indoors so if you live in New York City or you suck at
gardening there’s so much basil there’s tomatoes growing over here I highly
recommend getting one if you’ve ever thought about it it’s definitely worth
it the one thing that I didn’t show you
guys was our bathroom and that is on the other side of the apartment so let’s go
while we’re here we also have another plant this is a snake plant it purifies
the air and if you’ve noticed by now we have so many plans and that’s because it
makes our apartment feel super natural like an actual home okay let’s go to the
bathroom it’s pretty small but most New York City if her and bathrooms are very
small I mean you can fit two people in here if you really try the bathroom
didn’t have a lot of storage so we bought this little storage unit from
Urban Outfitters that’s what we kind of throw all of our bathroom stuff this is
where I keep all my hair stuff you know bathroom things and in the shower we
also didn’t really have enough storage so we got this simplehuman storage
thingy which has been really helpful there is a window and you can see the
Empire State Building from the toilet if you want to speaking of views one of my
favorite things about this apartment is that we have a rooftop terrace so I
thought I would show you guys show you what the views look like let’s go I’m out of breath so this is our rooftop
terrace area oh my god it’s so bright this is pretty much like our backyard in
New York City this is one of the things that attracted us to this apartment
building it’s pretty inspirational I mean this is why you moved to New York
City because of New York City so we have views of literally every single thing
Hudson Yards the Empire State Building right behind me so I mean what more
could you ask for thank you guys so much for watching make sure to go check out
my old New York City apartment tour and then comment below which one you liked
best and with that I will see you in the next one

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