Number of Japanese tourists to S. Korea increased 4.6% y/y in August

the number of Japanese visitors to South
Korea increased by more than a four and a half percent last month compared to a
year ago according to the Korea Tourism Organization on Monday the figure came
to almost three hundred and thirty thousand in contrast the number of South
Koreans going to Japan was down according to the Japan national tourism
organization around three hundred and nine thousand South Koreans went to
Japan in August down 50 percent on-year many South Koreans are boycotting
Japanese products and cancelling plans to travel to the country in protest
against Tokyo’s a recent trade curves on this whole

2 thoughts on “Number of Japanese tourists to S. Korea increased 4.6% y/y in August

  1. 【Japanese investors will never put money into South Korea's enterprises again.】
     On 9/26, South Korea's newspaper <JoongAng Ilbo (중앙일보)>, its Japanese language version reported a case of South Korean enterprise's money shortage as follows;
     One of South Korea's major enterprise Hanwha Chemical has already failed the act of financing in Japan.
     So far this year, Hanwha Chemical has intended to issue JPY-denominated bond (samurai bond) in Japanese capital market.
     But, neither institutional nor individual, no Japanese investors wanted to put their money into Hanwha Chemical's bond.
     Therefore Hanwha Chemical has given up the act of financing in Japan. And Hanwha Chemical is currently getting into shortage of money about 2,000 million JPY.
     Now it is said that Hanwha Chemical is trying to issue other foreign currency-denominated bond such as USD, EUR, sterling pound or Swiss Franc. Do you believe that Hanwha Chemical will actually succeed the act of financing?
     I guess that this is just a prologue of catastrophe in South Korea.
     This is the result of South Korean people's own choice.
     Enjoy it.

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