Now Reach Vaishno Devi in 8hrs From Delhi

Do you know that, the first high speed train called the ‘Vande Bharat Express’ was launched in February this year. The train travels from Delhi to Varanasi. Now, the Union Home Minister is Amit Shah and this is his sign name. On 3rd October 2019 the new high speed train Vande Bharat Express, which will travel from New Delhi Railway Station to Vaishno Devi’s Katra railway station in Jammu was flagged off by Amit Shah. Earlier to travel from Delhi to Katra, it used to take 12 hrs. Now the travel time is reduced to just 8 hrs. How convenient! Vande Bharat Express is a luxurious all air-conditioned train with 16 coaches Earlier people would pelt stone at the glass windows and injure passengers. Now this will not happen as the train has special windows that are very strong. Earlier there were many incidents where trains would get damaged and derailed because cows would run and come in front of the train. However, this train is different. If any animal comes in front of the train, it will not derail or get damaged. Passengers will be safe as the train is extremely strong. The train that will operate six days a week from New Delhi, except on Tuesday. Similarly, from Katra it will operate six days a week except on Tuesday. The Vande Bharat Express was built in Chennai by Central Government’s and was completed in 18 months. This express train was completely made in India. This is a big gift for Jammu & Kashmir for their development. The booking is open on the IRCTC website. Tickets will cost between Rs 1630 to Rs 3015. The train will start on 5th October 2019.

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