Novotel Hua Hin Cha-Am Beach Resort & Spa Thailand Room review in 4K

I have just arrived at the Novotel Hua Hin. I have just come from the Sofitel up the road. so if you check out the channel you can see my review of the Sofitel and now let’s see what’s happening at the Novotel now I was very kindly upgraded when I checked in. They have warned me of whatever you’re about to see to my right. I have been upgraded to a family suite. Which is quite odd considering I’m travelling on my own but hey hey who knows I might actually sleep in the bunk bed. I doubt it. I have got 2 bunk beds so if you were looking for a family room this is what you get. We also have a couch we have a television we have normal furniture. I don’t think there is anything in any of these, no. By the looks of things if you’ve got a family. you have got plenty of storage. Some of the furniture does show its age a little bit We have got a few snacks and there is a charge. Now that’s not a lot that they charge to be honest. But yes they’re not free. and here we go at minibar Oh empty fridge oh no couple cans pop okay and what price is a can of coke ? a can of coke is 25 baht. but that’s not money that’s cheap. Google it. Right we have a big bathroom with a huge wet room Normal novotel toiletries. Just thinking if you were using this as a family room you bring the kids back up from the beach that is an ideal way to sort them out. We have our toilet there we go and our bathroom some more Novotel toiletries and bits and bobs. We have a wardrobe and as you can see there are a few marks on some of this furniture but the room is immaculate otherwise. It’s very clean as you can see but it’s just some of this brown wood. which is dated a little bit. We have got a torch in the cupboard and we’ve got a couple of bathrobes, not fluffy bathrobes they the light weight type of bathrobe. Right we’ve got a big mirror to my right. You know I don’t like to point my camera at the mirror. We have what used to be a minibar by the looks things. Which is no longer there I’ve got my safe let’s have a look let’s check that’s bolted in. Certainly is. Tucked away there is the iron and ironing board we should do like and if you’re coming on holiday you don’t want to be sending it down to laundry all the time so here we go big novotel bed what we expect. What have we got with this one oh I like that’s nice and firm that’ll do me. Now obviously this has got a little bit of age this hotel. I’ve got, not sure you can see it down there I’ve got a PowerPoint but obviously this wasn’t done for the days of laptops iPads USB because I can’t see any connections there although I do have an international plug socket there and another that’s not international down there. Telephone and there’s a TV Guide so what have we got okay so there’s a few English channels there that will amuse. But you’ve not come here to watch telly surely ? okay I’ve got a desk area a bit more space powerpoints so that’s good for work okay I can see that we’ve got some funky stuff going on so it’s steak night tonight hmm that’s tempting okay another TV what we see is a connecting door more cupboard space yeah this is showing its age but it’s very nice for it to be there is a DVD player. How quaint little bit of artwork okay so we’ve got a nice capsule coffee machine that’s good Nescafe and I’ve got coffee mate so I can have a white coffee and I’ve got four bottles of water a couple of mugs and of course this is what you come for now there’s a sign there please keep the door closed due to strong winds I was down at the beach this morning it was pretty windy so I imagine up here it could get very windy. Now that’s the resort so we’ve got Beach down at the bottom that looks like crazy golf and I took a great crazy golf video if such a thing exists is a great crazy golf video last night at the Sofitel so I do check out the channel and also check out the channel to check out the Sofitel so I’m going to explore there later but yeah this is the family suite at the Novotel Hua Hin on the coast. Not a bad view is it let’s be honest. Anyway I hope that’s been helpful if you think you’ve been coming to Hua Hin and I hope you’ve enjoyed the video even if you aren’t thinking of coming to Hua Hin so please give it a like don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and check it out and do share thanks for watching cheers bye

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