Notre-Dame: an exclusive first look at restoration works

This is the first time
the reconstruction team at Notre-Dame has
opened the cathedral doors to the media. In April, the world watched as
the Gothic masterpiece went up in flames. A massive effort
is now under way to secure the building
structure and clear debris. Over 40 teams are currently on
site for the reconstruction, with four lead architects, and
between 60 and 150 workers. A billion euros was pledged
for the reconstruction effort, but only a fraction has
so far been received. These are the pieces
of the jigsaw that need to be put back together. The first stages in
Notre-Dame’s reconstruction will see architects and
engineers work together from a digital copy of the
building, made possible by 3D laser scanning. This is Sainte-Chapelle, another
masterpiece of the Gothic era, located just a short
stroll from Notre-Dame. Benjamin has been tasked to scan
it as part of a global effort to preserve landmarks
across the country. This method creates
an exact copy of a building in the event
of destruction or fire. Such innovation continues today. The scan provides the foundation
for the rebuild of Notre-Dame. This modelling can be used
by every single worker on the construction site,
and the different teams share the modelling
in a common database. Then construction
can begin in earnest. The reconstruction
project is expected to take at least five years. There are still questions
over the stability of the vaults in the cathedral,
and how the reconstruction will look is yet to be decided. The battle to save Notre-Dame
has only just begun.

100 thoughts on “Notre-Dame: an exclusive first look at restoration works

  1. I think any redesign they are talking about would be to accomodate the weakened structure of the building. They would likely not be aesthetic.

  2. This beautiful cathedral should be meticulously restored, not redesigned. We don't need some goofy architect interjecting his or her convoluted ideas inot making it look trashy.

  3. Besides taking safety precautions Notre Dame does not need a modern redesign, can't modernists just leave historical sites alone

  4. What you have done wrong? Let's ask the Bible. Answer: You have gone SODOMITE, nationally. Therefore: FIRE. Look at Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. There's more to come, because you are not about to repent. In the end Europe and the world will burn, for this and similar reasons. People have turned their backs on God. You deny God, when you say our God, (the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ) and Allah are one and the same. For that they are not. Also, European leaders are utter infidels, and therefore utterly corrupt.

  5. They ask why this happened. What have we done to deserve this they asked. They opened their borders and so were conquered. They are at war and do not even know it.

  6. It will take years to revise this great cathedral to its former glory, and the saddest realization is I won't be around to see the complete reconstruction.

  7. I am glad i had the opportunity to go to Notre Dame November 2018. I made a short video, so will be able to see how it was. I will post some time.

  8. This was three months ago now. I wonder what it looks like on the inside after this much time. Apparently very little has still changed. I really do hope that they rebuild it in the original style. That’s what the vast majority of the world wants.

  9. God allowed that cathedral to burn as a sing of how god dislikes what Christianity has done in his name. All the killing and racist dominance over their fellow color man

  10. Sometimes some tradition should be break. The old Granny building need some update and the tower is not even build in the early stage of the construction. The original(about 900 years ago) is not even the same as it was today. There's a reason why the word 'revolution' was invented.

  11. Pourquoi ? Vous avez tout accepté ! Les Trahisons de vos élites, l'inquisition fiscale, l'union des dégénérés, votre remplacement par des féodaux vous avez au quotidien et comme d'autres grandes destructions à venir, l’immanence de vos lâchetés !

  12. For french government it muste be cigarettes. But every body smokes on theses roofs since 4 centuries. I think it's friends of Macron: the free masons Grand Orient de France or several of them. They ever fought Church and symbols of Christ.

  13. franchement on s en branle….tout ça pour la secte la plus meurtrière de toute l histoire de l humanité…..
    pauvre être humain de MERDE

  14. If even a single brick is out of place, somebody needs to fill Macron's head with lead.

  15. I swear to god if it turns out that some Islamic Terrorist did this, we should drop an Atomic Bomb on Mecca and vaporize the Kaaba, killing everyone inside.

  16. Should build it back the way it was. The French government should tell is people who or what started it . Plus the potential of toxins. But they won't. I feel for France .

  17. The cathedral should be restored and rebuilt where necessary in the gothic revival style and be made more accessible, technologically advanced in the sense of audiovisual and fire protection but also when gothic revival architecture came into being, it incorporated the tradition of gothic architecture but also took on board the technologies available to them like iron and other metals to add additional structural support which is what the spire should be reconstructed using the original design for the spire but instead of a wood frame, a metal frame with a fireproof membrane then the lead or zinc on the top to finish the spire. The president however is too optimistic about the idea of having it restored to coincide with the Olympics isn’t going to be possible without rushing work which isn’t what should happen if however the government can ensure quality of the construction can be maintained then let’s see.

  18. I liked the New designs with a glass celing. The stained glass is ruined anyway so they might as well let in some light. The New shining tower locked also great. Luckily the parts that burned was not the best parts of the building. The building can be improved.

  19. May God support to build the church of notre dam peacefully and fast ,no evil to touch anymore no devils come near to the church do any harm May almighty God protect this wonderful church and every part of france ..🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼☘️☘️☘️✌️✌️✌️☘️☘️✌️✌️☘️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼May almighty God Bless France and protect all nation in his power amen amen amen ✌️✌️✌️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀.

  20. MUSLIMS BURNT IT DOWN, just like all the rest of the church arsons they have been committing.
    the only reason they call it a "mystery", is because leftists don't want public outcry against muslims.
    when will western europe learn that 3rd world invaders do not align with western values?

  21. "Why is this happening to our generation?" she asks… maybe because you are the least Christian of all generations, less patriotic, ignoring all of your traditions and allowing the Islamic invasion of France.

  22. "My first reaction was "But why? What have we done wrong?" Is she serious? Really? What the French, and not only the French, but all of Europe has done to the Church, the way they treated the Church? Notre Dame reflects the way Christ and his Church have been treated.

  23. The French treat their historical sites very badly. No fire prevention systems are installed in most ancient historical buildings in France. Very pathetic. This would never have happened in countries like Germany, Belgium, the UK, the US, Australia, New Zeakand, Holland, Swiss and Spain.

  24. "Why? Why is this happening to our generation?" Huh? This is merely an accident/negligence on the part of human beings. It could and has happened to many historic buildings over centuries.

  25. FRANCE needs to scrutinise exactly WHO is being employed by builders responsible for its glorious heritage of the World's greatest Gothic Cathedrals, from this point onwards. There are some, they have admitted to their Country, who would wish these buildings harm, in the name of their 'god'. Remember Palmyra, and Banayan,

  26. I hope they can reconstruct it as closely as possible to the original. Not only is it a place of worship, but a genuine creation of artfully, masterful beauty. It's a treasure not only to France, but to the whole world.

  27. It seems that aluminum or steel that are fireproof should be used to reconstruct the roof just like it was before the fire. Steel would have been used in Medieval times had it been available. The first step is to restore the roof, which would be used to support the restoration of the vaults.

  28. They won't get the money until they garauntee that it will be rebuilt as it was and not turned into a modernist monstrosity.

  29. If it WERE to be redesigned, I don't want it to be some modern garbage, I want it to be a testament to the cathedral, but it would be better if they just kept it as it once was.

  30. Hundreds of years gone, irreplaceable art destroyed, one of the oldest buildings in the world devastated… and millennials find a way to use it as protest fodder for nature🙄

  31. 2018 – Brazil National Museum
    2019 – Notre-Dame Cathedral
    2019 – Shuri Castle

    Why humans can't even preserve their history?

  32. Sign of the time? Buy those who end the end of every age, possibly? For whatever perverted reasons they may have? The patterns of human history are not so clear, nor so natural, as they may appear. The patterns are in how abruptly they seem to begin and end. It's not natural. People are not so predictable. But agendas for control are. They took another historic site, maybe more significant than the World Trade Center, but just as obvious in the public's eye. They're god complex psychotic.

  33. Surprisingly it's the chief architect that wants it NOT redesigned and the general and Macron that wants it contemporary.

  34. Notre-Dame does not belong to everyone, it belongs to France and its people exclusively, stupid woman.

  35. This isn't the first time something like this happened. In 1945 a fire destroyed the roof of another Gothic cathedral; St. Stephen's in Vienna was restored (along with the Staatsoper) after the war. And that is an encouraging consideration.

  36. While you're at it, restore the Mass to the centuries perfectly and sublime Tridentine and rid this cathedral of Our Lady of the abominable modernist Novus Ordo. BTW, Notre Dame does not belong to all of mankind — it belongs to Christians (REAL Christians — traditional Roman Catholics).

  37. Could the world pledge a billion euros to remove a mile by mile patch of plastic from the ocean. Would really like to eat fish without tiny bits of plastic in it thanks.

  38. I believe this was terrorism. Destroying the worlds most iconic church in the middle of christianity's highest holy week really doesn't strike me as an I industrial accident. Then you find out that hundreds of churches have been burned in recent time.

  39. American ppl offered more than 70 M$ for the restoration.
    We can not do anything ! We must respect the medevial workers first and the american Notre Dame lovers too !

  40. Tbh I think it would be cool to redesign it, fusing modernism with historical buildings.

    We can always make some sort of museum like the history of the Notre Dame or something like that. That way, we won’t erase history completely.

    In my opinion, it shows how history changes over time.

  41. Notre-dame must be rebuilt not redesign. This structure is more than just a heritage building, it is a structure of time. I see Notre-dame as more of a history book built through the ages. Losing something of this kind of value is not an option.

  42. The French have no respect for themselves, their history or their culture… on the long term, whatever they do it will end up as Maryam's Mosque. No sympathy here.

  43. "What have our generation done wrong?" – Allowing invaders into our countries who hate us and seek to destroy us from the inside out

  44. The only thing they should change from the original is use modern structural supports like metal reinforced walls so it’s stronger for the future without changing any visible aspects

  45. I understand notre dames importance but maybe instead spending billions on this cathedral, money could’ve been given to help end hunger in poverty filled countries. All that money also could’ve went toward cancer research, climate change solutions, and many more important things to help our planet. If we don’t help earth first then there will be no Notre Dame anyways.

  46. Oui qu'est-ce-qu'on a malfait ? Find it good funding has slowed down. Imagine if they had got a billion how many skeemers would have taken advantage of that. A 100 million is more than ok. Now move on!

  47. All these comments about spending 1 bil to reabuild as it was but cant even get a mil to save the world its self. only a worthless church which will definitely be non existent in 200 years

  48. Really couldve used 1bn in a much more significant way. This was a government inside job to refund restoration freely…

  49. No problem when it's about cultural prestige! Money rolls in very fast! No at all when it comes to ending or preventing human or animal suffering!

  50. Strangely like the Twin Towers in America. Burnt down and Redesigned. No big surprise! I Pet Goat Showed Notre Dame burning same way it did.

  51. Do you guys realize hat the cathedral is many centuries old and isn’t exactly able to withstand every single thing that is replaced? It takes time and extreme precision to restore certain details, in reality, nothing can be truly restored by non-original artists. These architects are trying their best and are looking at this monument as fragile and will restore certain things to the best of their ability. Get real.

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