5 thoughts on “Not all Miami Beach hotel panic buttons call for help

  1. We need to be able to use our voices to call for help e.g. Siri… Never tested to see if it works, don’t want to annoy the cops…

  2. Best to allow staff to have conceal and carry. I'd feel safer. Any shooters come in, staff is prepared, guests who have their conceal and carry are also prepared. Beverly otherwise, everyone is a walking potential victim. Cant count on cops, who can be dirty cops. Cops are just as dangerous as criminals. Look at how well they protected Epstein. The poor schmuck is dead. Dont rely on cops.

  3. Who can out with these stupid idea??? Seriously?? Do you know the legal problems you would get into if you mistakenly brake someone door in a hotel room thinking that you hear that stupid sound and that the person needs help and when you do brake the door down they don’t need help because you heard something similar?? The lawyers would eat you alive in court

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