No. of Japanese visitors to S. Korea up 19% y/y in July despite diplomatic tensions

It looks like Japanese citizens with plans
to travel to South Korea were unfazed by the growing bilateral tensions. In fact there were more visitors from that
country last month compared to the same period last year. Yoon Jung-min help us look beyond the digits. More visitors from Japan came to South Korea
in July despite souring ties between Seoul and Tokyo. Data from the Korea Tourism Organization shows
that 1-point-5 million foreigners of all nationalities visited Korea last month, up 15 percent from
a year earlier. Tourists from China were the largest group
with 520-thousand,… followed by Japan, Taiwan and the U.S.
Visitors from Japan increased 19 percent on-year to 275-thousand,… as people didn’t seem
too bothered by the politics between the two countries. “This is just political issues. I think the Japanese citizens and the Koreans
citizens never mind this situation. This is between the Korean government and
Japanese government,… like the challenging the games. So it doesn’t matter. We enjoy more sightseeing to Korea.” “I like visiting Korea. I also came here last July. Though there are various issues recently,
people are very kind and they help me when I need help. I just enjoy the tour.” Another set of data by the Korea Culture and
Tourism Institute found that young female visitors were the driving force behind the
increase. It said 63 percent of Japanese tourists were
female,… and the largest age group were tourists in their 20s due to an increasing
popularity of K-pop and K-beauty. “Many Japanese visitors to South Korea say,
though it is a difficult time for both countries, people should continue cultural exchanges
and tours. Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.”

21 thoughts on “No. of Japanese visitors to S. Korea up 19% y/y in July despite diplomatic tensions

  1. Japan has over 500,000 Koreans living. (Close to 15% are on welfare as oppose to 2% of Japanese are.) I'm sure there are a lot people who want to go visit their home country every once in a while especially now before Japan closes its door to SK.

  2. To play devil's advocate for a moment, the truth is most foreigners who come here to Seoul are apolitical and just want to get on with life. In the case of Japanese, they have always been visiting here for one reason or another. We could be mean and kick them out, but how would that look? Some say we have the right? Okay. I rather say pay no attention to them. Our issue is economical.

  3. Japanese do not care nor have to change their scheduled trip because of trade issue. It's  not a big issue for them.

  4. Is it worth news-reporting? Japan is simply not conducting any (stupid) boycott campaigns. Cheaper Korean currency value in relation to Japanese yen may be motivational, though.

  5. 韓国はGsomia破棄して今度は、イスラエルとFTA締結したか。アメリカが大嫌いな相手とイチャつくつもりかw

  6. Yeah, because the Japanese government doesn't call on its' people to boycott and hate other countries.

    Yes, of course we think Moon a populist, a man with too soft a spot for his roots to NK, and a Japan blamer for ALL his political shortcomings. But Moon doesn't represent a whole nation.

    The past tells us, South Korea boils and cools quickly. Come another government, and Moon will be jailed like all his predecessors – the SK government will turn 180 deg. on its policies and agreements. Back to square 1.
    In Japan, we're tired of diplomatic progress flipped by tantrums like these, or Korea gov. sweeping consequences of past tantrums under the carpet, trying to move the goal posts.

    If its' another government wide anger management issue, Japanese will quietly wait for the temper tantrum to stop. No hate, no hard feelings. Just the same ol' SK gov. No big issue.

  7. Japanese woman suffered violence in Korea. That is true Korean.

  8. The average japanese has no problem with Korea or Koreans. They don't even hate the US for nuking them. Koreans on the other hand love to hate Japan and even innocent Japanese people. It's basically as distraction from internal political issues. 🙄

  9. I dought this is true or not .Arirang NEWS always want to make Korean citizens  relieve.
    I guess Korea gpvernment ordered Arirang NEWS to make this News.

  10. korea people loves japan ,except for stupid moons followers 普通の韓国人わ日本大好き。  バカ韓国人ゎ 反日です。

  11. People love criticizing Korea in more harsher ways but When it comes to Japan, they make lots of excuses and justification for their actions or lies.
    Like Japan stopped asking for reparations about the nukes?
    Nope the Government of Japan still demands reparations from The USA, while the Government of the USA denies it the people will summit despite forgetting how that Japanese repay them by attacking Pearl harbor and giving a middle finger despite The USA helping Japan in the 1927 earthquake and Japan even promised not to attacked but they still did.
    Also i love how Weebs call themselves Japanese and call other westerners that debunks them to Koreans or Chinamen.

  12. Mental illness brainwashed S Korean morons are easy to be brainwashed
    by fake news or fabricated numbers.
    Those morons are always happy to masturbate.

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