No lull in tourism expected at aquarium in between Spring Break and Summer vacations

iffy weather at the end of spring break season may not have been as bad for the local economy as we feared in fact if you look at one in traction in particular they had a great couple of weeks and they expect things to just keep on rolling even before the summer tourism season there’s a lot to squawk about at the Texas State Aquarium these days our spring breaks have consistently been very strong but this one will likely be our best or our second best ever and Aquarium president CEO Tom Schmidt says there are no signs of ticket sales weakening even after Spring Breakers went home the really important market for us in the next couple of months are the school group so school kids from all over the state of Texas will visit the aquarium over the next two months as many as 60 to 80 thousand of them sometimes 1500 in a single day but they might want to make it day trips finding a room for the night could be tricky but this is the time that you’ll see hotels really fill up the downtown area with conventions and we’ve got quite a few coming in in the next couple of weeks that are gonna make the businesses don’t hear a lot busier its business they need wet rainy weather put a damper on the end of spring break rallying though on the final day because st. Patty’s Day was on a Sunday and the weather was great we actually saw an uptick in business on Sunday an uptick that’s expected to continue even before summer vacationers arrive we’re real well pleased with the way the year started out you know Spring Break March typically finishes our first quarter we’re excited that we’re actually ahead of the game right now and looking forward to a great summer and something else that could keep tourism numbers up or big events that are coming up soon fiesta de la Flor is set for April 12th and 13th and then buck days roll around starting May 2nd and running until the 12th

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