Nigeria Visa Free Countries 2019: Countries Nigerian Passport Holders Can Visit Without Visa

Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Passport
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When We Upload New Videos. Traveling for Nigerians increasingly requires
adequate planning. With Nigerian passport ranking 83rd in freedom
to travel across the world, acquiring a visa is always difficult and strenuous. However there are visa-free countries accessible
to all Nigerian passport holders. With just a valid passport, you can gain entry
into these African countries without having to stress yourself over a visa. Some may, however be required to apply for
a visa at their point of entry. Rwanda. Easily the neatest African country, Rwanda
has become a destination choice for investors and tourists. After the 1994 genocide war, the East African
nation is wearing a new look. It is also a secured nation with less than
five percent national crime rate. Visa is obtained at entry point with just
$100 for Nigerian passport holders. Djibouti. In East Africa, one of the best places to
visit from Nigeria is Djibouti. You may require a visa on arrival at an affordable
rate, but the country still has beautiful places to visit such as the Lake Assal, which
is the lowest point on land in Africa. In the world, it is only the third after the
Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. Morocco. The culture, weather and exotic offering of
Morocco make the country a great destination for honeymooners. There are super-amazing sites, shops, restaurants,
cafes and more around the streets of Morocco which could definitely tempt you to turn your
honeymoon into a typical excursion you will not regret. Cape Verde. This is an island country that is found on
the West African coast. It is one of the most welcoming tourist destinations
on the continent as it has a great weather and beautiful spots that you could have a
splendid vacation. Kenya. This beautiful tourist destination has a lot
of wild life, safari and historical places on offer. Cities to explore include Nairobi and Mombassa
with the hosts generally welcoming and helpful. Visa is also at the point of entry. Uganda. This East African nation with rich historical
cuisine and sites such as the Lake Victoria and others allow Nigerians to travel to obtain
visa at the point of entry. Sudan. Nigerians can get visas at entry point to
visit the massive deserts and wild life conservations in this hugely vast country. Here is the full list of countries Nigerian
Passport Holders can visit with no need of visa. Bangladesh. The Ivory Coast (Cote d�Ivoire). Kenya. Niger Republic. Togo. Barbados. Djibouti. Liberia. Palau. Tuvalu. Benin Republic. Dominica. Madagascar. Samoa. Uganda. Burkina Faso. Fiji Island. Maldives. Senegal. Vanuatu. Burundi. Gambia. Mali. Seychelles. Cambodia. Ghana. Mauritania. Sierra Leone. Cameroon. Guinea. Mauritius. Somalia. Cape Verde. Guinea-Bissau. Micronesia. Sri Lanka. Chad. Haiti. Mozambique. Tanzania. Comoros. Iran. Nauru. Timor Leste. Remember to click the subscribe button and
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