Ngāti Mutunga’s Jamie Tuuta has been appointed as the new Tourism NZ chair

Tourism NZ has appointed
a new chairman they hope will take the sector
to new heights. The appointment was made
last night at parliament and as Hania Douglas reports, the familiar face is no stranger
to governance roles. Jamie Tuuta,
the new chairman of Tourism NZ. Yes, I’m happy. It’s a big honour to be leading
this important board that’s of national significance. I’m feeling settled, I’m happy and looking
to what lays ahead. Tuuta was elected to the position
by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
and Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis, and it’s believed that Maori could
benefit from the new installation. Te Ao Maori is such an important
part of the tourism landscape in NZ. So it’s a positive
that there’s a Maori in charge of reviewing Tourism NZ
for the foreseeable future. No stranger to governance roles, Jamie Tuuta has been a member
of the Tourism NZ board for a while, while also chairing the board
for Maori Television, the Taranaki Mounga Project,
and Te Ohu Kaimoana Trust Ltd. He says he’s ready
to step into the new role. I’ll be focusing on projects
that benefit Maori and the wider NZ public. Tuuta steps into the role recently
vacated by Dame Kerry Prendergast, but he’s not alone, with Roger Sharp, expert in tourism
and digital marketing, stepping into the 2IC role. Tourism NZ CEO
Stephen England-Hall says they’re excited
with the new additions. In my opinion,
it’s about preparing yourself, so if you have done a lot then
there’s even more for you to do! Tuuta says he’ll be focusing on implementing Tourism NZ’s
new strategy and on informing the country on what’s out there
in the tourism sector. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

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