New Year, New Apps!

what’s going on guys Ron Parida here from technobuffalo and with the new year now in full swing a couple weeks in or depending on when you’re watching this may be more than a couple weeks and I want to hit you guys up with a list of a couple new apps that i’ve been using these are not apps that have come out recently necessarily but their apps that have begun enjoying recently that may have flown under your radar that would love to share with you guys in case you want to enjoy them let’s go and get started first we have david admin breast story of life if you guys are anything like me and fanatics about nature and animal documentaries this app is going to be your best friend David Attenborough narrates a lot of very famous nature documentaries and this app is sort of his all-inclusive idea of a media experience he’s on camera talking you through certain chapters in certain topics about deep-ocean exploration and then you’re cutting too footage that he’s talking over it’s a really really awesome app the content is amazing and that’s really what this app is all about the content the interface is also very pleasurable to use overall this app is a great experience you’ll really really enjoy it if you’re a fan of this type of stuff the next app is called prisma now you guys may have heard of this has got an app of the year from both Apple and Google but I pretty much just started using it and I’m having a blast with it ensure it’s a photo filter app but it’s on steroids it’s not like Instagram filters that will do a slight color grade for you or give you a vintage film look president will completely transform the photo you take into any style of photo that you guys would like from comics to classical art pieces watercolor type stuff anything and everything in between they have insane numbers of filters and you can put them on to varying degrees what I like about prison is that they know what they are and so you don’t even have to have an account or anything you can’t really just open the app put a photo through and uploaded to Instagram but they do have a social media side of their app as well i don’t know how many people are using this I personally was mainly using it just get photos to Instagram and Facebook you know if that’s the case I think you’ll really still enjoy it it’s a really cool way to differentiate your photos in a world where everybody has the same filters and personal really is doing something friend next we have an app that I didn’t really think I needed until i actually started using it google trips and it is what it sounds like it plans your trips for you will take a location based on that location you can put in reservation things to do they use the same format and interfaces something like Google now does so it’s very organized very straightforward and very useful it will not only help you organize the things you’re going to do but also give you recommendations for things to do in certain cities in certain areas and probably most convenient feature of this app that you can download certain trips and so you can have them offline which is exactly what you want traveling because most people who travel know that you rarely have good signal having everything available offline is a perfect tool to have a successful trip next we have an app that’s going to help you achieve all your new year’s resolutions or maybe at least help you along the way it’s an apple coach dot me it’s more than a pit to service but the app itself is awesome it helps you build new habits so for me something I wanted to do is meditate recently a lot and so it’ll tell me for a certain number of days in order to build this habit will remind me every single day to go ahead and stick with meditating for 10 minutes you can do this with working out with eating healthy but what’s cool about coach that means that they also have a social aspect to it so you can actually work with trainers you can pay money and do live consultation and talk with them you can doing groups and be part of the social experiment of everyone learning a habit together there’s a lot of options and it should help you overall just be a better person if that’s what you want to do and last but definitely not least we have an app called dark sky and its weather app and you might be wondering why do I need a weather app weather app works fine well dark sky is a hyperlocal weather app it’s extremely precise and very very information dense you can go through how the rest of today is going to look you can go to the globe and the map and you can see what’s going to be coming up over the next couple days with a really really cool animated earth you can get all sorts of information like precipitation percentage wind humidity UV index you can get an hour by hour just the way everything is laid out is extremely informational but not complex and very approachable at the same time is one of the best weather apps that i personally use and I really want put on this list and so that’s pretty much it for this video guys let me know what you think in the comments down below of these apps are you gonna be trying any of them out what more do you guys want to see from us in terms of content my name is Rhonda and I hope you have an awesome 2017

60 thoughts on “New Year, New Apps!

  1. that's the Nexus 6p right ? how's it holding up in 2017 ? BTW nice to see your video after a long time dude 😊

  2. iphone 7 plus is worlds fastest phone in heavy tasks like video editing and loading demanding games……Then Technobuffelo why u r switch to Pixle??????

  3. +TechnoBuffalo: You should seriously stop Ron from making YouTube videos for you. He really sucks.. Big time!

  4. Just constructive criticism. These kinds of video seem so half-assed whenever you're hosting them. Sorry, but that's just how it seems on my end. Just an opinion so I could be the only one that thinks this, but it's possible others could agree with me.

    Also, you never sound excited. Makes the video as a whole, seem much less entertaining. But I guess I'll quit my whining and watch someone else, because some YouTubers think they're doing everything right (lol). Oh well, if you consider my comment. Thanks. 🙂

  5. LOL 0:33 – "Just gonna turn up the volume for this video. Damnit Android NOT THE NOTIFICATIONS!"
    All the time :p

  6. First good video I've seen on this channel in a few weeks… It seems like you guys at TB have lost your identity

  7. Technobuffalo why are you under using Ron and his video talents. Last year we were getting to see some different styles of videos due to him being given a free creative reign. His vlogs were a nice touch. (The other guys Snapchat spectacles was a good one too)
    Now we just get these short off camera narrated style vids which feel like he's being forced to record something that has no soul.

  8. Why this crappy camerawork? I don't understand the logic behind one half of the image beeing blurred and the oder half beeing out of the frame…

  9. if you have an iPhone 6s or 7 you can get the iPhone 7 unveiling live wallpapers on an app. If you're interested.

  10. Hi, I need your help.! I am using bb bold 9900 and it's working automatically e.g, it's opening apps and performing any functions on it's own automatically.! If you have any idea please suggest me how can i solve this problem.!

  11. mind checking out my app? it's a password manager, currently free, but in beta. it helps create and store passwords for you and it's relatively simple.

  12. Marvelous video! Love Prisma! Thanks for sharing! Suggest everyone try out headspace a great app to clear your mind of all the information overload these days 🙂

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