New Japanese ambassador to S. Korea vows to play bridge role to mend bilateral ties

Japan’s new ambassador to South Korea
Koji Tomita has vowed to work together with Seoul to improve bilateral ties
upon his arrival in South Korea just a few hours ago he noted the difficulties
facing the two countries saying he will not leave the matter unattended there are many pending issues I will
Express Japan stands when needed I will also listen attentively to South Korea’s
position and play a role in connecting the two sides and ambassador’s role
shouldn’t be limited to dealing with matters that are current daily basis I
also feel the need to look beyond the next 10 to 20 years to improve our
relations is a career diplomat who is known for his expertise in diplomacy
with the u.s. he was previously a director general in charge of North
American affairs at Japan’s foreign ministry he also has several years of
experience under his belt working as a minister at the Seoul embassy in the
2000s eyes will be on whether he’ll be able to help the two countries mend
their bilateral relations which have soured over trade security and
historical issues

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