Nellie trips on 2C-B | Drugslab

Hi. I’m Nellie.
-And I’m Rens. Welcome in our Drugslab. Wow, if I go like this… Oh, this is so cute. In my head everything is going… In Drugslab we test drugs in the name of
science, to see what it does to your body. Irma asked us to test 2C-B. I had no idea know what it was. You? Me neither.
-But now we know. Apparently it makes you trip.
-Yes, it’s a synthetic psychedelic drug. It’s not natural, but factory-made. Until 1997 it was legal,
when it was sold as a sexual stimulant. Apparently it can also make you horny. What is the active substance?
-The active substance… She knows exactly.
-Is… 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine. Catch your breath for a moment. 2C-B binds to your serotonin. Serotonin makes you feel happy
and it works on your senses. 2C-B kind of interferes with that. It alters your sight, your smell
and everything. It kind of runs it all together. 2C-B doesn’t deplete your serotonin,
but kind of takes it over. So it doesn’t give you a hangover.
-Your happiness hormones don’t run out. Chill.
-Yes, pretty relaxed. Shall we get it out?
-Sure. Look, here they are.
They’re very small, you see? Oh, they come in really nice shapes. This is our 2C-B.
It has a nice shape. Always have your 2C-B tested.
Sometimes they look the same… but aren’t, and that can be dangerous. Who’s going to take it?
-Me. Are you sure?
Here you go, they’re yours. This pill contains 11 mg.
So how much will you take? 5-15 mg is a low dosage,
and 15-35 is a high dosage. With a low dosage you get euphoric
and experience that rush. But a high dosage will make you trip
and hallucinate. And because I really want that
and to show what 2C-B does to you… I figured I’d take two, so 22 mg.
-Excellent. I have my meter on.
Decent heart rate. Little research has been done on the effect
of 2C-B on temperature and heart rate. We expect both to go up… because like XTC, 2C-B works
on your serotonin receptors. Those serotonin receptors
make for that euphoric, happy feeling… but also for an increased heart rate
and body temperature. They’re ready to be consumed. I’d say, bon appétit. Numero uno. How does it taste? A little bitter. Number two. They go down easy.
Now we have to wait. What did you see? It looked as if someone
was throwing things at me. It’s 1 hour and 45 minutes later.
I believe you’re pretty spaced out. Yes, it’s quite intense.
-What are you seeing? One moment my hands look big,
and then very small again. And everything goes like… Wow, if I go like this… I see all kinds of things moving. My dress is almost fluorescent. What do you see?
-Are you playing with the lights? No, I’m not doing anything.
-No? No, really. I have this nice tingling sensation. Yes, do you feel good?
-Yes. And what do I look like now? Everything around you is in slow motion.
And your head is full of sparkles. Very strange.
As if you’re covered in plastic. And this one? What does this look like? This is so cute. I think it’s so cute. Your heart rate is rising, you see?
It was 125 just now. It’s so cute.
-Do you have to cry a little? Because it’s so cute?
-And because I know it’s ridiculous. Are you getting sad?
-No. So do you feel
you can control the trip? Yes, if you let it come over you
and have happy thoughts it’s nice. But you can easily get sucked
into a certain emotion. If you tell a sad story, I only have to give
in for one moment and I get carried along. Shall we see what music does to you?
-Yes. I understand now.
Because if I close my eyes… all the colors follow the music. So 2C-B causes a kind of synesthesia. If you hear something, you see it as well.
-Yes, exactly. I hear that sound and in my head
everything also goes…to the music That’s funny.
-Yes, it’s really dope. Suddenly I had this conspiracy theory
about J.K. Rowling, from Harry Potter. I’m sure she also took psychedelic drugs. I saw all those sparkles and thought:
You can’t make that up. Now I totally understand Harry Potter. For those who don’t know, you paint a little.
-A little. I have one of your own paintings here. What does it do to you?
Is it very different? The paint is… How do I explain this?
-Moving? Yes, it’s moving.
And it’s as if in the paint… there are all these tiny monsters. Benign monsters?
-Absolutely. In my head I understand it.
But it does look really weird. I wish people could actually
see my paintings like this. Did you intend this when you made it?
-No. Would you be able to drive now?
-No. No?
-No, because it’s all so distracting. You’d immediately get an accident.
-Yes. Can you catch this?
-Yes, I think so. So if you focus on something…
-I can do it. If I focus on something,
it becomes magnified. So this looks like a melon now.
-No. Bon appétit. Do you know what I’m noticing?
It’s all winding down now. And that’s kind of nice.
-You don’t mind coming down? No, definitely not.
It was so intense that I’m like: We noticed that the visual aspect
was really dominant. But your hearing also got screwed up.
Everything basically ran together. Your heart rate and temperature
were stable… except when you got all emotional. That also stood out. You really got
affected by what you thought about. Positive things
made you very happy… and negative things made you sad,
but you could control that. Yes, I had perfect control. Are you tired now?
-Exhausted. A lot of impressions, of course.
-Yes, intense. I’m glad it’s over. Are you thinking about trying 2C-B, check
out our do’s and don’ts video about 2C-B. There we give you all the information
to help you limit the risks. I’m going to hit the hay. Subscribe,
thumbs up, and see you next week. Bye. I slept well but had such intense dreams. I can tell that all those impressions
and movements… and sounds and colors,
that I still have to process them. But I don’t have a dip,
as it didn’t deplete my serotonin. I’d never do it at a party, because you
have to stay in control of what happens. Gee, that this is in your brain.

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