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  1. Remember when China was concerned about one city known as Hong Kong getting some democracy.
    Now they've shutdown 11 of their own cities becuase of a disease that manifested within their own boarders….

  2. These "scapegoats" were really highly Neanderthal people, "the sons of Esau".

    The Hebrews retained their Caucasus sky god as their only God… and Jehovah insisted upon strict "moral" injunctions that limited both sexual activity and also limited feminine empowerment in Israelite society. Jews naturally call this a more refined conception of divinity won by a "long moral struggle".

    All during this time of early Hebrew-Egyptian contacts from about 1800 BC to about 1350 BC there is, however, ample Hebrew evidence of very extreme Neanderthal physical characteristics among these Caucasus invaders and migrants.

    Hairy Esau of the Old Testament was obviously a fairly pure Neanderthal "throwback".

    What most ordinary Bible-readers do not know, however, is that Esau was not alone.

    According to ancient Hebrew commentators on the Old Testament, these "Esaus" were numerous enough to contest Jacob's election as a tribal leader.

    In some of the available-for-purchase pages dealing with this issue, I will quote from the very earliest Hebrew biblical commentators like Leviticus Rabba, Zohar and Yoma, etc., to make it clear that these extremely Neanderthal people were considered the "Beast" within Israel that had to be eradicated by murder and sacrifice.

    They have been politely mistranslated as "scapegoats" in English editions of the Bible, but actually and literally in Hebrew they were called either the "hairy ones" or the "destroyers".

    These "scapegoats" were really highly Neanderthal people, "the sons of Esau".

    Biblical Hebrews may have succeeded in eliminating the most embarrassingly obviously Neanderthal genes among themselves, but they remained vehemently aloof from even partly adopting the fertility goddesses of the Old Civilization.

    The Hebrews retained their Caucasus sky god as their only God… and Jehovah insisted upon strict "moral" injunctions that limited both sexual activity and also limited feminine empowerment in Israelite society. Jews naturally call this a more refined conception of divinity won by a "long moral struggle".

    But objectively, from a psychobiological perspective and not a religious one, this conception of the Hebrew divinity is only a retention of their very primitive Neanderthal psychosexual mindset from the Caucasus.

    Both our Western culture's prurient prudery and our ruthless aggression alike come from this highly Neanderthal and Caucasus biblical source.

    Highly Neanderthal Caucasus people find it difficult simply to "make love, not war".

    We will discuss why this is true of their (and "our") psychology very fully in some of the available-for-purchase study pages.

    The biblical Hebrews were absolutely unique among Caucasus invaders in their refusal to adopt goddesses from the older Mediterranean-to- India civilization.

    Most of the Caucasus invaders did so to a greater or lesser degree.

    The characteristic symptom that these Mesopotamian, Persian and Greco-Roman empires were still at least somewhat psychosexually balanced and transitional is that, except for the Hebrews, they still preserved a place for vital and powerful goddesses in their religions.

    It is true, however, that in some of these cultures many of the goddesses had been demoted to be mere "wives" of the major thunder-and-lightning sky gods.

    In Europe, the Greco-Roman or "Hellenistic" polytheistic and pagan civilization was the last muted whisper of a much older "Ice Age" Western culture that had existed, in at least some basic respects, since the so-called "Upper Paleolithic" about 20,000 BC.

    Only in Egypt did the Great Goddess, called Isis in this area, manage to retain her position as the major deity until 31 BC just before the start of the orthodox so-called "Christian Era".

    The son and husband of Isis, under many names, was the messiah originally worshipped in a very recognizable Christian form since about 6000 BC in the predynastic Nile delta


  3. Biblical Hebrews saw a chance to enhance and exaggerate their importance and their identity when Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon attacked Jerusalem in 597 BC and again in 587 BC. He carried much of Jerusalem's population off to captivity in Babylon.

    Possibly in order to encourage and reinforce the threatened cultural cohesion and identity of their captive people, Hebrew scribes, priests and tribal historians ("rabbis") concocted a glorious past history for them. As the Old Testament would have it…

    Briefly, after the Exodus from Egypt under Moses (circa 1350 BC), the Children of Israel spent "forty years" in the wilderness of the Sinai Peninsula. They subsisted on the oily food called "manna from heaven" supplied by the Lord. This miracle of manna was absolutely necessary to the mythic Old Testament "history". Everyone in Palestine knew that there was not enough food or water in the moonscape of the Sinai Peninsula for a horde of the traditional size to have survived for even one year, never mind the biblical forty.

    Because of his past sins, Moses himself, although the greatest leader of the Chosen People, was not permitted to enter the Promised Land and "no man" knows where his tomb is.

    The popular Hebrew folk tradition and accepted fact that Moses had never led the Israelites into the "Promised Land" of Palestine had to be dealt with…somehow.

    A punishment by the Lord for his past sins seemed the best "explanation".


  4. This virus is now in America😷 Gail King already reported it 😷this virus is so deadly china building hospitals as we speak😵 America has this virus and people talking about Grammys were doomed🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  5. According to this "history", Assyria attacked the northern kingdom of Israel in 722-721 BC, utterly defeated it and carried all of its people off to some unknown fate. These are the ten "Lost Tribes" of Israel.

    Then, a little more than a century later, Nebudchadnezzar of Babylonia attacked the southern kingdom of Judah and carried off the population of Jerusalem into the "Babylonian Captivity". But Babylon, in its turn, was conquered about seventy years afterwards by Cyrus the Great of Persia. He freed the Israelites and allowed them to return to their beloved Jerusalem and the Promised Land.

    Now, it cannot be said too strongly that there is absolutely no archaeological evidence for any of this concocted history in Palestine.

    Most of this so-called "history" takes place before 850 BC and the time of the very first carbon-dated Hebrew artifacts in Palestine. And also and just as important as archaeology, this Hebrew "history" does not agree with any of the other chronicles and histories of any of the neighbouring peoples around Palestine. But these other cultural records do agree with archaeology in the general region of Palestine.

    There was no conquest of Palestine by Joshua. No empire of David and Solomon in Palestine. No two strong kingdoms of Israel and Judah in Palestine.

  6. Although Assyria did attack Palestine in 722-721 BC and it was certainly a traumatic event in Palestine, there is no prior archaeological evidence of these "Lost Tribes" and no archaeological evidence of Hebrew occupation of Samaria and the area around it.

    The disappearance of what must have been the majority of the supposed "Hebrew" population in Palestine did handily and conveniently explain, however, what had happened to the necessarily large population of David and Solomon's empire.

    This empire had supposedly existed just two centuries before Assyria's assault on Palestine.

    But as every Hebrew knew very well, there was no large remnant population of Hebrews or Israelites in Palestine circa 520 BC when Cyrus the Great "restored" them to rule of the "Holy Land".

    These "Ten Lost Tribes" were an absolutely necessary corollary myth to support the primary myth of an ancient Israelite empire in Palestine.

    It was a time when few people were literate, and the Israelite captives in Babylon had been torn from their roots and tribal continuity anyway, and so they believed this "history" when their priests recited it.

    But more to the point, someone else believed it.

    Cyrus the Great of Persia attacked and defeated Babylon in 538 BC. The biblical hero Daniel had been the cupbearer to one of the defeated Babylonian co-kings, Belshazzar…and he became cupbearer to the conqueror Cyrus too. He became more than a cupbearer, he became something of a friend and advisor to Cyrus because Cyrus knew little or nothing about the various peoples that Babylon had subjugated during its long career of conquest.

    This local knowledge was important for the ongoing rule of Persia's new lands.

    In brief, Daniel convinced Cyrus the Great that this concocted Hebrew history was true. And he convinced Cyrus to "restore" the Hebrews to the control of Palestine.

    This Cyrus did between 538 BC and 518 BC, and he sent elements of the Persian army to back-up and support the Hebrew occupation and rule of Palestine.

    As the Bible tells us, the native Palestinians did not like the situation any more then than they did some 2,450-odd years later in AD 1947 when the Jews pulled off the same ploy for the second time with the creation of the modern state of Israel.

    The truly significant difference was that in 1947-1948 modern Israel was to be populated by Ashkenazi "Jews" and not even by biblical Jews.

    The only military and tactical difference was the minor point that in 1947-1948 the Americans substituted for Persians. But the Americans acted with the same gung-ho military activity as the Persians had done and with the same lack of basic research and verification.

    It is very obvious, though, that the so-called "Holocaust" of the Nazi era and World War II played an important part in creating American and even world sympathy for those Central European "Jews" who survived.


  7. Herzog thinks that the nomadic Hebrews just trickled into Palestine from the general direction of Sumeria and kept a low profile as minor herdsmen among the resident Canaanites and later Philistines.

    There was no period of residence and "bondage" in Egypt, no "Exodus" from Egypt, no Israelite conquest of Canaan, no Israelite empire of David and Solomon and no successor kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

    For Jewish-Israeli archaeologist Ze'ev Herzog, it is all pure myth.

    Nonetheless, their Egyptian residence, bondage and Exodus is such a strong motif and focus to Hebrew history that many researchers have believed that there must be at least a kernel of truth to it.

    Scraps of evidence from various sciences have now begun to suggest, not prove, an outline of real Israelite history that can accommodate the "Exodus".

    It was, yet again, Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922 and study of the artifacts all during the late 1920s and mid-1930s that gave the first clue to the actual nature of the Exodus story.

    By the late 1930s, enough was known about Tutankhamun and his close relatives to make a shrewd guess as to who "Moses" had really been and what the "Exodus" had truly represented.

    None other than Sigmund Freud first suggested the following general reconstruction in Moses and Monotheism (1939).

    This is possibly because Sigmund Freud knew Howard Carter personally and may have been told certain things that were not made public in Carter's famous book, The Tomb of Tutankhamun (3 vols: 1933).


  8. Chinese leaders are too nerdy geeky incompetent shy awkward defendless careless arogant boring arrogant oldfashuon outdated slow uncool to run communist China.

  9. Carter's discoveries in the tomb of Tutankhamun became something of an "international incident" during the 1920s and 1930s when the famous "curse of the mummy" gained public notoriety.

    This curse was shown to have been real, all right, in September 2002 with the publication in Great Britain of The Exodus Conspiracy based on dramatic revelations in Howard Carter's private letters.

    Carter had found papyrus records in Tutankhamun's tomb that disclosed the real story of Moses and the Exodus.

    This was a secret that Howard Carter kept during his lifetime at the request of British Government officials.

    Although the exact contents or present location of these papyrus records are still not known, archaeological and linguistic discoveries since 1922 have made it increasingly clear what the Exodus was all about.


  10. It seems that the deaths caused by this supposed "curse of the mummy" had a purely earthly and mundane origin in Zionist assassins trying to preserve a Jewish and Zionist claim to part of "Palestine". The 1920s and 1930s were a critical time in the development of modern Israel.

    Just five years before the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, the British Government had committed itself, in a 1917 letter to Lord Rothschild, to the so-called "Balfour Declaration" establishing the principle of British support for a "traditonal Jewish homeland in Palestine".

    All during the time that Tutankhamun's treasures were being studied and the "curse of the mummy" was claiming its 1920s and 1930s victims from among those who knew Carter personally, Zionists were busy settling in Palestine. Nothing could be allowed to prevent or disrupt this initial Jewish settlement of what later became modern Israel. Because of the immense public interest in "King Tut" and the "curse of the mummy", Howard Carter's papyrus records from the tomb of Tutankhamun could possibly have done just that.

    For those who are a bit puzzled as to why modern Britain has so staunchly supported President George Bush in his Middle East policies, the answer is not only Britain's desperate need for Iraqi oil.

    The fact is that Britain first made modern Israel possible.

    The U.S. did not "invent" Israel, as Britain's Balfour Declaration did, but only supported Zionists with UN endorsement of modern Israel and with more resources than Britain could supply after World War II.

    The "curse of the mummy" still haunts Britain's policy in the Middle East.


  11. It is, perhaps, no accident that the wife of Howard Carter's sponsor, Lord Carnarvon, was the illegitimate daughter of the same Lord Rothschild to whom the Balfour Declaration was addressed.

    Lord Carnarvon, the very first victim of the so-called "mummy's curse", had already written to the British Museum about these papyrus records found in the tomb of Tutankhamun when he was suddenly taken ill because of an "insect bite".

    When he seemed to be recovering, his loving wife came out from England to "nurse" him back to health. He died less than a week after she arrived in Cairo.

    Here is a very brief version of the apparently real story of the Exodus.

    It is thought that Tutankhamun's supposed father and (much more certainly) predecessor was the heretical Pharaoh Akenaten who believed in just the One God, "Aten".

    Most books on Egyptian history written by conventional Egyptologists have presented Akenaten as being a purely Egyptian product.

    But from the late 1930s, and much more especially since Ahmed Osman's work in the 1980s and 1990s, there has been increasing reason to doubt this view.

    It seems that the One God "Aten" was known and worshipped in biblical Goshen even before Akenaten was born.

    The biblical "Land of Goshen" boasted a number of fairly large lakes. These were marshes left in the lowlands of northeastern Egypt by the "Ice Age" rainy periods, or "pluvials", that substituted for snow in warmer Egypt.

    The Nile may also have fed these marshes after the end of the "Ice Age" by saturating the lowlands of the Nile Delta, especially the more pronounced depressions.

    The present Suez Canal makes use of these same depression and marshes.

    We will remember that this "Land of Goshen" was the very place where the Old Testament says that the Israelites settled when they relocated into Egypt to escape famine.

    The major town of Goshen was called Avaris.

    It is also known that the Hyksos or "Shepherd Kings", when they invaded Egypt, made their capital at Avaris.

    This town and fortress was on the shores of one of the lakes. Ancient Egyptian records show that a barge on one of the lakes of Goshen near Avaris was named Aten Gleams during the reign of Amenhotep III, Akenaten's father, about twenty years before Akenaten was born.

    The "Lord Aten", the One God, may therefore have been a genuine Hebrew conception that came into Goshen in the vicinity of Avaris with the Hyksos-led invasion of Caucasus people.

    The reason why an Egyptian pharaoh, the famous or infamous Akenaten, came to worship Aten leads us to yet another complication.

    It seems that Amenhotep III first married his sister, a little girl called Sitamun, and a supposed Isis-descendant, in the approved Ancient Egyptian manner in order to ascend to the throne. Sitamun may have been only three years old at the time.

    But he then fell heavily in love with Tiye, a girl from Goshen who was either Hebrew or half-Hebrew. Amenhotep III married Tiye and, against all previous Egyptian custom, made her his "Great Royal Wife" — meaning that she would be the mother of his heir

  12. They sacrificed themselves sexually in order to ensure a Hebrew victory or to enhance Hebrew geopolitical power (the same thing, really).

    And that is about the only Neanderthal political use for women.

    Indeed, it was none other than Amenhotep III who presented Tiye with a pleasure barge named Aten Gleams mentioned above.

    This means that Amenhotep III must have known that Tiye and her Hebrew relatives in Goshen were generally considered to be worshippers of "Aten".

    Amenhotep III enlarged the existing lake in order to give Aten Gleams more scope for short cruises and, from the timing of things, Ahmed Osman thinks that Akenaten was very probably conceived on the barge in Year 6 of Amenhotep III's reign. Tiye is thought to have been about 14-16 years old at the time.

    Queen Tiye is now thought to have been the mother of the heretic pharaoh Akenaten who introduced the worship of Aten to all of Egypt.

    But Amenhotep III wasn't blind to the potential implications of what he had done. Any son born of his union with Tiye could not be, by definition, a son of an Isis-descendant as Ancient Egyptian custom had demanded from "time immemorial" (i.e. about 6000 BC).

    He therefore apparently ordered that any son of himself and Tiye was to be killed at birth.

    This was to preserve the Egyptian customs of royal succession. And here we have the outlines of the biblical Old Testament account of the birth of Moses.

    I think that we can also see here the outlines of a Hebrew "honey trap", as modern intelligence agencies would call it.

    That is to say, a sexual machination to insinuate the Goshen Hebrews into the Egyptian power structure by using Tiye as bait.

    It is interesting that most other biblical heroines did precisely the same thing.

    They sacrificed themselves sexually in order to ensure a Hebrew victory or to enhance Hebrew geopolitical power (the same thing, really).

    And that is about the only Neanderthal political use for women.

  13. I got that Fed Ex text yesterday. I copy and pasted the shipping tracking number it gave me and pasted it to the search on FedEx's website. No surprise that it came back as invalid

  14. Oh, you guys mean all these Russian women that come to the US every year just to give birth (lots of them staying at Trump’s hotels? 🤔 Wow, I can say, for the first time that Trump has done something good for this country!

  15. POSSIBLY another deadly epidemic virus released….the big one's coming that everyone in the world EVERYWHERE will be said to be at enormous risk,and must have an injection,and next minute, 50,000 dead! Watch out it's coming! Meanwhile they're going to keep you scared – in fear – As that's what they do!!

    And someone,probably the jealous democrats really want Old HUMPTY TRUMPY out and then they'll get in and F the world,put it into global shyte/war!!

    Fires made in Australia by big private prison owners! Clearing land for more prisons! Put the fire's out, and in time see Prison's built on that land!!

  16. One notorious example of this travesty is the gruesome murder of 17-year-old Alfredo Tello, of Silver Spring, Md. on Sept. 17, 1997 by Samuel Sheinbein.

    Tello was first strangled and beaten on the head with a shotgun.

    His limbs were sawed off — they were never found — and his torso was burned.

    Sheinbein and an accomplice, Aaron Needle, called their parents saying they were in trouble and needed money to flee to Israel.

    Sheinbein's parents immediately picked up their son and drove him to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, gave him a one-way ticket to Israel and saw him off.

    Needle — also Jewish but less lucky — was arrested and two days before his trial either hanged himself or was murdered in his cell.

    Needless to say, his death was not investigated.

    Israeli authorities refuse to return Sheinbein and sentenced him to 24 years after he pled guilty. However, his furloughs from jail are frequent.

    He was eligible for parole in four years. Says Montgomery County prosecuting attorney, John McCarthy, the possibility that Sheinbein might soon be back on the streets is "terrifying." But this is improbable.

    Sheinbein is clearly good material for the Israeli army and would enjoy exercising his sadism on Palestinians.



    And there is no use denying the primary role of Jews in communism — that hellish system under which at least 40 (forty) million human beings in the Soviet Union were killed by starvation, hanging, shooting, burying, drowning, slicing or other means. This is the total arrived at by The Black Book of Communism and to which Alexander

    Solzhenitsyn agrees.

    Had it not have been for Germany's invasion of the USSR on June 22, 1941, the Soviet system of terror and slavery would have been extended at least to the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean, if not to Gibraltar and Galway.

    This is more than alarmist and unschooled conjecture; it is clear fact as developed by the works of numerous Revisionist historians who are free of leftist academic bias.

    The list includes Viktor Suvorov's Icebreaker and more recent The Chief Culprit, historian Joachim Hoffman's Stalin s War of Extermination, and numerous others, including David Irving.

    Even Winston Churchill, before he was compromised by the money of Jewish Henry Strakosh, specifically placed the responsibility for communism on Jewish shoulders. See his famous article in the Illustrated Sunday Herald, carried on Feb. 8, 1920. [See page 48 of this issue of TBR.-Ed.]

    But an environment of democracy is surely preferred. No wonder that the Jewish plaything, President George W Bush, worked to see "democracy" installed everywhere and his father openly promoted a "new world order" which necessarily involves the surrender of fundamental American sovereignty.

  18. "Jesus Spoke Gentile Language" and "Interbreeding, Religious Practices Created `Jewish' People."

    "Jesus Spoke Gentile Language" starts as follows:

    "Although there will forever be debate over the meanings of the words "Jewish" and "Jew" and "Judah" and even the word "Israel" as they are used both in the Bible, in subsequent historical and religious teachings, and in modern usage itself, the late William Dudley Pelley provided this illustrative capsule overview providing a response to the question as to which branch of "the Jews" did Jesus Christ belong. Pelley's answer…"

    "Interbreeding, Religious Practices Created `Jewish' People" starts as follows:

    "The late William Dudley Pelley was a successful American screenwriter in the early years of Hollywood who later turned to historical and religious research and, in the end, was fiercely persecuted — and then criminally prosecuted — for his outspoken patriotic publishings and pronouncements. [A full-length account of Pelley's efforts appeared in the March / April 2000 issue of THE BARNES REVIEW.-Ed.]

    One arena in which Pelley focused his efforts was a study of the Jewish people and his assessments of their history and lore are fully relevant and accurate today as they were when he first addressed the subject.

    Pelley sought to answer the question: "How did the Jews come to have such strange traditions setting them apart, racially and religiously, from the gentiles?" Pelley summarized his findings…"

    Mr. A.N. Field, a British-American writer of the 1930s, collected the following gems from the Talmud, which deserve a far wider circulation among non-Jews than they have received:

    • Whosoever is uncircumcised belongs to the sons of Belial, to the children of doom and eternal perdition. (The Book of Jubilee, xv, 26-

  19. Neanderthal race are still living in Central Asia today. While their physical descendants may be almost extinct, the influence of Neanderthal occult wisdom remains strong and can be found throughout history among witches, kabbalists, the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and even in Christianity and Judaism.

    "Explores the influence of Neanderthal man on the cultural and biological development of humanity — Traces the power of long-held beliefs and superstitions to the influence of Neanderthal lunar and dream-based traditions.

    Offers a compelling vision of a unified humanity that can benefit from the gifts of both its Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon ancestors — Provides evidence that direct descendants of the Neanderthal race may very well still be alive in Central Asia.

    "A number of long-standing beliefs and superstitions show how the ideas that dominated the lives of our ancestors still have a powerful influence on us today.

    The disturbing power attributed to the number thirteen, the positive influence of the number seven, and the comfort offered by the admonition 'knock wood' all reveal the enduring presence of our most ancient ancestors: the Neanderthals."

  20. And another thing his hair was good enough to go to school year-round. But now it comes time to graduate and there is a problem really, Star Wars appearance I would file a lawsuit against the school for cultural discrimination

  21. The kid should keep his hair long. It looks good. Their concern is in the wrong place. How dare they tell someone how to keep his hair. That is just wrong.

  22. Two things: 1. I know it's been a lot of years since the sopranos ended but I don't recognize the actress AT ALL. what character did she play?
    2. I can't stand that fame/money hungry Gloria allred.

  23. You know what I've got long hair and people have frowned upon that there are some movie stars that have long hair my grandma said Men supposed to have short hair but you know what Jesus Christ had long hair if it's good enough for him it's a good enough for me

  24. He’s passing, leave the kids alone, he been in school all this time before the “revised” the code and his hair looks fine. It’s not what’s on your head, it’s what’s in your head. I know my boss is glad many times over that he did not let the look of my hair keep him from hiring me. Thanks boss for not being closed minded.

  25. Isn’t that the judge from that viral clip that meet her highsaschool friend in court? Haha random thought but I’m pretty sure😂🙈

  26. I DON’T BELIEVE ANNABELLA. Weinstein gave those women a career and those women willingly gave Weinstein head. Typical Hollywood trade off.

    MeToo is a joke

  27. One day the majority of the supreme court, the president and the cabinet will all have shoulder length dreadlocks, and they will outlaw the white boys haircuts.


  29. When white boys grew their hair long in the 60s and 70s there was no uproar
    over the length of there hair was there,what is the message that school board
    trying to send,hmmm I wonder. land of the free huh.

  30. yeah they're quarantined people in China yet they're letting people come from China to the United States it doesn't matter if they have a fever at the moment they could get the fever in 5 minutes lockdown this country don't let anyone come into this country stop all shipments of products from China to the usa

  31. Nobody wants to hear any stories about this public lynching of a American hero in the White House you have an illegal alien in the white house for 8 years who sold American down the toilet

  32. So the school district has nothing better than this? Hashtag White People (oh, by the way, I'm one. …and I'm ashamed.)

  33. Why would a right thinking person demand for someone to cut his/her hair. Tell the person to cut his or hers. What an envious delusional inepts.

  34. "Nas says there is war against love", I say would it be ok if black folks demand that you cut your hair, it's really quite different to what we have. A letter to the sick mind

  35. Texas never struck me as particularly being part of the Bible Belt, yet so many stories of radical fundaloon antics like this "cut your hair or don't graduate!" one seem to come from Texas. I know Texas is huge…is there some section of the state that's more hickish than the rest?

  36. Everyone in that trial is an actor or actress. They all traded sexual favors for advancement in their job and now want more. Hollywood is a cesspool.

  37. Texas is pitiful. What does it matter. Just like airlines didn't allow women to marry and my boss weighed me weekly after I returned from maternity because of weight restrictions. These rules are barbaric and moronic. Idiots.

  38. Adriana Grande…will sleep with anyone!!! For fame. That is why this NO PERSONALITY self proclaimed artist got noticed. Take off your clothes is what America is condoning.

  39. You go toaschool with specific dress code…you can't follow???
    Go to another ghetto school that let's you do whatever you want. Simple.

  40. Threatening a child he cant advance in his education equally along side his peers unless he cuts his hair which has cultural significance is complete and utter ridiculousness. That school should be ashamed.

  41. Accept that youth always will differ! If he is passing grades, you've done your job as teachers, congrats! Now go and congratulate this fine student in a way he's earned!!!!

  42. I have NOT given 1 second of thought to the Democrats claims. I think they should use their time to work for US citizens instead of themselves

  43. Scary huh. I would go to counter and put ask for refund. On lew of cash. Hold and pay for rental car. Let pwople know. I'm going to be late.

  44. Stay strong dread. Babulylon is falling and clutching at straws, before gasping for air, before falling dead. Your just caught in they're madness. It's your world little brother. Act accordingly. Blessed

  45. Someone please explain why now we have this new virus once the president put new sanctions on China? Can we say bio-terrosisim?

  46. HALF STORY – you can't tell they are pregnant – wearing heavy thick top they come 4 months pregnant as "visiting scholar" then medicare pays for it!! My neighbor of 5 months asked for a drive to the hospital, she had $7,000 cash to pay bill but hospital said "no, wait for medicare to clear" and would not take her money. She was back in China the next week. If Chinese can do this then our friends south of the border should also have the chance.

  47. They meant to say “predominantly white Jews call the shots”. These guys always mix up labeling Jews as white people.

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