Nationwide Customs Outage Creates Airport Chaos And Frustrates Travelers | NBC Nightly News

39 thoughts on “Nationwide Customs Outage Creates Airport Chaos And Frustrates Travelers | NBC Nightly News

  1. China did this for the Hong Kong protest they blamed us for. Or it's in preparation for an event to come planned within our own agendas. Guarentee! This stuff doesnt happen just to happen. Also rule of thumb if MSM tells you it's not a hack etc. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT IS WHAT THEY SAY IT ISNT

  2. Yeah but it would cost money to develop measures to deal with this eventuality. That might be used as evidence you knew about the flaw, which could make you liable for the damages.

  3. ALL-ALPHA-AMERICAS: = "The American People", inclusively, South – Central – North geographical land-locations. Hereon North-America, comprises countries and namely nations: Mexico-America, Canada-America, Alaska-America. And the terrestrial territory termed; The United States is not America; and European Ethnic emigrants, aren't at all actual Americans!!!

  4. According to what Trump said it's the democrats fault. They are trying to make Trump look bad. Also since most of the people in line are undocumented immigrants he doesn't care. Its their fault.

  5. The border again, you gotta wonder about the spite in trump.
    He's got his dogs in place and
    The difference is he'll use them
    at a drop of a hat. Your starting
    to see the crumbling fascist
    take his Revenge.

  6. Fishy fishy at this time of border tension and campaign rhetoric and leftist violence very fishy inside job. Who snuck in?

  7. Someone's having a little too much fun at the Space Station.
    Messing with the satellites.
    "A little disruption," lol.
    Exercise for a REAL ENEMY DISRUPTION…Better practice so you can find alternatives when needed.

  8. Lady "Pelosi" payed some dollars to more 1000 Staff $ of the United States Embassy in Hong Kong employ and training young students playing "90s hongkong movie" at the airport … why did you stay at the airport together playing "Talk show " for free ???
    God bless you just "talk show " not the movie " black hawk down " ,what is the next "berlesque show" started by great lady "D'Alesandro Pelosi”, my mean it is not the" BBC worship" and"[email protected] hungry" white sissy housewife " pelosi"

    Terry Normalcy

  9. Per NBC News, Airports packed across the country with anxious travelers. Those are time bombs just waiting to go off the more we depend on technology. Look how utterly helpless people are when there are outages. It's a disaster and it's just going to get worse. The reason, could be many or just one. Who knows. I think I will take the train and then that could crash into another train. No one is safe anywhere. You could get run over just crossing the street or get a paper cut at home and bleed to death. Life in the modern world. Even in the old 1800's days you could fall off a horse or the buggy turn over. The people on the Titanic were so sure it would not sink and look what happened! We take chances every day.

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