NASA is opening the International Space Station to tourists

36 thoughts on “NASA is opening the International Space Station to tourists

  1. bernie sanders is going to start calling space station visits a right and will demand they are provided for free to illegal immigrants.

  2. I'm going through this training right know and i can tell you it's no picnic… a lot of watching "The Right Stuff" and eating Marsmellows… Also Shepherd Smith sucks (literally)

  3. This comments section is really high lighting the lack of education in this country and our dip of a President is taking the lead.

  4. 1970s live on moon base
    1980s ride space shuttle
    1990s you can go to Skylab
    2000 you can ride Russian rocket into space
    2010 ride virgin new space plane into space

    Now again NASA take you to space International Space Station

    Ain't no one going to space 😩
    50yr of this lie you would think some one would catch on but noooooo

  5. Republican'ts believe in a flat Earth that is 6000 years old and dinosaurs were planted in the ground to test your faith. Leave the 'space talk' to the party of science and stick with your faith garbage. lol

  6. I heard that Trump wants to turn it into a Trump resort and charge international criminals to come visit.

  7. You all have fun. I would rather pilot a drone to ancher some solar sails to pre-guide meteor redirects. Got a drill on the anchor to check for useful ice content?

  8. NASA is a joke ,couldn't get back to moon ,lost several shuttles with all funding they had , leave it to the bezos , and private organizations please

  9. Darn it I wish I had that much money so I can go to space oh many we can see the first teenager in to space

  10. I mean it's so not fair for everyone I really want to go to space whose idea is 50 million dollars luts talk about the money and make it less

  11. We have been paying Russia (you know, our "mortal enemy") to take our astronauts to the space station, for 11 years. That story rings hollow.

  12. How do you step out of the space station which is travelling at over 17,000mph and don’t move away from it?

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