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It is believed that Ramanuja exists here as proof of that you can see the statue sweat look here Thondanur Villages Nambi Narayana temple come let us see Namaskara My name is Srinivas Iyyer Archakar of Thondanooru Nambinarayana Temple Up there is Narasihma swamy This is Ashatabuja Killing Hiranyakashapu with eight hands Here during Narasimha Jayanthi day we do a Abhisheka here other than abhisheka we also apply Gandha(Sandalwood paste) every year this side is Veera Anjaneya swamy for Anjaneya Swamy during Hanuman Jayanthi we do abhisheka and apply Sandalwood paste This side is Venugopala Swamy Krishna During Krishna Jayanthi, we do abhisheka and Sandalwood decoration The Garuda Gamba is outside the temple If you see from inside the temple it looks is located at the exact center it appears tilted when seen from inside the temple If you see from the outside you will feel that the Garuda Gamba is located to the side of the temple but the gamba appears to be straight from outside but from inside the temple it appears tilted This is one of the uniqueness of this temple our eyes cheats us This plant here is known as VayuNarayana Tree VayuNarayana Tree is not found much in villages this tree usually grows in forest this is an Ayurveda tree those having joint pains BP, Sugar if they eat two three leaves of it BP sugar can be controlled joint pain also decreases that is why this is important tree looks like there was a tree here yes was there long time ago Did it not grow leaves again? no the stones above would be so heavy in spite of the weight they have placed it so neatly with out any gap you may ask how they have arranged it ? no cranes were available back then, how did they manage this ? for a stone to loose weight what may be the reason? Gravity only if there is gravitational pull, then there is weight for the stone If you remove the gravity power? if gravitational pull is removed for 7 to 8 meter’s the stone looses its weight then it can be easily lifted and placed neatly after that they would move back the gravitational pull and the stones would get neatly arranged back in those days to build a temple seven type of Sculptures used to come one would do the carvings one would lift the stones into place and sages would be brought from Himalayas they would come here recite Mantras through those Mantras they could remove the gravitational pull it is believed If not what technique could they have used to lift and place these huge stones in place? such big stones also the neat alignment, without the use of Cement Gravitational pull is what gives weight to the object If that gravitational pull is removed then that weight does not exist any more Temple is open from morning 9:30 to evening 5:30 afternoon 1 hour is lunch break Why we close by evening 5:30 is.. because it is believed that Sri Ramanujacharya in the form of Snake moves around this place Adishesha refers to Snake form Along with Lord Narayana, he resided in the form of Adhishesha Here it is believed that he moves around in the form of a snake That is why from Morning 9:30 to evening 5:30 by 5;30 the temple is fully closed Only during Rathothsava one week the temple remains open rest of the time it is kept closed irrespective of who comes, temple is not opened This is Aravinda Nayaki In all other vishnu temples Goddess temple is located on the left of Narayana here it is on the right side that is another uniqueness here you can see that at all places, including Melukote it is on the left side here it is on the right, why? because here first preference is given to the
Goddess First preference is to the Goddess that is why here Goddess is placed here on the right side This is Arvinda Nayaki Narayanas Uthsava Moorthy is brought here once in a year here Kalyanothsava is done at the time of Rathothsava Here on April 16th night is the Rathothsava at the rear side of the temple the gate which is located here is the gate through which the King would enter and exit the temple During Hoysala times it may be Vishnuwardhana and other Kings as well It is said that the Kings fort existed behind this temple along with the Palace but now no fort, nothing as such remains now even the fort is not there Now all that has turned into agricultural land in this temple it does not echo at any other point only at this point it creates a echo, hear it, like this if the King had started towards the temple one person would make a sound here, making others alert around the temple all those waiting would become alter so this technique was used So scientifically this temple has been built Yes This is Yagashala here various homa are done even during Rathothsava that side is Pakasahala (Kitchen) this is GajaVahana(elephant vehicle) It is very old this is approximately 200 to 250 years old it is very difficult to lift this it has become disfigured every year one vehicle is done each year one of Vishnus Vehicle is done one year we got Garuda Vehicle we wanted to get this redone but now no body is able to carry such heavy ones previously such big and heavy ones would be carried and god was kept on top of this and was carried now even though this is disfigured, still we are unable even to move it It is so heavy various vehicles such as Gajavahana(elephant vehicle), Garuda Vahana, Simha Vahana we want to get it all done devotees have to help us for that here you can see the Garuda Vahana See how beautiful the face is all these are 250 or more years old had have started to become disfigured back then this was a very happening temple sadly now it has stood still efforts are being put to make this better, now we are trying to revive it, that is our wish it is up to god, at what time, how he wants things to go, its up to him here is the Pallaki this is a old pallaki such a big one yes it was a big pallaki this is used for Pusphayagothsava do you plan to change this as well? yes but to change this, people who make such designs you do not get now because of this, we are planning to get this altered Vehicles they do but these all with such finishing there is no one now so we can only alter it and get it painted and use it for pusphayagothsava people now are benevolent towards other temples places like Tirupathi, they give so much and more but these temples they dont get to improve the Epigraphy’s are in Tamil These all are Tamil inscriptions There a book by name Epigraphy of Karnataka in that book translations of all these are available This is Ramanujas feet Ramanujacharya used to sit here and advice the Jains those Jains who converted to Vaishnavas they were guided as to how to be they used to follow Jain culture Since they changed to Sri Vaishnava, how to practice vaishnava culture was thought to them for 12 years duration he used to sit here here you can see the Shanku, Chakra and Naama below here is his feet further below are his disciples the five disciples further below is the Hoysala emblem this is the place the were Ramanuja won over the Jains This is also known as the vijaya peeta this is Vishwaksena the way first pooja is done to Ganesha in all places In Vishnu temples, for Vaishnavas first pooja is done to Vishwaksena that is the other uniqueness Ramanujacharya the specialitly of Ramanujacharya is in every place he is in Anjali Mudra,with joined hands if not in Chinna Mudra here it is Dasa Mudra This Dasa Mudra can be seen only here, no where else this is unique why because he came here to Tondanur Nambi Tondanuru Nambi It is believed that Lord Naryana did the Shanku Chakra Mudra Dharana to him hence he decides to remain the follower of Narayana saying so Ramanujacharya stays here in the form of Dasa It is believed that Ramanuja is still existing here here you can see the Statue Sweat near the eye there is sweat now it has decreased, afternoon time it was more look here it sweats naturally This is the proof that he is still existing here Ramanuja after installing Pancha Narayana he says that he wants to go to Tamil Nadu then so that he does not go anywhere so the village people come here to stop him then he says that, no i have to go then people ask what do we do if we want to see you so he says you can have my Darshana here itself Here we refer to him as Ramanuja himself also known as Dasa Ramanuja This is the proof When the heat increases it starts to sweat more it is sweating near the eye When suns heat increases the area of sweat also increases Now since the sun heat has decrease as it is around 4 pm so the sweat has decreased Since we believe that Ramanuja exists here so every month we do abhisheka during Ramanujas Aridrya Nakshatra those who want to offer abhisheka, it is very auspicious those who have sarpa dosha he is known for his adishesha (Snake ) avatara or form In Vaishnava belief Ramanuja is believed to be Narayana’s Adishesha Avataara so here those with Sarpa Dosha get abhisheka done to cure the dosha so this is important this is Vedanta Desikar this is Pinnaloka acharya Malavala Mamuligar this is Tirumange Alwar in this temple tirumange Alwar festival is special this is Namma Alwar Paarijatha tree consisting of five roots five stems represents the five Narayana Temples At all places Parijatha tree has only one stem even the tree is symbolic here This is for the festival then it used to be of olden times, now this has been newly made every Rathotsava time, every year we get something new done one year we got this done next year we got the Kavacha or coverings done this year we are getting a Prabhavali done thus each year we get something new done from the devotees help Since we dont get much help from the Muzrai Department this is under the Muzrai Department but it is of no use Here maintenance and cleaning is all from central government rest Pooja and temple festivals,you all have to come and all devotees should help Devotees can contribute for some good deeds, hoping good things will happen one year we got during p[ower cut it used to be difficult to move around inside the temple So that year got a UPS then got a pump installed for visitors to wash their hands and feet through devotees we requested and they got it done same way each year we try to do something those interested can help us in olden days since there was no electricity, they have built such they have carved Nambinarayana In case someonw visits after temple closing time, they can pray here this is similar form too with Shanku Chakra in front and above is the Ghada This side is the Utsava Moorthy Nambi narayana this side is Venugopala this side is VarahaSwamy this is the way towards the chaturmukha Vimana previously during Ugadi festival god would be taken up there and and Panchangawana was done that means a new Panchanga is written pooja is done to it and Panchanga is read infront of the God That such rains and crops are expected the village heads all attend this now last many years this has stopped when we put our signature twice both the signatures will have some difference but here these four pillars are of same height same size, same design all are the same, there is no difference that is a specialty here there is a specialty here, that is Vishnuvardhanas wife Shanthale was a dancer this is the place where Shanthale dance, known as Shanthale Nritya ranga(Dancing hall) this is like a stage Shantahale used to dedicate her dance to God morning 10 to 5 previously there was no electricity what the engineers back then had done was from outside direct light should fall on God They have constructed such Now you can see without light you can see the God directly from outside the light falls on God and the light falls directly only on God for those with financial issues for that we do mandala pooja keeping the asta lakshmi here in this one side is asta lakshmi and other side is sri chakra for this 48 day homa is done and then pooja is done along with archane this can be kept at home pooja to be done to it that will lead to your home financial issues being resolved and development will take place with the help of asta lakshmi here every April is the Rathothsava in Chaitra season food offerings are also done then those believers who seek Nambi Narayana and come here will also be blessed by Lakshmi Narayana During Rathothsava it is special Here God has two names Nambi Narayana and Lakshmi Narayana In the upper hand is the Gadha Padma in the front hand is Shanku and chakra in the reverse order This is the speciality here because Ramanujacharya first came here from Tamil Nadu During his visit here then it was all Jain kingdom here Bittidevaraya was the King of this place He gave refuge to Ramanujacharya Bittidevarayas daughter was troubled by Bramha pitchachi(Demon) to liberate her from the demon, Ramanujacharya The tonnur lake which is constructed by Ramanujacharya there she was bathed and was liberated of the demon So Bittidevaraya offers half his Kingdom in return to Ramanujacharya He declines the offer and says he is a saint who has given up materialistic things so Bittidevaraya insists that he wants to give some offering to him then Ramanuja tells King to accept Vaishnavisim faith and give up Jainism along with the people of his kingdom then all Jains convert to Vaishnavas then at todanur they reinstall the Nambi narayana after conversion, Shanku Chakra Dharana was done to all also known as Shama sayana or mudra dharane so they installed the statue here then Bittidevaraya was given the title Vishnuvardhana here at this place this is known as Pancha Narayana Kshetra established by Ramanuja Amongst those Pancha(five) Narayana This is the first Narayana, that is Nambi
Narayana second is Melukote ChaluvaNarayana Third is Gadags Veera Narayana fourth is Talakadus Keerthi Narayana Fifth is Belurs Soumya Narayana also called Channakeshawa This is the first in 11th or 12th century built by Hoysalas Vishnu Vardhana Hoysalas Vishnu Vardhana has built more than 150 – 200 temples amongst them, this is the first temple carvings are simple here last was Belurs Soumya Narayana Temple there are lot of carvings in that temple why this is named Nambi Narayana because anyone who believes and comes here they will get Lakshmi and Narayanas blessings Ramanuja came from Tamil Nadu with difficulty as he came here believing Narayana, he got refuge here and good happened to him Since i came believing him and good has happened to me May you also believe him and may good happen to you too thus Named Nambi Narayana those with issues of being childless, marriage problems people with any dosha financial issues what ever work you want it done, if you believe your work will happen faster along with Nambi Narayana Lakshmi Narayana will bless you that is the speciality If you want to visit Kere Tonnur from Mysore you can take buses going to tumkur, Pandavapura, get down at pandavapura from there every one hour there are buses or share autos are also available For those coming from Bangalore train service is available towards Mysore get down at Pandavapura Station from railway station come to town , from there there are buses and share auto or vehicles for hire are also available from here Melukote is 20 Kms if coming by your own vehicle come till Mandya 10kms after Mandya on right side there is an arch towards Pandavapura from there you can reach pandavapura and then here from here you can go to Melukote

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    Weight of vahanas indicate how weak we have become compared to ancestors. Those gates must have been heavy wooden ones with silver and gold.
    How true this young priest says: people go far and donate to famous temples but ignore ones in the backyard. He is so knowledgeable
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    3)Narasimha temple

    4)Ramanujar temple

    5)Srinivasa temple

    6)Shiva temple.

    5500 year old krishna temple,1000 year old narayana temple we can see with greenery and enjoyy it.

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