My Top 5 Countries to Live in Overseas as an Expat Traveler

What’s up everybody this is what a $20.00 at night place looks like in cali colombia
got a little lost here don’t judge me off my mess my mother
would kick my ass all over this a apartment but got a kitchen pool down
there city’s right there cost my two or three bucks to get anywhere so anyway
let’s talk a little bit somebody in the comments on my last video asked me what
my favorite my top five favorite places are to live in the world
so my follow-up questions that was well what are my criteria how much money do I
have to spend what do I find importing a lot of different things so let me start
this video and I’m just going to tell you my five my top five favorite places
will definitely not be the same top 5 as everybody else obviously right
so we all have different experiences we all have different biases things that
kind of change our minds or our outlooks things that happen to us that the
influenced the way that we think ok now whether you choose to accept that or not
it’s pretty much the reality of this situation when I look at places that I
don’t really like you know maybe I just ran into a series of assholes along the
way maybe I just had a bunch of you know bad experiences it happens shit happens
all the time right and maybe I only like places because I had a bunch of good
things happen to me so my criteria starting off I don’t like governments
that are really into my shit I don’t like cold weather I really can’t stand
it I don’t like anywhere where I have to
spend a lot of money to go to the doctor or on basic services like just for
instance off the top of my head when I was in Florida last year I tried to get
my favorite pair of dress shoes resoled and they wanted like 60 bucks and I’m
going I can get a new pair of shoes for that right why would I even bother with
reselling a pair of shoes so in a lot of countries you can go and get your soul
your shoes resoled for like five ten bucks or whatever anyway I’m getting off
topic I like good value for my money and I
like places that are warm I like places with very friendly outgoing people I
find that most of the places that I enjoy are ones where people can stop and
talk to you they have time for you they’re interested in somebody from
another country and that could be selfish on my part you know but let’s
get into it so my first love is Mexico I love Mexico and I know people are going
to watch this and say cartel violence and I saw on the news this and that guys
I’ve ridden my motorcycle through Mexico I’ve been going down there I was
actually conceived down there my parents told me way too much I didn’t even want
to know the details but it’s only about their honeymoon it’s gross I’m off topic
again I think one of Mexico my whole life I’ve never in a million years felt
that any part of Mexico was nearly as dangerous as I feel downtown Chicago at
night or I feel downtown Memphis Tennessee at night so I continue to go
to Mexico I love Mexico and can have a great lifestyle therefore we’re very low
I like places like Colombia here I can get lunch for two dollars and now that
was chicken rice bean salad and a lemonade
screwed up okay it’s not just because I’m cheap it’s because that gives me a
sense of security I don’t have to worry you know about coming up with $2 the
eater or whatever I just I like to value for my money I did not like going to the
airport in Chile last week yeah last week and having to pay $15 for a very
basic meal you know and it’s the same in a lot of places so Mexico I love it I
also love Nicaragua I’ve had fantastic experiences in Managua in Grenada San
Juan del Sur all fantastic places that I will return
to Colombia is wonderful I have I don’t have enough good things to say about
this country just a couple examples things that had happened to me in the
last two days my taxi driver got lost we stopped in
asked a police driver for directions he talked to us for like 15 minutes just to
be a nice guy didn’t want anything he was just like an interest today what’s
going on and and I asked the driver like why why is the police officer stopping
to talk to us he’s like well why wouldn’t he I’m like yeah that’s a good
question why wouldn’t he I don’t know but anyway Colombia is
great yesterday I went to go to the gym and I walked in I said hey how much for
a week membership and he said you know what it’s free I was like well I
wouldn’t feel good about that let me pay something he’s like no it’s pretty come
on in you know it’s just like I have had these kind of experiences in this
country happens to me again and again and again and I continue to come back
sure it’s got problems like any other country right sure you know there were
dogs barking this morning and you know there are mosquitos here and there
you’re never going to find a perfect perfect country
I think that people that do are kind of you know that’s life this is how things
work I love Paraguay I love it very much
the rest of Latin America you know I’ve been through most oliday now apart from
places like Venezuela but those are the places that I like El Salvador’s pretty
cool but I would not live it even though they use the dollar so let’s see those
are my top ones for this side of the world for Asia Thailand is easy you can
set up shop quickly in Thailand Thailand it’s cheap there are things I don’t like
about file and they probably don’t even need to be said I’m sure that anybody
that’s been there kidding can attest to it not that I’m a prude or I’m
judgmental or anything else but you know I limit my exposure to Thailand before
you go to Thailand make sure that your moral compass is aligned guys you know
what I’m talking about what else Singapore is awesome it’s a
little bit restrictive but everything’s clean everything is orderly the people
are cool public transportation is great there are places in Africa believe it or
not I really like ETOP I thought it was a great place could get a little bit
boring but all of my favourite places are pretty much between you know
between paraguay and mexico as far as the location relative to the equator i
don’t like cold weather that’s it for me i’m sure that there are five places that
you guys probably like better but i feel secure I feel happy I feel I like the
food I like everything that people are friendly in those places and on a couple
grand a month I can have one hell of a lifestyle and not even worry about money
that’s when I feel most comfortable that’s my version of paradise is these
are so cheap I don’t even think about money and I know that you’re surprised
to hear that hey that’s the money I telling you that he doesn’t even like to
think about money it’s the truth alright guys I’ll see you
next time signing off from Cali Colombia I hope you’re great see ya

83 thoughts on “My Top 5 Countries to Live in Overseas as an Expat Traveler

  1. Great info Ben. I was stationed in Panama in the 90s and loved it. Went back last year and still liked it a lot, but in Bocas Del Toro a lot of the locals just didn't seem the friendliest. Belize was absolutely amazing. The scenery, the people, everything was great there. I really would like to see Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Colombia in the next several years. Glad to hear that you like Colombia and Nicaragua so much. Sounds like the same reasons I like certain countries. Keep up the good work!

  2. I think when you mention places you like, you need to mention where you have been, so people know they weren't mentioned either because you didn't like them or you hadn't been there.

  3. Hey Ben in a lot of your videos I hardly ever hear you talk about Brazil? Have you ever been there? What can you tell us about it?

  4. What about a visit to Australia… Northern Australia… weather is warm. we speak English…and the locals are friendly. Ok the cost of living here is higher than anywhere in South America, but the US dollar still goes a long way against the Aussie dollar.

  5. Thanks for your insights Ben 🙂 Have you ever been to Vietnam? It sounds like quite a good place to teach English at the moment so it'd be great to hear your experiences if you have any to share. You're definitely selling me on South America though, I think I'll aim to go there after Asia 🙂

  6. Been really enjoying your videos, man. Just a heads up, the facebook page link in the description here doesn't work, but I found your page. Thanks dude!

  7. You'd probably like Greece. Not a good country to make money in, but it's got mild weather, great food, friendly people, natural beauty and it's not expensive (by European standards).

  8. South America is great man the simplicity, the weather, the cost of living the natural beauty
    Man.. i envy you

  9. 1:31 "Maybe I just ran into a series of a$$holes along the way."
    Cough <Korea> Cough. Excuse me. My allergies are bothering me. Cough <China> Cough.

  10. I HATE Cold!!! But I don't like it too hot, or never cool. I live in northern Indiana–I hate it!
    I like friendly, kind people. You have some of my same values: cheap, friendly, sunshine, warmth, not too big, etc.

  11. I love your videos, Ben; thank you for another great one. You get off topic, that's great! Viewers enjoy learning about YOU, too. You show your humanity and keep us involved, thank you.

  12. WOW, great video!! We have pretty much the exact same criterion for places that we'd like to live. I'll say this. Just like you:

    1) I'm from St. Louis and I HATED cold weather and the annoying possibilities of getting sick/catching a cold, having car troubles, having to wear a heavy coat/clothing all of the time, and the idea that I couldn't go anywhere if it got too cold 2) I wasn't much of a fan of the Matrix: The over-extra surveillance, overbearing police system, etc. that we'd get in the USA 3) I also wanted a place where the cost of living is low; where I could have a good job and where I could have enough money to have a SUPER SUPER GREAT time and do it again the next day and I like being able to almost do whatever I want to do without being over worried above money 4) I wanted a very safe place where I could leave my doors opened at night (with mountains in the background, etc.) and I like being able to leave my stuff outside without having to worry about people taking it and no violence, etc. 5) Also, similar to you I wanted to be in a place where people are very friendly, people enjoy meeting/helping foreigners and I like being around people I could learn from and they could learn from me. And I like meeting great people including other foreigners and VERY famous people. But well, the above is why I am in Thailand LOL In fact, famous people let me on stage at their concerts (maybe I might end up playing keyboard or drum for somebody like that) and yesterday I happened to meet the CEO of Thailand's ENTIRE country's Seven Eleven system and I discovered that Seven Eleven even has its own university over here: I mean, when do I get to meet people like that in the USA???? And like Nelly says: Where they do that at? Thus, I know that Thailand wasn't the highest on your list, but I am in Thailand and I have been able to enjoy all of the things that are on my criterion list, plus more, and it's an awesome place as well!!!

    Yes, it's hot/humid here and there are mosquitoes, frogs, cows, roosters and other creatures that I didn't see on a daily bases in the USA. Also, on jobs here (in working at a school) one has to worry about having on the right attire, having office hours; people who are very shy to a fault at times. Also, you'd often have to take your shoes off to go into homes, offices, etc. and even have to walk barefoot in certain places that you'd go. And in Thailand, you can't drink water out of the faucet. You'd have to buy bottled water.

    But, other than the above things it's VERY VERY awesome!!! It's like a dream!! I made A LOT of friends and I found it cool not only meeting people from Thailand, but other countries like the UK, South America, Australia, Africa, India, other Asian countries, and countries in between and we all have fun, have a good time and travel together during our times off (for those who wanted to know what Thailand is like)! One day I would like to check out Colombia too to see what it's like there as well.

  13. I have so enjoyed your videos!! Thank you for the posts and I am still getting used to living back in the United States after a year in Madrid, Spain. Life will never be the same and where to go from here?? So many choices which can be overwhelming…your videos always help lighten the mood and yet inform your viewer.

  14. I maybe even love Latin America more than you do, but the safety issue is just too big. Being scared to be robbed all the time, especially when it's getting dark : (

  15. Good video Ben. Like your positive attitude. Not interested in teaching but will check more of your vids as I am interested in travel and lifestyle. Keep up the good work hombre!

  16. Criteria is so important: I like water–especially a sea/Ocean/beach—I like mountains or natural things, I love having nice people around like you…. If the weather is hot–okay but I'm not fond of crazy humidity. However, I also went to Thailand. Phuket specifically. I almost didn't get back on the plane to return to China. It's so beautiful there and the people are kind. I wouldn't need to make a lot of money to live there—waking up to sandy white beaches, good food and everyone is hot so (even though I get hot easily) it doesn't matter. Were you surprised by how many Russians live/work in Thailand. Set up their own businesses… Where in Thailand did you go?

  17. I must admit that one of my concerns is cold weather. I live in Vegas, so why in the hell would I go to S. Korea?! Not to mention I don't think that I would want to work there anyway. But warm weather is VERY important to me. 70 degrees is freezing to me!

  18. Hiya Ben, got a question. Out of all the Latin American countries which you like, which one has the coolest temperature all year round or should I say, which are the least hot and intense through personal experience?? thank you!!

  19. I think I like you more now that you mentioned how you love Mexico! 🇲🇽 I’m 2nd generation Mexican American so maybe I’m just being a little bias. Lol! Can you believe this that I’ve never been? 🤦🏻‍♀️Well…when I was younger yes I’ve been to TJ, but I don’t think that really counts because I’ve never been deep into Mexico. I’d love to visit San Miguel De Allende and the state Cohuila or Mazatlan Sinaloa where my family is from. Anyway, I enjoy your YouTube videos and really want to teach abroad hopefully this year! I have wanted to travel my whole life and enjoy helping others and think tying in those two joys by teaching abroad is really what my heart and mind is drawing me to! Great video! Keep it up! 🙌😌🌎

  20. Pretty awesome apartment for $600 per month.
    Then again, you're staying in the most dangerous city in Colombia, which is one of the most dangerous countries in the world…
    Pro tip: pay to get your shoes resoled in a country where you won't get murdered.

  21. Ben…I have been watching your teaching/travel log videos for several years, off and on. I am about to take a T.E.F.L. teaching course, on-line or I may go for the Masters certificate with the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California where I hold my undergraduate degree in Business Administration/Finance. I was set on going to Italy or Spain…but having seen several of your videos where you talk about "taxes" and other issues with Western Europe, I now wish to teach in Colombia. I grew up by the ocean in Santa Barbara, California and I speak Spanish. So, I like Cartagena but it seems like a…"strange city" !L.o.l. Different than Bogota and Medallin…Yes? Which city in Colombia is best to a)live in and b)teach in. I know you will say…the one where you make the best deal, Steve!L.o.l. I am more interested in a)value for money and b)good weather…..not overcast as I have heard Bogota is. Don't mind humidity in Cartagena…..but again…what is it about Cartagena that seems…"off" as it is so beautiful if you love the Sea, as I do. Can you teach in Cartagena?

  22. So how did you go about finding a $20 /night apartment? Air bnb or aonething like that? What do you use for wifi? Gracias

  23. Your video is my breakthrough of the month. I'm worried about visiting South America mainly because of propaganda of cartels, abductees, organ black market, …. Would you say you feel as safe as Thailand?

  24. LOVED your video friend. I have traveled a lot, and lived in Spain for a year when I was 20. I am now 48, a single, divorced mother of 2 living in Los Angeles. I just got back from a 17 day trip to Europe w my 2 teenage daughters. I love to travel, especially to Spanish speaking countries since I learned Spanish living in Spain. I am 7 years from retirement, and plan to be a part time expat. I love your attitude and input. One of the reasons I like to travel……knowing I will meet people like you. Thanks for sharing and best of luck wherever u r.

  25. Ok I have an addendum. Had no idea u r a real estate guru guy. Just responded to that great video u put out about travel from ur Colombia video. And now I have spent the last hour watching ur financial/real estate videos. No matter. I still think ur an awesome human. Would I love to invest like u have. Sure. Just makes me love u even more. Hope to meet up w ur crazy ass some day. Thx for giving back. And sharing ur love of travel. I could relate so much to ur video on returning to the us and having a hard time w that.

  26. Thanks for saying that about Thailand. I have no respect for men who go there just to pay for an inexpensive girlfriend/wife/sex. So disgusting.

  27. Your videos are awesome Ben. I find them extremely informative, interesting and just down right cool. Thanks for uploading great content and keep it up mate.

  28. Good video! I'm glad you included moral compass in your criteria. I tried the Philippines once and it was just too much.

  29. I think you may like Armenia. It’s a warm and sunny country. Armenians are warm, friendly and they always have time for talking to you. They are so hospitable that may even invite you (a foreigner) to stay at their place and they will take care that you eat well :)). Besides, you will see the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as the state religion, and a country where 3 months ago a “Velvet Revolution” or “Revolution of Love” took place. Armenia a wonderful country )))). I just don’t know how to describe it, one must see it

  30. You'd probably like Greece, especially southern Greece mainland or islands like Crete. Crete is usually warm most of the year.

  31. Other than the $15 meal at the airport……………….what are your thoughts on Chile? I've heard both good and bad things. Its obviously a beautiful country, and I've heard outside of Santiago food can be really cheap if you know how to cook. I have read some negative aspects though. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  32. Hi it's so interesting to hear a guy from North America being so positive about other places. I'm sure your open mindedness and warm heartedness makes your experiences so good.

  33. Hey Ben, Really glad I found your channel. Can you give a reason why thailand is not so good? Prude meaning lol? Also I am looking into teaching English in South America this winter and was considering either Colombia, Brazil, or Argentina. Or I was going with Thailand. Can you go into some details about Argentina vs Brazil vs Colombia. All great info and extra input on price will help me out tremendously. Thanks so much.

  34. 🥰 me listening to all the places you’ve been. Can’t wait to “grow” wings… warm weather, friendly people, cheap living, did I say warm weather.

  35. Wow! 20 a night for a nice place that is clean and modern. I'd like to live in nature, in an earthship, cob or straw ale home. Ditto on cold weather.

  36. Thank you for this video!! I am of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Italian & Irish decent born and raised in the US and I have only been to PR when I was 2. I am super excited to travel, study and live abroad! Just a question, do you know Spanish and other languages, if so how long have you been speaking them? Also in your experience, how have you felt these countries’ native tongues are used, I.e. do many people speak/know English or no? Thank you!!

  37. You said it clear and nicely….. I have not been to Mexico or South America. But this really eliminated whatever worries I may have about the security issue or rumors.

  38. Can you recommend a couple books that you can think of that have been most beneficial to you ? I own a home, and plan to sell, save a little more and buy a commercial property in a couple years before planning on going overseas to teach English in my late 30’. I am only doing all this now that my daughter will soon be done with HS. Convincing my daughter to go with me abroad is another story lol

  39. You said you liked El Salvador but you don't want to live there- WHY? You didn't say why. I was thinking of moving there, so would like to know.

  40. Thanks for the great info. If you haven’t been to Quindio department and visited Salento, Filandia and Armenia you should take a look. Usual great value and breathtaking scenery check out Corcora and the wax Palms of Quindío also Santa Rosa de Cabal. Termales avoid weekends as it gets too busy. Cheers

  41. Fuck Mexico. The cartels are bad…don’t listen to this guy.

    US citizens killed, kidnapped in cartel shootout in Mexico

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