“My first World Tour in 2CV” by Jacques Séguéla

World Tour in 2CV, premiere! Jacques, how did your love story with
Citroën start? I owe everything to Citroën, Without Citroën I wouldn’t be here! I used to be a pharmacist, Not fit for that job at all! And to get started my parents
gave me my first 2CV, Which gave me this crazy idea: To go for the first
World Tour with a French car. And I went for it with my friend Baudot We were gone for a year and a half, Over five continents. And the craziest things happened to us. Once in the desert of Atacama We had oil problems: We were out of oil. The car stopped working! A Chilean man passing by Took out 4 bananas from his bag, Put them in the crankcase,
Then said “You can Go now”! And we ran for 100 km on bananas. That’s Citroën!

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