My Favorite Shrine in Japan with NO TOURISTS!

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  1. One question…. Do your daughters get jealous of ur son?.. not offending …. Cause it's common between siblings

  2. If you miss the last train home and don't or can't afford a hotel, you wait it out at McD's till the first morning train to go home

  3. In Japan, it's not unusual to see people sleeping in a public setting due to people being over-worked. That is why Japan is probably around 10 years ahead of us in technology.

  4. Mc dondals is gros cause I saw one of the workers sneeze on his hand then wipe it on my food and so we left them foever but got our money back

  5. You should do more research and learn some basic language skills before your next trip to Japan especially with the kids. Good video tho.

  6. Awesome! I just came back from Japan myself, about a week ago. I already miss the place so much. I feel like I left a part of my there. Next time I go, I hope that I would have learned Japanese so I can travel alone.

    *An important note, when you enter temples and shrines, there with be places for purifying yourselves. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER! You are supposed to pour water into your left hand, rinse, then repeat for right hand, and then pour water into your left hand while cupped and rinse your mouth then spit out the water! Make sure to wash the handle of the ladle with the remaining water.*

    (Temples are buddhist and shrines are shinto, you can tell which is which by the gate they have!)

  7. Go to scotland it has big shopping centres and Edinburgh the capital city , Glasgow is really busy , Stirling has the thistles centre 😉 comment if ur from uk.

  8. thats not how you do it in water 12:11, you take a water then put in your hand then sip then spit out, no drinking. yuck

  9. Thank you for being so respectful in Japan. I know it should be common courtesy but with how people are nowadays, it's rare.

  10. The fountains you are not meant to drink it but wash your mouth and hands with it before entering the temple to clean yourself from impurities etc

  11. That water is for purification of your body. You are meant to rinse your left hand and right hand, and then your mouth.
    It is drinkable water though.

  12. You are wrong about how to drink water.
    Do not touch the mouth directly.
    You are unsanitary.
    Please think about other users.


  13. Hahahaha
    12:18 その水は、飲み水ではありません。!! 

  14. Welcome to Japan.🔴
    It’s the best holiday a father can give to his family to see different world and explore together!

  15. The water is used for purify yourself, you pour water to your left hand and right and then u drink it a little and if ur going to pray you throw into a box of donations 5 yens that means good/fate luck and then you bow twice clap twice and bow once, And what you do when u pray well you make wishes. So there lol

  16. Did that exact walk in Dec 2013 at 5:30 am. Actually stopped at the same hotel to ask for directions to the temple and MacDonalds for a snack for my son who was 10 at the time! The temple was beautiful. Amazing experience! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Unfortunately you are mistaken regarding the use of the water. You use the water to wash you hands and then pour water in your hand and wash your mouth out with that water. You should never put the cup directly to your and if there were a japanese person around, they proberbly would have scourned you for doing that. Unfortunely it is generally seen as uncultured to that but you weren't to know and you were lucky that noone else was around to see you do it.

  18. Actually, This isn't a Shrine.
    This is Narita-shinshoji temple.

    Take a look, There isn't torii(=鳥居).


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