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Hey guys if you notice the ambiance’s very Canadian that is because in a just a few days we are gonna be celebrating Canada Day! so I think this is the right time to talk about how I got here in Canada my Canadian experiences my life and work in Canada so without further ado let’s go ahead and get started To be honest guys a lot of folks have been asking me how I got here in Canada so today I’m going to share with you my Canadian Journey So guys I came to Canada as a Permanent Resident under Skilled Worker Class (FSWP). My application took about 7 months and I applied as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) There’s actually 2 ways to apply for Permanent Resident, pay an agent to do the job or you do it yourself I think the latter (DIY) is much better coz it feels much better to achieve something Big if you worked hard for it just by yourself So right now, I’m going to show you my timeline which you can find on the upper right hand corner of the screen I’m going to go through all of these sections in detail and I’m going to share my experience for each of these stages First off all let’s discuss about NOC which stands for National Occupational Classification Your Occupation has a corresponding NOC Code when you apply for Canadian Permanent Residence in my case I am a Computer Programmer so my NOC code is 2174 If you are a Nurse, your NOC code is 3012 and if you are a teacher there’s also a corresponding NOC Code for that so make sure you know you classify the NOC code of your occupation To check your NOC Code classification, kindly visit the link in the description box below Now June 5, 2014, this is the date I filed my application for PR Actually when I applied for PR, there is a cap or quota for each and every NOC and once that cap has been reached the CRA won’t accept any further applications in my case (2174) we have a quota of 1000 applicants so they are only gonna be accepting 1000 applicants so I was kind of really cramming to get this application submitted as quick as possible So what are the requirements I submitted? Actually that time, I was really focused and dedicated to submit the application asap coz the cap might get filled quickly So I analyze my situation and ask myself if I should take IELTS first? Educational Assessment? fill out the form? so what I did is I computed the time it will take me to get all of this requirements, and for me to save time I scheduled my IELTS exam as soon as I started my IELTS review coz the next available schedule for ielts is actually 3 weeks time There’s actually 2 IELTS Test provider which are the British Council and IDP in my case, I had my exam in IDP, coz I heard a rumour that IDP gives better score compared to BC but both providers are good so you can choose either of them So Day 1, had scheduled my IELTS exam and started reviewing The only reviewer I used to study for IELTS is the Cambridge IELTS ebook 1-9 which I really recommend for you guys to use if you are taking the IELTS Test Please check the link in the description box below for the eBook So after a month, I took the IELTS Test, got my result after 13 days and the result were okay I got 7.5 in Speaking, 7.0 in reading, 7.5 in listening and 7.0 in Writing. I think of all these categories I find writing to be the most challenging but I found out a strategy to pass the Writing exam and I’m happy to share it on another video Actually to save more time, while reviewing for IELTS, I’ve also started working on my educational assessment I know it takes about 1-2 weeks to get my ECA Report so I took the time to file my application for Educational Assessment right from the time I started my IELTS review Good thing, out of this strategy, I got my IELTS score and at the same time my ECA Report I was able maximize my time coz I need to file the application ASAP! It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone Regarding the Educational assessment, there are many organizations that provide the ECA Report in my case, I had my assessment from WES (which stands for World Education Services) Others include CES, ICAS, IQAS and ICES. Kindly check the complete list in the description box below One tip though, WES provides the ECA Report the quickest among all the Organizations so I recommend you guys to have your Education assessed by WES. I got my report for just 1.5 weeks Actually guys to save more time, while reviewing for IELTS and working on my ECA Report I also started gathering the required documents and fill out the application form and to tell you honestly, this is one of the most challenging part of the application process coz you have to fill out the Form completely and accurately otherwise if you miss something, your application will be returned to you and that means you won’t make it to the quota Secondly, I was actually applying from Malaysia so it was EXTREMELY difficult to get the required documents from the Philippines such as the Certificate of Employment, Paystubs, NBA Clearance and Transcript of Record It’s very challenging to gather the docs when you are outside of the Philippines To be honest, I got really stressed out gathering these required documents so the strategy I did to solve this problem, is I coordinated with my previous supervisors, HR rep and School registrar through Phone and Email but I was able to manage to get through this Actually I wrote down on the list of requirements on an excel sheet and mark them complete as soon as I get the requirement After I completed gathering all the required documents, I didn’t waste a single time and filed the application right there and then As soon as I filed my application, I looked up, pray to God and said “Lord if I do really deserve a Canadian Visa, then thy will be done” coz I heard that a lot of applicants didn’t make it to Stage 1 due to missing documents or incorrect data in the application form so I said “Lord if this Visa is for me, then please grant me this favour” The following days I kept on praying to God that everything will be okay and also collaborated with other applicants in an online Forum which is canadavisa(dot)com This forum has really helped me complete the application form, I was able to ask my fellow applicants if I’m doing it right it’s good to have a second check from other people just to make sure I am doing it right So day after day I continued praying to God To be honest, I was praying the rosary everyday and attend every mass I can attend to in fact, my fellow applicants in the Philippines have a schedule of mass they attend to, Wed Baclaran Church, Thurs in St. Jude Thaddeus and Fri in Quiapo Church So after 2 months, my fellow applicant had already been receiving their PR (Positive Eligibility Review) Having received a PER means that your application is complete and that the CIC has created a file for you and simply means your application has been accepted At this point, I was a bit scared coz everyone are getting their PERs already while I don’t receive anything from CIC yet I thought my application got rejected due to perhaps missing required documents or incorrect data in the application form So I just kept checking my email if there is anything that comes up from CIC but no luck, so I just kept on praying day and night Then come October 1st 2014, I checked my email, and the first thing I saw was the subject “Application for Permanent Residence in Canada” I felt so excited and not a blink of an eye, I hurriedly opened the mail and lucky enough, it is the PER email I’ve been waiting for so long!!! I said Lord thank you so much! I’ve never been so happy like this in my life! I know I passed the first stage of the application but it felt like I already got my Canadian Visa coz if you don’t get a PER email then it’s already game over for you. Very thankful for the PER I got after 4 months! Comes right after the stage 1 is the Medical Request When you get a medical request that means you’re already 90% approved coz at this point they already started processing your application you’ve fulfilled all the required documents and that you did not miss any single item required by the CIC Also at this point, your application is now transferred to Manila Visa Application Centre and that all communications now is being between you and the Visa Officer in Manila Again I kept waiting and waiting for the medical request and it’s almost a month already with no sign of email from the CIC while other applicants have started receiving their request and I remember my NBI Clearance is about to expire in November so I got scared that this might cause a Big Trouble with my application so I hurriedly emailed the Visa Officer in manila and luckily I got a response that I don’t need to submit a new NBI Clearance. After that I felt some sort of relief So I kept waiting until November 21st 2014, it was lunch time, I checked my email and the first thing I saw again is an email from Canada and I said, Thank you Lord, all these achievements come from you. So I read the email and lucky enough it is the Medical Request from CIC Since I was applying from Malaysia, I had my Medical Exam taken in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur on November 24 and the following day I got the results and forwarded it immediately to the embassy of Canada in Makati, Manila Together with the Medical Request, they also required the RPRF (Right of Permanent Residence Fee) to be payed in the amount of $490 Getting an RPRF request means that you are almost approved of a Canadian Visa, coz you passed the first stage of the application Stage 3 is the Interview, but I my Interview got waived so I did not get an interview request but I know some of my fellow applicants were requested to come to canada for Interview Stage 4 is Passport Request. I received the Passport request on Dec. 23, 2014 this was christmas time, I was so happy it felt like this is the best christmas gift I ever received in my life Then 2 weeks later, January 9th 2015, around 9 in the morning, I got back to the Philippines by then I heard someone yelling at the gate “Hello Package from Canada!” and I was like Jesus Christ, maybe this is the moment I’ve been waiting for! So I got the package and quickly check what’s inside (it’s just a small package), when I opened it I was so extremely happy to see my passport then I browse the pages and right in front of my eyes it says CANADA VISA!!! Man I jumped up and down out of happiness I could not believe that I just got approved of my Canadian Permanent Residence Visa Finally my Canadian dream come true! So that’s my Canadian PR Story, I know every person has a different story and I hope that my story inspired you In my next videos, I am going to show you guys how to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence through Express Entry so just stay tuned and I hope I was able to share the best that I could and help you get started with your application I’ll see you again on my next video! Bye!

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