My Belize, My City: Cruise Tourism & Visitation Management

many of us today wake up and go about our daily activities without realizing how much we are so connected to the world we live in and with every decision we make it has an effect on our future generation’s sustainable development; economically, socially
and environmentally For the past decade we have seen many changes in our little Jewel one of them being the Tourism Industry which has a mass tourism rate when cruise ships call to the Belize’s Port especially between November and mid April
when the season is high. In turn, this means that we have a lot of visitors to experience our wonderful homeland Belize has an eco-tourism industry. NGO’s such as PACT that acts under the Belize
Protected Areas Conservation Trust Act Chapter
218; and the Belize Audubon Society that acts under
the Belize National Parks System Act Chapter 215, are organizations dedicated to the sustainable management of our natural resources through leadership and strategic partnership with
stakeholders for the benefit of people and the environment. Such areas include: These are also protected areas that attract tourist to visit our beautiful country. To maintain the tourism industry, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust is the financial mechanism of the tourism development
fund. This also helps with the development of the streets of Belize City where tourist frequently visit as a part of their tour which is also
beneficial to Belizeans who utilize these streets daily. Even though we have many visitors from cruise
tourism regulations have been implemented by NGO’s such as BAS and CZMAI to manage the visitation to these protected areas. The CZMAI acts under the Belize Coastal Zone
Management Act Chapter 329. If, in the event, something does not go as planned within the marine environment, the DOE will step in and enforce the Environmental Protection Act, Chapter 328 of
the Substantive Laws of Belize. This Act entrusts DOE with the responsibility to monitor the implementation of the Act to subsequent regulations and to take necessary actions to enforce the provision
of the Act and regulations. Mother Nature’s best kept secret allows visitors to experience our diverse culture such as our rich Belizean dishes, colorful music and dance, attractive clothing, essential history, unique artifacts and beautiful people. It also, provides motivation for individuals to be educated about the marine environment, the tourism industry (CRUISE), and how to be an entrepreneur (business owner) some individuals invest in learning how to make cultural artifacts and tour guiding skills, just to
name a few. The mass cruise tourism, visitors would more
likely tell their friends and family about Belize which
makes them informed, and our great jewel becomes
internationally known. As a result, it accounts for 28% of the
employment rate country wide. The authorizing body that is responsible for the Protection of life & Property, Ensuring Law & Order, Prevention & Detention of the act of crime, Apprehension & Prosecution of offenders is the Tourism Police Unit which serves under the police act chap.138 w/
S.I from tourism industry. They ensure that tour guides have valid license and check that vehicles are road-worthy and that they have safety equipments. Tourism is the leading revenue earner in Belize. For every visitor that arrives on a cruise, BTB charges $3.00 (per person) and Forth Street Tourism Village (FSTV)
charges $4.00 (per visitor that visits the tourist village). Of the $3.00, BTB keeps $1.60 and distributes the remaining $1.40 to PACT (who is the financial mechanism for the Tourism
Development Fund). Of the funds collected by BTB, FSTV and PACT, $0.33 is given towards the Tourism Development
Fund. According to 2012 statistics from the BTB one-day tourist spends about 86.90 millions
BZD that year. Port dues and Pilot fees for cruise ships are a
few other examples of revenue that contributes
to Belize’s economy.

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