MUST-WATCH: Nicolle Wallace finally loses it with viral swipe at Fox

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, who is right
now testifying in the impeachment probe, represents the beating heart of the quintessential American
story. He and his family, Jewish refugees carrying
only their suitcases and $750 – that’s based on reporting in the New York Times – fled
the Soviet Union when he was 3-years-old in search of a better life. His father worked multiple jobs and learned
English at night so his son could grow up, graduate from college, receive a military
commission, and serve the United States in the form of multiple overseas tours. On combat deployment in Iraq in 2003, Vindman
was injured by an IED. He was awarded a Purple Heart. He’s worked in several embassies and he
joined the National Security Council last year after passing an externsive background
check, unlike some other West Wing advisers we know. His biography and his life of service make
the attacks against him remarkable. At a time when attacks on once-sacred institutions
and their leaders have stopped being noteworthy or newsworthy. Trump went from not knowing him from calling
him a never-Trumped in the course of an hour and a half this morning, but that’s nothing
compared to the smear campaign happening on cable news. We also know he was born in the Soviet Union,
emigrated with his family, young. He tends to feel simpatico with the Ukraine. It seems very clear that he is incredibly
clear that he is incredibly concerned about Ukrainian defense. I don’t know if he’s concerned about American
policy. But his main mission was the make sure that
the Ukraine got those weapons. I understand that. We all have an affinity to our homeland where
we came from. Like me, I’m sure that Vindman has the same
affinity. Here we have a US National Security official
who is advising Ukraine while working inside the White House, apparently against the president’s
interests, and usually they spoke in English. Isn’t that kind of an interesting angle
on this story? I find that astounding. And some people might call that espionage. Except those people aren’t chicken—t like
the three of you and they know that he passed a background check that the president’s
daughter and son-in-law didn’t. This is MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace decidedly
not parsing her words as she hits back at yet another round of bad faith Republican
talking points. And this time we’re looking at a concerted
effort to smear Army Lieutenant Colonel Alex Vindman. Vindman was ON the infamous Trump call with
Ukrainian president Zelensky and TWICE registered internal objections. He’s now testifying to investigators in
the House against what he saw as the “partisan play” of making foreign aid conditional
upon political investigations, claiming that it would quote “undermine US national security.” And so clearly, for committing the cardinal
sin of trying to protect our national security, Republicans have decided he’d be the perfect
target for a coordinated smear campaign. And just so we’re clear, here’s the person
that these Republicans are attacking. Vindman emigrated to the United States at
the age of three as a Jewish refugee, went on to graduate from Cornell, deployed to South
Korea, then Germany, then Iraq where he was wounded by a roadside bomb and was awarded
a Purple Heart, then became an Army foreign area officer specializing in Russia for the
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff before ultimately joining the National Security Council
in 2018. THAT is who the “We love our military”
Party is running their smear campaign against. Yup, nothing like throwing a Purple Heart
recipient under the bus to protect a draft dodger to show America just HOW MUCH the GOP
loves the military. Of course, it doesn’t matter who it is,
the right’s only priority is to defame anyone and everyone in their desperation to defend
the president. If Matt Gaetz suddenly turned around and admitted
that Trump committed crimes, it wouldn’t take 5 minutes before the right would start
asking exactly how they were supposed to trust someone with a history of DUIs. And so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that
even though Alex Vindman is a model witness, a decorated and ACTIVE Army Lieutenant Colonel
who has dedicated his life – and nearly sacrificed it – to serve this country, Republicans
have no qualms about defaming him anyway because their sole mission is to shield Trump. And by the way, he’s not the first one. The floodgates have opened in terms of public
servants and military veterans who have testified under oath that Trump used his public office
to extort a foreign country into doing his political bidding. And while the GOP would have you think that
it’s just a parade of leftists and socialists, it’s not. These people are ALL Trump appointees. There was Bill Taylor, the UN Ambassador to
Ukraine and a 50-year public servant who was handpicked by Trump’s Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo. There was Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador
to Ukraine and member of the United States Foreign Service. There was Fiona Hill, who served for more
than 30 years across 6 administrations; Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine;
Laura Cooper, the Pentagon official overseeing Ukraine policy. All of these people have testified the truth,
that Trump leveraged military aid for an investigation into Joe Biden. There was even Gordon Sondland, the US Ambassador
to the European Union and donor of a MILLION DOLLARS to the Trump campaign, who admitted
to House investigators that Trump’s actions on the Ukraine call did indeed amount to a
quid pro quo. A MILLION DOLLARS. If THAT guy could find it in himself to admit
that, yeah, Trump broke the law, that probably doesn’t bode well for the White House. With that said, we really shouldn’t give
much credence to these attacks. Republicans have spent the last month coming
up whatever half-baked excuse they could before watching it get swatted away and immediately
pivoting to a new one. We’ve heard that the whistleblower was a
partisan, that you can’t present second-hand information, that Schiff counseled the whistleblower,
that impeachment is unconstitutional, that Democrats are holding secret hearings in the
basement, that there was no quid pro quo, that OK fine there was but quid pro quos aren’t
a criminal offense, and now, that Trump’s own appointees are somehow never-Trumpers
looking to take down the president from within. And I’m sure they’ve got some poly sci
minors at Liberty University cooking up the next pathetic defense to roll out as soon
as they realize how ridiculous they sound suggesting that a Purple Heart recipient is
actually loyal to Ukraine over the United States because he escaped the Soviet Union
when he was THREE. Although to be honest, Republicans might as
well save their breath, because they’re not so much changing any minds as they are
putting their desperation on full display.

100 thoughts on “MUST-WATCH: Nicolle Wallace finally loses it with viral swipe at Fox

  1. Re Vindman: Interesting angle, lyin Laura? Yes if the “angle” is to protect America he did the right thing! What’s with all those body and hand movements? Your still lyin and we know it!

  2. Sean Duffy is a DISGRACE just like FOX BS NEWS. Republicans support the unintelligent as they are the most gullible, uncurious, people on the planet. Eventually, the GOP will be made up of nothing but cowards and morons. Good job Moscow Mitch.

  3. An American Warrior being called out by people that are willfully acting AGAINST the best interests of AMERICA and with out ever considering serving their country. Be proud Trumpers, your president is yet again attacking military heroes. Be proud.

  4. Where in the world does FOX come up with these people , Fox is two steps below yellow journalism and close to a level of Alex Jones……..they need to eat a Trump sandwich : two slices of stale bread , full of baloney , covered with Russian dressing and a little mushroom , the red plate special includes a bag of cheese puffs and cup of Kool-Aid on the side.

  5. Trump the Lump needs to get out of our house and head to jail. I am a veteran and he has done nothing but shit on veterans. After tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and promised citizenship for servicing this country he deported them. Republicans are disgusting pieces of shit and unpatriotic to this country. They shit on Veterans, senior citizens, handicapped people, education, the environment….the list goes on and on. We need to get them out of our government for good.

  6. Wow!!!! Ok who else is shocked? Chicken Shit!!! Wow! Finally honest journalism! She is hot and got hotter in my book! Super sexy to see a woman speak out like that!

  7. The wave of scum of this deeply criminal administration and their shameless and reckless sycophants threaten to flush out all decent human beings from positions of power in America.

  8. Long after Trump bites the dust we will remember those media and lackeys who have attempted to destroy America in favor of a criminally corrupt president. There is a special place in history for them.

  9. Many are NOT a trumpers. Many care about our country. No one in the right minds could be a trump lover. The republicans have lost their minds.

  10. Democrats are racists they enslaved African Americans and Native Americans and Mexicans and they mocked and spreaded lies about the black Republicans in 1870s and the Democrats said the Democratic party is the white man's party only and that the Republican party is the Negro and carpetbagger party

    Democrats still use the white supremist confederate flag on there supplies that there supporters have

    Malcolm X said that if any black man or woman vote for Democrats than they are a traitor to there race

    African Americans Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Booker T Washington, Ida B Wells, and Martin Luther King Jr, were Republicans and Martin Luther King Jr Niece confirms that Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican

    March 30, 1868
    The Republicans begin the impeachment trial of Democrat President
    Andrew Johnson who declared, “This is a country for white men, and by God, as long
    as I am President, it shall be a government of white men.”

    The 1868 Democratic National Convention was held at Tammany Hall in New York City between July 4, and July 9, 1868. The slogan for the 1868 Democratic National Convention was, "This is a White Man's Country, Let White Men Rule". The convention was notable for the return of Democratic Party politicians from the southern states.

    During the Lincoln-Douglas debate Democratic U.S. Senator Stephan Douglas (D-IL) said, If you desire negro citizenship, if you desire to allow them to come into the State and settle with the white man, if you desire them to vote on an equality with yourselves, and to make them eligible to office, to serve on juries, and to adjudge your rights, then support Mr. Lincoln and the Black Republican party, who are in favor of the citizenship of the negro. ("Never, never.") For one, I am opposed to negro citizenship in any and every form. (Cheers.) I believe this Government was made on the white basis. ("Good.") I believe it was made by white men for the benefit of white men and their posterity for ever, and I am in favor of confining citizenship to white men, men of European birth and descent, instead of conferring it upon negroes, Indians, and other inferior races.

    Website shows that the Republican party is the Party that cares for African Americans but the Democrats voted against black people


  12. yeah, it is ok to attack a true war hero but republicans made a big deal when one eye crenshaw was the focus of a comedian…

  13. Trump dodged serving in the military because he's a wimp… is chinless kid Don Jr has to hunt innocent animals to try and prove he's a man ..and then there's the dumb s*** Eric is just a mixture of both inbreeding's funny how tough the trumps are when they know they're not involved in it, but they be the first one s*** in their pants and crying in a tunnel to get them out if they were.. what a bunch of absolute halfwit Half sissies

  14. I think Trump treated Vindman in a fine and respectful manner. He called him a never Trumper…thats a great honor you know!

  15. i was worried when i saw thee headline……thought intelligent miss wallace was a trump fan…..and then i listen to the video…….the 3 from fox…..ugh ugh and ugh especially the ugly man or woman in a blue dress

  16. Not sure why this GOP ploy surprises anyone. Has everyone forgotten they did exactly the same thing against Christine Blasey Ford and the other women who stepped forward on sexual assault from scumbag Brett Kavanaugh? The GOP needs to be disbanded. It is the "internal enemy" against which the nation must be vigilant, and which was forewarned by the founding fathers.

  17. A veteran who supports the clown should be ashamed of themselves. All that sacrafice there brothers in arms went through and you support a draft dodger.

  18. OMG look at that insane idiot grin on ex meritus professor and Epstein's pedophile buddy. Poor children having to suffer that vile thing raping them. Why is he on TV ???

  19. Escape from Candyland
    [DREALITY Motion Pics, documentary 1h 20m]

  20. Laura Ingram and Alan Dershowitz, smirking like cult drones as their naked emperor establishes the authoritarian regime of blowhardia. Anyone following this anti-American criminal is complicit.

  21. Laura Ingram is hypocritical Catholic who feels she can be a presidential advisor. Has no security clearance to understand anything about what her uneducated advice would cause our country. Fox opinion anchors nothing but conspiracy theorist . These are the people running our country . None of you have a problem with this‼️‼️❓❓

  22. Laura ingraham has some different aspects that makes me wonder what she has to hide. There's something good. She is possibly a robot.

  23. Get 'em Nicole. Love it. keep it coming. Why do the hundreds of reporters that cover Trump not say hey that's a lie and you know it with every retarded lie Trumps spews? Instead they let Trump beat there balls off with non stop insults. Snowflakes….no shit.
    Fight back against these treasonous piles of dog shit! Enough is enough. Fight BACK!!!!!!

  24. They aren't changing any minds. True. But they continue to cement the Ttump Bullshitocrasy of his base. And, conversely, push the rest of us – with half a uh-brain – further away. Must be nice to be ancient and rich, knowing you won't be around for the hellish future of your country. Yeahhhhh MEEEEE!

  25. Fox News wouldn't trash George Washington. Those three morning FOX News dickweeds got their lips glued to Trump's ass.

  26. It's like my brother – a retired Lt. Colonel who served 19 of his 27 years under Reagan, Bush, and another Bush, and with whom I could not have political conversations for years because he was fairly conservative – now I could not shut him up about how bad Trump and the GOP are, even if I wanted to!

  27. The republican party already died when Trump became the nominee. Rather than beat him down and support an actual Republican, they decided to rally behind this self-serving, independent phony that holds no allegiance to either party but himself. They know this. They have to support him at all costs and will turn their backs on him in 2020 as they are fully aware of what he's doing is bringing everything down around him. They cannot afford to have him impeached as it ruins their chances of stealing power away in 2020 and therefore will continue ti sabotage the impeachment process by whatever means necessary so the corpse of the party can be maintained in 2020.

    They will fail.

  28. Good vid. Just for the record, Gaetz only has one DUI as far as anyone knows even though there are rumors of others.

  29. At this point the only real question is why. Why do they do this? They do not try to hide the fact that they are going to defend Trump no matter the cost. Do they think that this is their last stand, do or die, if they loose now its all over…? What??? Why? Why are they willing to destroy everything including our country to defend this scum bag? They have to know that when they loose this it will mark the end of the party as it is today and will be years if not decades before it recovers. Is this their last ditch effort to take over the government and turn it into an authoritarian one because, if Trump is still in place after the 2020 election, I really believe they will end our country as we know it today.

  30. Bravo Nicole! Call it like it is. Boo-yah! She found the one word that describes both the ideology and collective talent of Fox & Friends. What are poor F&F going to talk about when their glorious leader is gone from office? Oh yeah… same old crap they talked about when Obama was president. Boycott Fox & Friends advertisers!

  31. After Pearl Harbor was bombed and Germany declared war on us we woke up and realized the only good Nazi was a dead one. The Republicans are getting dangerously close to committing an act which will give rise to a similar sentiment where they are concerned.

  32. All of these so-called “Americans” on Fox and in Congress are nothing but a bunch of Evil ass Constitutional Sellouts period. All of them either want to cling to their congressional Cush ass jobs and power or their financial thieving access to our money. As for these “conservatives of convenience” in these news outlets they too would sell their soul for their opportunity to spew and spin the lies of this Draft dodging “Lier-&-Sheep” than to protect our country from the destruction it is now facing from within our own borders. The old saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it is looking us all square in the eyes and these fools are expeditiously getting us to the implosion point. All of the mindless middle class blue collar workers supporting these fools who stole their freaking tax deductions and gave themselves their money is amazing. When you put your hate in front of your common sense and finances enough said, game over. Babylon has fallen.

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  34. I've never really liked her much because she doesn't approach news from an objective angle –she's got a strong liberal bias. But I have to say that now I REALLY LOVE HER! =D

  35. Oh damn,is shit getting so bad that even Laura Ingram is getting drunk on the set,sounds like the Fox crew is medicating their depression and stress!

  36. Fox news is such a joke. Nothing they say has any ground of truth, and yet they pump this garbage out to the public, like it's news. It's not, only cooked up garbage, to confuse the public. Then you have those idiots , in our Senate, and House, again using garbage they have no grounds to say, adding fuel to the fire. This is America, damn it, and if this continues, it won't be, anymore. We have the facts, and facts are what we use, not this made up crap that spews out of the mouths of truthless jerks on Fox news.

  37. I think "a never trumper" should become the compliment to end all compliments as in meaning you're not a lier, a thief, a conman, you pay your debts, you would serve your country, you are loyal to your friends, you are an honest person and you pay your taxes like an honest citizen. These are just a few of the ways that come to mind in a matter of seconds.


  39. I can see why Obama said in a speech! You people are not smart enough to govern yourselves ! I can see why you Morons never have anything good to say.but hate!

  40. The right and the left are all out of control, Fucking ratings are all that is important. These people are in bed together. Best if a person can see beyond this shit to really see what's going on. Oh by the way, are your papers in order. Let's not lose sight of what oct of 2020 holds in store for second rate citizens.

  41. Never watched FakeNews and NEVER WILL‼️ A bunch of sum vile bottom dwellers and that also applies to the Orange Ape Golden Shower douche bag in the White House.

  42. The irony was he was hired to help guliani get the deal done lol,

    also Ivanka, is a Russian name, for trumps daughter lool,
    hes the biggest Russian troll ever,

  43. I don’t like this guys videos. Mostly because how quickly he POPS in to explain for double the amount of time of the content to me what I’m watching.

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