Muslim World Tour : Eid Prayer in Dubai / Prière de l’aïd à Dubaï

– Salam alaykum
– Eid Mubarak ! – You are all right
– I’m all right – Let me bring the praying mat in my car – Mashallah ! – We go to the Manara musalla, you know the way ? – This is is Jumeirah Islamic Center – I show you it’s here – You see theses houses, German style ? This is the Islamic Center
– Ah ok – Now you know, Al Wasl road…
– Really cool, really special – For who ?
– They teach everything, they give lectures, they invite Sheikhs – non-Muslims can come, many books, they give Arabic classes, Quran classes – Many people who want to marry come here – You are going to do the sacrifice today ? or send the money to… – No I don’t know, I am going to call Sheikh Saeed, and ask him what is the best thing to do – and we can also go to a friend’s place later – It’s so slow… – we are wasting 10 minutes here, better go there and make a U-turn – it’s bad – You gotta interview here – Maybe yeah – They must be praying already – Find a place here, it’s gonna be hard but…
– there is here – it’s nice to see all the people together – it’s like in Makkah, have you been to Umra ? – I went once – yes we are all together, here is the like the same

7 thoughts on “Muslim World Tour : Eid Prayer in Dubai / Prière de l’aïd à Dubaï

  1. Bismillahi Ar Rahman Ar Rahim.

    Barak Allahu fik for this video. I really appreciate it. May Allah help you and may Allah protect you. Ameen.

  2. Salam Gibran je respecte bcp ce que tu fais ,je suis persuadeé que si le prophete Muhammad que le salut soit sur lui etait parmi nous il aurait aimé ce que tu fais .

  3. "Et quand on récite le Coran prêtez-lui l'oreille attentivement et observez le silence,afin que vous obteniez la miséricorde (d'Allah)" [Al-A'raaf, 204] ;

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