Muslim Visits Charles Bridge & Prague Old Town \\ Muslim Traveler – The Travels Of Z

29 thoughts on “Muslim Visits Charles Bridge & Prague Old Town \\ Muslim Traveler – The Travels Of Z

  1. Wow, the street artist drew the people so life-like! Cool Beatles graffiti wall. You should have used some spray paint instead of a marker to show off your artistic skills, haha. What is up with all of the cool old cars?

  2. Thanks for sharing your Prague Old Town experience. I love those swish-pans. Great information as always.

  3. Like stepping back in time. Holy smokes I love the architecture. It looked pretty packed was there a lot of locals or a lot of tourists? Loved the museums you went to and the street art and singing caught on camera were really cool.

  4. Prague is on my bucket list. Thanks for bringing us along. Didn't know about the John Lennon Wall. Hmmm, naked crawling statues ;p Oooh, I love the open air old time cars. <3

  5. Prague has been on my list! Especially for its history. Thanks for this amazing and informative virtual tour of the old town and the Charles bridge. Good to know that the original statues have been moved to the museums! Great way to protect them!

  6. Prague is so awesome ✨ I been there 5-6 years ago and it was such a great time. The beauty is unlimited in there!! Thanks for the tour 👌🙏🌟

  7. You've got me on the Apple Museum and pretty cool your name is on the wall right now. Will check it out the moment we visit Prague. Great edit and transitions. Have you ever tried using Artlist as music library, is really perfect for travel vloggers like you.

  8. Ah, the Lennon Wall – I remember when I was there someone was actually busking there singing Beatles songs. We have a lot of Lennon wall in Hong Kong at the moment for people to express their frustrations at this trying time.

  9. The transitions of this film are amazing man!! I've always wanted to visit prate and this usb makes me want to see it more!

  10. Love to drop by and write my name on johns lennon walls too 😊. the dancing house is quite interesting.

  11. Great video, Reminds me of the time i went to prague. Also great shots an awesoem information which makes it a intresting video

  12. Prague gets so crowded with tourists that it's insane! The amount of entertainment they have on that bridge is crazy too, haha. Great information on the history of the statues.

  13. I enjoyed Prague and really want to go back. I really wish I had made it to the John Lennon Wall. Didn't get the chance.

  14. Such a majestic and full of history bridge! Old Town of Prague is just so charming that inspires you for videos, right? 🙂

  15. I can't wait to walk here by myself in a couple of weeks time. Thank you for getting me ready for the trip! And some great information!

  16. Wow the oldest clock! 3:55 the walls of awesomeness haha, amazing video mate, very very detailed video and love the way you break it up into information and some cinematics too

  17. Prague looks awesome!  Really good information (now I have to go watch your other Prague video to learn about astronomy clocks!)  Nice edit and colors!  Thanks for sharing Z!

  18. Yep that looks like Prague, so crowded on the Charles Bridge and in the Old Town haha. Those islands you saw are well worth checking out, you can hire boats to get over to them

  19. Prague has been somewhere I have wanted to visit for a very long time. I wonder how many people will find your channel from the wall haha. As always, great video Z.

  20. Loved Prague, particularly the bridge. It is so impressive with all the statues. the Lennon wall is so cool! it's not a ba mix of old and new buildings.

  21. omg its the famous clock in Prague haha. again another European country on my list now woooow. those artworks are amazing and lots of entertainment on the Charles Bridge that you can watch. woah the Lennon Wall, hoping to be able to write my name in the future! the structure of that dancing house looks unique and interesting. thanks for sharing! can't wait to see these myself hehe

  22. I just love history, so old towns are my favorite part of a city. Charles Bridge looked incredible. I actually didn't know the history of the dancing house. Very interesting.

  23. hey man noticed you have plenty of facts about music not just on this video… thanks for sharing 😀 the weather is overcast that day…perfect time to explore the city… 😀

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