Mumbai to Kochi | Part 3 | Kochi Tourism Marathi Vlog | Kerla Tourism

I found veg restaurant in Fort Kochi Here you can get pure veg Gujrati, Jain, Marwadi & Panjabi dishes. I ordered “Veg Pulka” & “Paneer Masala” Once I received then I will show you how it is…. And also will let you know how’s the taste .. Really surprising, I found Veg Restaurant in Fort kochi Taste for this Paneer masala was really nice…. So we will move to that side now… its really sunny here friends… its 2:00 PM now From here I will move to Mattancherry Palace. I am thinking shall I book ola or shall I just walk I think I should book ola So I have to go to that spot Lot of crows are here these guys are collecting sand At morning we been here Ola driver was nice He gave lot of information You can see some juice stalls and ice cream stalls here You reach here at this point only so that you can walk through to till the end So guys, Its time to leave Fort Kochi now And now I am going to… Mattancherry Palace I am booking Ola…and will leave now. Bye By Fort Kochi. I booked Ola but I cancelled that due to long waiting time Now I am reaching there by walking…lets see its not so far Walking will be good so that I can see this area also. Just look at the area … its really nice Here we have “Daal Roti Restaurant” …. Desi Khana Everywhere you can see Bungalow & Cars Cleanness We have such kind of area’s in Mumbai But here I have see almost everywhere you will see such big Bungalows Now I am going to Mattancherry Palace… and this is the way by walk… Wooow … what a nice Bungalow Friends now I have reached to Mattancherry Palace. its peaceful here Climate is also good ( You will have to pay Rs. 10 /- entry fee. Shooting is prohibited) (You can capture photos using your mobile free of cost.) Friend’s now I am at Mattancherry Palace Garden its cool here hence I am sitting here Shooting is not allowed inside Palace hence I didn’t shoot anything… But I captured few photos for you… must watch Ok Guys, now its time to move to Spice market So it was Mattancherry Palace… Now I am going to Spice Market Before that I could see something like Touriest Boating. Lets see if we can go there We have some street stalls … And here we have boating center All boats are comig here… We have small Park here I think all those are tourist boats if its Navel Base then I will not publish this video So guys, Spice market started from here This is Jews Road (Spice market also known as Jews Road) Jews Town

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  1. भारत का सबसे फेमस पर्यटन कौन सा है जहां विदेश से लोग घूमने आते हैं

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