Mrs Vaishnavi, India Tourism Board – TTR Travel Industry Road Show

(music) – I am from India Tourism Board so I am presenting India as a destination to the travel agents here. India has always been a draw
for as a culture destination for the the Irish Market.
But now we want to present the diversity which we can show
in form of new destinations the south India, northeast
of the country, the wildlife which we have, the luxury
travel train market, even the cruises which we have started. So we want to introduce
all those new products to the travel agents here in the show. People do know about India, but that is a tradition market
they are still focusing on. We want them to diversify
into world tourism into Of course the Golden Triangle
has always been a draw here but then you can do so so many add-ons with those Golden Triangles. We can do some camel safaris,
we can do some desert safaris. If talking about Rajastan. If you’re talking about the
southern part of the country Kerla has always been a draw here. But with that we can add-on to that the tiger safaris of you know near Munnar, Periyar we can do. Or we can do, go into
Pondicherrys, see the Ashrams Have some rejuvenation therapies In Pondicherry, the ashram. Those are more interesting
that can diversify the interest of the clients. That is what we are trying
to do here in this show. (music)

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