Mr Perkins Storytime – Gordon Goes Foreign | YouTube World Tour | Thomas & Friends

[intro music]>>MR. PERKINS: Oh, Hello there, I’m Mr.
Perkins. I’m one of the Engine Drivers here
on Sodor. Sometimes I even drive Thomas. But he’s working far away.
I was just imagining what it would be like to work somewhere foreign. On the mainland there’s a very big
city called London. I’ve been there on holiday. Gordon has been to London too.. He
didn’t like it much though. There’s a story about that in one of these
books. Ah yes, here it is. It’s called ‘Gordon Goes Foreign’. Sometimes engines from the mainland
visit Sodor. Gordon was talking to one of them. “When I was young,” he
said, “I remember going to London. Do you know the place? The
station’s called King’s Cross.” “King’s Cross!”, snorted the engine
from the mainland. ”London’s Euston. Everybody knows that!” “Rubbish!”, said Duck, “London’s
Paddington. I know. I worked there”. Gordon and Duck were still arguing
about which station was London. “I’m sure it’s Kings Cross” said
Gordon. “I’ll go and prove it”. One day when he pulled the Express
to the Big Station a Porter ran over and spoke to Gordon’s Driver. “The engine for the express has
turned over. They want you to take the train to London”. “Fine”, said
the Driver. “We’ll show them what Sir Topham Hatt’s engines can do.” “Come on!”, said Gordon, “let’s go!” “We’re going to Town! We’re
going to Town!”, sang the coaches. Gordon found that London was a
long, long way away. The next day the Station Master
came running in with the newspaper. “Excuse me Sir, have you seen the
news’. “Why?”, asked Sir Topham Hatt “Famous Engine at London
Station. Police called to Control Crowds”. Sir Topham Hatt smiled. When Gordon returned Sir Topham
Hatt asked him if he had enjoyed himself. “No Sir, I didn’t.”, said
Gordon. “London’s all wrong, they’ve changed it. It isn’t King’s
Cross any more. It’s St. Pancras!”. [lauging] Gordon didn’t realise that in the
big cities they often have lots of train stations, not just one! But to me the best stations in the
world that are the ones here on Sodor, on Sir Topham Hatt’s
Railway! Goodbye. See you again soon! [music]

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