MOUNTAIN TALK | “1st year on the Freeride World Tour” with Wadeck Gorak

How does it feel to be part
of the Freeride World Tour? Being on the Freeride World Tour
is above all a career achievement I’ve always dreamed to be one of the
top 20 skiers in the world To compete with them and to show that I have my place there, it’s such a pleasure. How do you feel about your 1st
season so far? The season has been busy and eventful A little bit complicated physically because it started with some problems
with my ankle but it didn’t went so bad
with a top 10 at the first stage Second competition, in addition
to the ankle, I was sick So I was not so lucky I started to feel better
so I could show a little bit of what I was able to do and finally I skied as I wanted to do it I reached the goal of achieving my first top 5
and I think that this is only the beginning so it’s encouraging Did your injury handicap you
a lot during your prep? It bothered me during pre-season training I had to ski easy,
sliding to the minimum because it was the only thing the ankle
allowed me to do It was very difficult to arrive on
competitions without having skied and so without knowing what I was ready to do. What about the stages? Luckily, adrenaline does its job
and allows us to hide the pain, even if, obviously we cannot be 100%
but I was lucky let’s say to limit the effects on my mental part I managed to ride thanks to mind and physical preparation, which allowed me to compensate a little on the rest Have you been able to ski the faces
like you wanted to? On the first stage I rode exactly
the line that I wanted It was my goal to make a top 10 and I reached it On the second step, not at all:
it was in Fieberbrunn, in Austria It was the most complicated stage for me when I was in the middle of the face
I was physically exhausted in addition to the ankle pain, that I had
only one desire: to sit down I preferred to do something smart: to go down without taking risks,
and have another top 10 But it’s true that to see me skiing like that,
on replays it’s something quite frustrating,
it’s not me it looks like when I was only
15 years old and beginner. Who’s the coolest rider on the tour? I met a lot of nice people really good people and
it would be tough to choose one It would be unfair to the others,
I think Anyway it is a beautiful family that I met,
and I hope to be with them for a long time,
there are many beautiful people it is only good surprises And the least cool? Some people are less cool than others,
but still good people Nobody deserves to have the “bad person”
status on the Tour at least for me How do you feel about riding the
Bec des Rosses? Is it scary? Being on the FWT was already a dream,
but riding the Bec des Rosses… If I had to choose between doing the FWT
or doing the Bec des Rosses I could have chosen
only the Bec des Rosses I have some memories,
like Séb’ Michaud with a 20 meters backie These are the actions that made me dream about this sport and follow this career it feels incredible to be here and represent France on the FWT final Have you ever skied this face? No, never: it’s a surprise… 2 times 10th, 1 time 5th…
Any goal for the final? Of course, it’s the podium… even win! I would not mind falling as long as
I would manage to do what I want to do and fail on a very demanding run to test if I am able to go on the podium
and attack these first places I’m not going to hide I’m 11th for now and
may be finishing in the first 10 Next year I will attack the title and we’ll see how it goes! What’s the plan after Verbier? After Verbier, I will ski a little bit for myself The winter was intense between
the moments I could not ski and the moments of competitions,
waiting for the start This is the winter where I skied
the least for 10 years I want to do some mountaineering just for the pleasure and the fun of being
there with my friends it will be the first thing After, I’ll organize a competition
that will take me a lot of time too and after I think that I’ll try to breath
for one month in May, real vacation: play golf to release all the pressure and all the
emotions of the winter before starting the summer ski…
don’t not know exactly where it is work in progress,
at the moment

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