This is Pieter, our retail manager at MotoZoom… and this is his girlfriend Mandy, who is a freelance photographer. These two riders together have had a lot of motorcycle adventures, such as… during a journey from Amsterdam to Mongolia and trips through Myanmar, India… and Nepal. The coming 3 months they are going for new adventure: to discover South America by motorcycle. In episode 2 they go straight through the jungle… to the west coast of Ecuador. Cheer up a bit! This is adventure after all… always the unexpected… like poor visibility and a longer travel than we thought. Where are we going?
-To the beach! So we bought 2 motorcycles in Quito… that we picked up this week… and haven’t got a license plate yet… but we are allowed to ride them in Ecuador. So we went for the beach… and stopped over in the jungle… then headed to the beach, where we are now… and we are going to stay here for a couple of days and then return to Quito… because coming Friday we can pick up our license plates… and the registration certificates… so that we can cross the border. Our plan is to go to Colombia. The motorcycle has had maintenance… after the 300 kilometer (186 miles) mark. -Are you okay? The next 1000… 3000… 5000… 7000… and so on… the bikes must have maintenance to receive an official stamp… and today we got the first. Alright Mandy, where are we now? -Somewhere on a pass on our way to Quito… because we are going to pick up our license plates… and we are climbing a steep pass… and are heading into the mist, we’ll see what happens… cornering is very nice here… unless you are behind a smelly truck. Today maintenance number 2… and we have our license plates! In Armenia they call these ‘laying policemen’… I do not know how they call them in Ecuador… but they sure do have a lot of them! In the next episode they cross the border between
Ecuador and Colombia. See you! Waiting, waiting, waiting… we were here at 9:30 am and it is now 1:30 pm… IT TAKES A LONG TIME… Can we go now? Why not?
-They have their break still… Oh… Break… Maybe we should take this one?

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