Motorcycle GPS Navigation – Cell Phone Mount Review – iPhone Google Maps or Samsung Smartphone

Hi, I’m Craig Brockie and today I want to
show you a really cool product that basically gives you GPS navigation on your motorcycle.
It helps save time, avoid wrong turns and get to where you need to go very quickly. This is product my wife got me for Christmas
and I’m going to show you how it installs and how to use it. The first thing you do
is take this little bracket here and attach it to your handlebars. As you can see, it’s
very subtle and it stays there all the time. Then you take out the cell phone mount itself.
It’s got a little threaded bit on the back. It pops on here. You tighten it up. Then you
take out your smartphone. Pop it in here. Just squeeze the sides in place and you take
this little safety bungee cord. Put it over the top. Bang! Now you have GPS on your motorcycle. Now one
of the things that’s cool about this is that it’s so secure that I was able to take it
up to 100 miles per hour on the freeway. I do have a windshield here, so if you do not
have a windshield, you might want to assess the situation to make sure there’s not too
much pressure there. Another thing is that it’s so small, it fits
under the seat of my motorcycle, so it can come with me everywhere I go. So there you have it. For just under $20,
you can have GPS navigation on your motorcycle. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you happen
to be into health, stop by and you can get a FREE copy of my book, “Take
Control of Your Health.” Bye for now!

3 thoughts on “Motorcycle GPS Navigation – Cell Phone Mount Review – iPhone Google Maps or Samsung Smartphone

  1. Craig any chance you could do a review on the Velocity Clip smartphone mount for bikes? It is totally universal so it will hold any smartphone with or without any protective case and the bike mount is also totally universal. 
    Check them out:

  2. Hi Craig. Nice review. Looks like a sturdy mount. How is it while riding? Any vibrations? I've actually recently written a similar article on this subject. It's a bit more generic, but thought it might be useful for the people viewing your video. Feel free to give it a read: 

    I'm using a life proof case in combination with their bicycle mount on my motorcycle. Works quite good, but I don't like that my iPhone has to stay in the case all the time (since it's quite a drag to put it in and take it out every time). 

    Hope you find it useful.
    Be safe and Enjoy the Ride!

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