Money in Chile for Travelers

hola welcome to slowpoke travel this
video is all about currency we’re currently in Chile so this is Chilean
currency well I think maybe this information might work for a lot of
spanish-speaking countries because a lot that you have to know about handling the
currency in a spanish-speaking countries the numbers learn your numbers learn
your numbers thank you daddy just having a basic grasp of the numbers
cannot stress that enough learn learn the numbers practice them
before you get here ideally or though you’ll be forced to learn them pretty
quick whether you like it or not yeah definitely have a cheat sheet I’ve got a
little cheat sheet on my phone that I used for a while I guess you know if you
go to those kind of fancy restaurants but let’s look at the Chilean curtsy and
it’s pesos but they’re big numbers you know I’m from the United States I’m used
to tiny numbers little itsy bitsy teeny tiny numbers that my banking in around
and plus I’m financially challenged you know so we deal with small curtsy all
the time anyway so this is what you’ll see when you come to chill a currency
wise and these here are quite a few bills but you see I’ve got them all
stacked up together and they’re the same width but they’re different lengths you
know so like the larger bills are longer and the smaller bills are shorter so if
your site impaired or you’re inebriated then this is for you buddy
this is the smallest one right here is the thousand pesos note you’re covering
up the most fun part of it yeah kind of a cellophane a clear thing right here
currency rates are gonna change and depending on the currency of your
country versus wherever you go but here in Chile right now this 1000 peso note
is about a buck fifty in US currency so that’s how I think of it as I think of
it almost like a dollar because it spends almost like a dollar for what you
can get for like for this 1000 peso note if you go to a
kind of a nice coffee shop this is like half a cup of coffee maybe a little bit
less but I don’t know who that is in the front
I think it’s Edgar Allan Poe because Chile is very well-read country there’s
a lot of book shops you know so they appreciate literature or maybe they like
spooky stories yeah it’s kind of a plasticky feel yeah but I don’t know
these bigger ones are almost papering and I don’t know if that’s because
they’re older or just because here we’ve got let’s go to the next one which is
2,000 pesos and so this is twice as much as the 1,000 pesos e-learning your
numbers already pays off early on and I think this is a Peter Cushing a young
Peter Cushing from the early Hammer horror movie days I think maybe when he
was doing the Frankenstein movies and I guess those movies were a big hit down
here since they put him on the money this right here 5,000 pesos not sure who
that is I think it’s a minor Star Wars character I don’t watch a lot not big
into the Star Wars universe but this is my favorite bill I mean if you’re down
here spending cash these are the best ones to have because these are small
notes so if you go somewhere if you’re buying stuff off the street you know on
the market or from a vendor or you’re just going in for a small purchase and
you don’t want to use your credit card this is what you want are these small
bills you know once you get into these bigger bills you know you might as well
use a credit card but I really like the five because the five leads disease has
changed this is a piece of cake and a cup of coffee for me but these here are
what I brought before we left the United States I ordered some currency from my
bank and I couldn’t choose the denominations they just gave me the
choice of small bills or large bills and I chose small bills and they gave me in
an assortment of these and this was perfect and this is what I like to have
my wallet down here otherwise I’m using my credit card we have a Charles Schwab
account so we’re able to get of ATMs without having exorbitant fees
so that’s nice to have and then we’ve also got some credit cards with you know
where they don’t have international transaction charges no foreign
transaction no foreign transaction charges and that sort of helps too
because all that stuff adds up but if you’re using cash you want these small
bills and you don’t need a lot of it I think we came we came here with several
hundred dollars and this year and it was more than we need it because it was easy
to get the cash out of the ATM and it was easy to turn it into this stuff
right here and when we got the money out of the ATMs it was mostly these right
here which is the ten thousand and the twenty thousand one-time what we kind of
are you know I don’t know is there a bigger bill than the twenty thousand
note probably but you’re gonna have to watch the Bill Gates Travel Channel to
get a look at that one cuz this is the biggest one that we’ve seen and I think
we got a which are all out of ATM and they gave us a bunch of these and you
know I don’t know I don’t want to fool with these because if I’m making this
kind of a purchased I’m gonna use my credit card because this is like thirty
five dollars right now in US and this one’s okay you know because this is two
cups of coffee and two pieces of cake for most places that we go and I don’t
know who this is I think that’s I don’t know this might be a corporate tie-in
this might be a spokesman for like the moustache wax or some quarter beard care
and of course we all recognize Robert Vaughn The Man From UNCLE oh yeah yeah
this video is gonna be great if you’re old otherwise you’re like who are these
people we’re these people he’s talking about
hey grandpa most of our audiences in the United States and people in the United
States they’re playing a Mario Brothers they’re not reading books
looks like monopoly money but that yeah I mean monopoly all my home and I
believe money with like all money cuz monopoly money is based on money right
here let me let me do the change real quick here is the Chilean peso hard
currency is here it looks like a dime it’s a ten pace up piece but this is
more like a penny and you get you get the
it’s like it’s not worth the wear and tear on your breeches and this is even
worse fifty pesos because this is big this is like the size of us quarter but
it’s worth it’s like a nickel it’s like a nickel but it’s as big as a quarter
how much sense is that make but I mean I don’t know I don’t even know what you
can buy with this you can’t I don’t even think you can buy a stick of gum with
this this is like a down payment on a piece of gum so forget about that and
then we’ve got some hundred peso pieces there’s an old one and there’s a new and
then the hundred pace of pieces are okay you know you can put a few of these
together and maybe put a down payment on an apple now you’ve also got five
hundred pesos piece and this is good because five hundred pesos this is like
75 cents so this makes more sense but not that dissimilar from the 100 peso
piece so you kind of have to be careful with it it’s a little bit larger but if
you’re unfamiliar with the currency it’s good to know that distinction here are a
few transactions where I had cash purchases like this is a coffee shop
basically two pieces of cake and no no no no this was a guitar it’s in Spanish
but no this is two cups of coffee and then we had arrepas but this
came to fourteen thousand nine hundred pesos so that would be catorce mil novecientos –my god! I say catorce mil novecientos and they just say Brrrrrr! that it’s a bitsy teeny tiny bit of
knowledge so when they come and say brrrr! you
can sort of think about it you can look at it but that doesn’t always happen now
this here is a receipt you know whatever but this was for siete mil novecientos veinte which is seven thousand nine
hundren and twenty …you know I get a grip on the first couple of numbers like they’ll say ocho mil which is eight thousand pesos so right off the bat I know if I give
them a ten I got it covered and I kind of have some idea of the change I’m
looking for so you want to have some grip or some grasp of those numbers
because like if you’re spending this here and they say dos mil trescientos veinte which is a you know two thousand three hundred
and twenty whatever I said but then I know that I’m gonna be looking for seven
thousand pesos and change so I don’t have to think about that change the
small change so much I just have to have some idea of what Bill I need to use for
the transaction you know it’s like if they say anything under cinco like if
they say cuatro mil then I know that my five will covered I mean this is very
basic but it is something that is necessary and you need to know in that
boom right when you hit the ground because you’re going to be getting on a
bus you’re going to be getting in a taxi you’re gonna be buying a bottle of water
you’re right off the bat going to be doing some financial transactions so you
know having some understanding of the money and the language that you have to
use with the money is super important so go to our
website –there’ll be a link below– and it’ll be all you
need to know to figure out Chilean money hitting the ground thanks for
watching and subscribing and watching all our other stuff too we really
appreciate it it makes the sound better and I feel
prettier when I wear this

56 thoughts on “Money in Chile for Travelers

  1. I am glad that they are having a good time in Santiago, if you have not had a tour guide to know the city and I offer you a tour for free (so you can know the city and I can practice my English)

  2. Uds son tan agradables y simpáticos que me gusta verlos, incluso no se nada de ingles, pero e aprendido a ver peliculas subtituladas y algo entiendo, gracias, ojalaas hicieran los subtitulos en sus videos, es obvio llegarán en masa multitud a ver sus videos, y si lo hacen coloquen Chile en GRANDE, JAJJAJAJA ya que todos queran ver que hablan y dice un gringo, pero a muchos no les importa, ya que hay varios que no lo entienden, pero subtitulado se llenará


    There is an explanation of who are the characters that appears on each bill, the 20000 is the biggest one.

  4. You all look and sound so happy. Am so happy for you. Question, considering the size of the bills, are their wallets different from US? did you have buy a different wallet type?
    All extremely important and helpful info for traveling anywhere ourside of home country.

  5. You need to know that we are very proud of the people that are in our currency. So don't make fun of it ! But do not worry c: just for you to know in the 5000 pesos you can find the picture of Gabriela Mistral a Chilean poet-diplomat, educator and humanist, like Pablo Neruda ( also, in the bills you can find the name of those people and you can look for more information on the internet). Most of them were important people who fought for our independency).
    To answer your question with 50 pesos you can buy candies, ( like what we call "frugele" maybe one or 2 sweets or if you go to the south of Chile you can pay the bus with coins because we don't have the bip system )
    I hope you had a wonderful time in Chile .

  6. You are just beginning
    You'll get the views you deserve for these useful videos, you just need more time, don't get discouraged

  7. Maybe you should know more of the history of our country. At least the people who are in the bills, for example Gabriela Mistral (who is in the 5000 pesos bill) was a famous educator, poet and chilean diplomatic. Was the first latinamerican woman in recieve a nobel. She wasn't a minor star wars caracter and i found that a little offensive. I don't want no be rude but at least try to not disrispect our cultural history. We will not offend yours. I reccomend to visit some of the museums in Santiago. Like the "Museo de la memoria y los derechos humanos" (memory and human rights museum), also the GAM (Gabriela Mistral cultural centre). Glad to have you both here in our country, i hope that you are enjoying it.

  8. Oh, boy. You have such a USA-centered view on currency. I assume that's what happens with all gringos outside Gringoland.
    Funny video, but try to learn a bit of the history of the places you visit, so you don't make a fool of yourself on tape. You know, as a show of respect.
    Good luck.

  9. Loved the video. I enjoyed your perspective of our currency. I understand the humor you added when noting the people from the banknotes (I found that comparison to Peter Cushing hilllarious). Living in the states made me understand how you look at things and that’s why I didn’t feel offended by those comparisons! Most of the people on the bills is famous, and fought on wars which the sole exception of Gabriela Mistral. Note that the largest bill is the 20k one.

    Hope you had a great time in Santiago! One of the nicest cities in South America!

  10. Jesus Christ… even Lucila found that part funny. For those who found some parts of the video offensive, please folks, understand the difference between humor and disrespect. Don't overthink it, just enjoy the video! Thank you, Buck and CG. I appreciate your humor.

  11. Saludos chicos. Cuando vuelvan a Chile visiten la “carretera austral”, el desierto de atacama y sus observatorios, la patagonia chilena y por sobretodo la antártica. Créanme que Santiago es lo más aburrido para “turistear” o conocer.

    Un abrazo!

  12. Fun videos, ignore my overly-sensitive compatriots in the comments. I thought it was funny… the only one I found off was Robert Vaughn, he doesn't look like him at all, lol.

    Puta que estamos sensibles, mucho tonto-grave en los comentarios.

  13. hey Buck, the guy on the 5000 looked like an old movie actor but I could not remember his name. I finally figured it out due to Google, it is Edward Everett Horton.

  14. where in the world does those 2 cups of coffe and those awful pieces of cake cost 10 lucas?
    Of course you'll never found where to spend your small change if you keep going to those places.

  15. 1000 Chilean pesos appears Ignacio Carrera Pinto, who was an important Chilean soldier who died in the battle of La Concepción. He is an important hero in our history, along with his battalion composed of 77 men fought against 1500 Peruvian soldiers. the 77 Chilean soldiers died, but only 500 Peruvian soldiers survived

    is not edgar alan poe is a hero and I think you should give a little more respect, likewise the rest of the characters of the other characters that appear there

  16. 1.000: Ignacio Carrera Pinto.
    2.000: Manuel Rodríguez.
    5.000: Gabriela Mistral (Nobel Prize in Literature, 1945).
    10.000: Arturo Prat (National Hero).
    20.000: Andrés Bello.

  17. I visited NYC last december and i had the same trouble as you did here in Chile lol. I never learned the coins, the shopper always counted them for me, it was embarrasing, and they indeed speak reaally fast.
    Hope you enjoy the city!

  18. I was about to comment the people in the bills, just to find the short sight of my fellow peeps. ~The history in those characters is amazing, totally recomended 😉 hope someone can tl you guys a bit of it (sobre todo si van al norte: iquique, arica, antofagasta, tmb podrian visitar la serena y Copiapó) aunque wn chile teni pa regodearte viajando jajaja

  19. Good video!!.. I'm glad you guys are enjoying Santiago.. Don't pay attention to the sensitive snowflakes that can't take a joke (btw I'm from Santiago lol)..Keep enjoying your trip and posting more videos 👌☺️

  20. No sé si lo dijeron, pero los distintos largos de los billetes chilenos es para que la gente no vidente (blind people) pueda reconocerlos.

  21. As a Chilean I really want to say I love your videos! I shared the metro one on the Discover Chile FB page which is for expats visiting or living in Chile. You might wanna check it out.

  22. Hi guys! Can you please made a video about how to use the orange bikes and scooters around the city? Thank you! ❤️ I really enjoyed all your videos !

  23. In Chile is very common to name 1000 pesos as "1 luca", so 20.000 would be "20 lucas". Also 100 pesos are "1 gamba". I hope that this slang to be usefull for foreign people cause we speak with many of this words hahaha

  24. Edgar Allan Poe???? No is captain Ignacio carrera…he and 77 soldiers fight and old death Whit 2500 enemies in the war of the Pacific in the Peruvian Andes there's never surrender…….sorry my English is bad

  25. The name of each character appears on the bill, along with the character's face (but the writing is so tiny, so maybe is kinda difficult to read). Also, is important to mention that the guy who appears on the 20000 bill is the only one who is not chilean, but is important in Latinamerica, so, that's why he appears in a chilean bill

  26. On every bill the name of the person on it is printed right bellow the singatures near the center of the bill note. Although is small.

  27. When you have the 10 000 and 20 000 peso bills it's very useful to use them when you are going to pay a restaurant bill or buy cheaper stuff at big stores (malls or supermarkets) so you get change back. It's how we Chileans use them, specially in other cities that don't have the bip system and need low amounts of cash to move around.

  28. i did not find the comments disrespectful at all in fact they make me laugh too, and don't take it seriously. When its comes to national pride;all chilean are hypocrites and if they are its because they don't know history that well… nothing to be proud of really.

  29. i know how to count spanish number. Because in part of the mindanao visaya can count spanish number. like uno dos an so on.

  30. Polymer banknotes are expensive in cost productions I don't know why 10 and 20 thousands pesos notes are printed in cotton paper
    While 1-, 2-, 5 thousands pesos are in polymer banknotes
    I guess because smaller denominated notes are often you than the bigger one
    So that's why they use polymer cus polymer is 2x durable innovative and secured
    It's hard to counterfeit polymer banknotes hard to tear it
    If you forgotten them in laundry it's ok you can wipe it out then it's ok

  31. In the Philippines if you withdraw in cash machine
    You can find it either 1000 pesos, 500pesos or 100 pesos
    200.peso note are bit rare
    50 and 20 are small to withdraw from cash machine but it's so useful

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