Waddup, humans?! Kurumi here, and welcome to the Mobile Legends
What’s New? In this video, we are going to tackle about
the new released hero on advanced server, Harith, the Time Traveller. It’s quite confusing if his name is gonna
be Harith or Lambert. So for the meantime, let’s assume his name
is gonna be Harith. Harith is a mage hero with charge and burst
skills. His passive skill boosts his first skill’s
damage after casting skills 3 times. He also gains a certain amount of resilience
depending on the nearby enemies. For his first skill, he creates a phantom
of himself that casts the same skill. We can tell that this skill travels a certain
path and damages the enemies along the way. When the 2 gushes of Time Incision meet, they
will explode and deal approximately twice the damage of the initial gush. The explosion will damage the enemies nearby. His second skill makes Harith blink into a
designated direction. He steals magic attack from nearby enemies
upon landing on the designated area. He gains a shield upon landing as well which
absorbs an amount of enemy damage. His next basic attack after landing will deal
an additional certain amount of magic damage. The enemy hit will also be slowed down. When this attack hits an enemy, the cooldown
of this skill is reduced by a few seconds. His ultimate skill, Matrix of Time, definitely
buffs Harith. When the Matrix shows up, the next cooldown
of his first skill will be reduced. The enemies nearby the Matrix will be immobilized
for a few moments and also slows them for a period of time. If Harith uses his second skill to blink in
the Matrix, the cooldown of his first and second skill will be reduced. As you can see, most of his skills have his
cooldown reduced depending on the combo. Harith is not yet available for combat in
the Advanced server, so this is the best I can show you so far. So once again, this is Kurumi, and this is
the new hero, Harith. I think he will be my Spirit Animal because
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