Mistakes NOT TO MAKE In Mexico City 🇲🇽

I would say Mexico City is very charming
colorful vibrant really beautiful but there’s a lot of things that we
didn’t expect about Mexico City that we definitely should have prepared for last
year actually in 2017 Mexico mark a really great spot. They went a really big
milestone last year for travelers at least yes it becomes the sixth most visited country in the world. in the whole entire world. Back in 2013 four years
ago it was at number 15. we arrived Mexico in October yeah about two months ago and we mainly focus and stay in Mexico City and then hopped out around Mexico City so
traveling Mexico for the first time of course we have made a bunch of mistakes we did make a bunch of mistakes and
we don’t want you to make the same mistakes that we did. the first mistake we made…. this is quite a big issue because we pack all summer cloth. I mean I basically pack all summer cloths. you guys might not feel familiar with me dressing up with scarf and Jacket. fun fact though, I didn’t even bring the jacket because we
are going to Mexico. I mean we asked our friends who had been to
Mexico and when we thought about Mexico you know Mexico seems to be like a hot place. We come to find out when we arrived there early mornings and
late nights it was like 30 degrees 40 degrees Fahrenheit which is way too cold
for summer clothes it’s only ever cold first thing in the morning it’s
really not too bad and in the afternoon it gets warm but I forgot my rain
jackets I’m really hoping that it doesn’t start raining today. I still
remember the time that we went to forever 21 because they got the big
sales going on and then there are all summer clothes and I told Jimmy that I
have to get all summer cloths for Mexico literally packed an entire suitcase full
of summer clothes and it was not summer you can still expected to see the during the day at noon for example or in the
afternoon but not late afternoon it’s pretty hot it’s just really well known
to have cool mornings and cool nights like there’s snow there’s snow in Mexico
we got in a big perception that the pictures we see about Mexico and the
travel video we see about Mexico it’s It looks warm. it look like Cancun
style which there are those areas if you go to the coast but Mexico City sits
7,000 feet above sea level we think that Mexico it’s not that big
but turned out to be that Mexico is actually really really big so the
weather varies drastically between the states in Mexico
we left the US because of the snow and we went down there and there was snow in Mexico yeah but luckily we are in Mexico
City. there wasn’t snow. central Mexico has a high
altitude and so temperature different throughout the
years. just make sure that you drink plenty of water when you’re
traveling no matter whether it be night time or daytime because the
temperature can drastically change fast raining evenings and chilly nights and
mornings are very common even in the warmest days so make sure you bring
layers so the next mistake is kind of like really critical for us as a budget
travelers because we are always told Uber is the cheapest. uber uber is
so cheap and Uber is cheap on the day that we do apartment hunting we took like a bunch of uber. eight to ten of them. come to find out at the end of
the day we look at a money and wonder why we spend so much money and then
find out uber uber uber so the the number like the number that show on
the screen it doesn’t seem much because it’s like 60 Peso, 50 Peso. it
could be 50 or 60 pesos and then the longer the traffic is
the more it goes up if they can’t find you which has happened to us, then the
money will go up because you made them wait and Uber actually charges
international fees so even though I have an international travel card the company
itself charges international fees and the mistake that involved is
also we take Uber at wrong time on some day because we don’t quite get
familiar with the traffic condition so when we start taking Uber at
about five six seven eight pm that’s when you run into some problems
so then we solve the problem later when we have to actually go pretty far off
where we stay. We have to go to Coyoacan on that day we think oh… if we take Uber it will be
too expensive so we decided to take the metro for the first time. First thought : Metro’s kind of scary because you don’t really know how it
works but after like two trips we really figured out how it worked and it really
wasn’t as difficult so then come to find out that we can take subway for five
pesos no matter how far. as many transfers as long as you want you can literally sit
on the subway all day. alright the next thing the salsa mistake I mean that’s
for me you know going to Mexico you think guacamole…
I’m always gonna be everywhere and a lot of some of the salsa types actually look
like guacamole like they’re green like really thin thick or thick layered but
it looks like a thick green like without really chunks in it but it’s not glowing
it’s really it’s pika-pika really spicy why do you think that would be a lot of
guacamole in Mexico just one of those assumptions I guess haha they’re not a
good assumption but like I just assume burritos and guacamole
burritos are from the north… northern states where it borders the US
and guacamoles just not really as common so you can’t really remember the color of each salsa and think that it
would be this specific taste for example some restaurants, the green
salsa is so spicy and then others it’s not. other is not. Some restaurants the red salsa is so spicy but the others is not and one of the locals actually told us a
good thing which I didn’t really do before is just smell it first you know
yeah make sure you smell it if it burns your nose it’s spicy. there’s the way to
always mexican do taste salsa and it is to smell it. you smell it first
if it burns your nose you know it’s spicy accommodation mistake strategy that we always use for
the past year when we traveling what we always do, we always stay in each cities
or each country for like a month yeah and the reason why is because first of
all we can save a lot of money on accommodation you get a monthly discount yes so that’s
why we always apply this strategy and we apply this strategy in Mexico as well
but come to find out that a lot of place in Mexico for apartment accommodation
they want you to stay really long-term so most of the time that we face is
like at least three months six months and they want you to put a down payment
and want somebody to sign for you verifying that you’re a good tenant
yeah so that’s why we just had to go with Airbnb uh-huh
and we booked it for a month we actually lost $50 on that because the Airbnb that
we stay we booked for 30 days right and then we arrived to that place
it’s not nothing like we expect it yeah so we want to get the money back but the
owners said the policy of Airbnb is that she can only refund everything but
two days I have to stay because she has a minimum requirement to stay there so
that’s why we have to waste fifty dollars for nothing
we do still suggest you getting an Airbnb for a couple days but within that
couple days use those couple days to find another Airbnb so you’re there and
you can go to that Airbnb and check it out and look at it and try and find it a
good one that fits your your needs Oh about tipping culture the tip culture
I don’t know in in the US as a huge tipping culture it’s like 20 percent of
your bill like you we knew that like being in the USA is that way in Asia you
know that there is no tipping culture Mexico we didn’t really know we didn’t
really think about it we went to the restaurant and then we didn’t believe the tape
which we didn’t know until the following day we went to eat with our friend Laura
and she told us you know like it’s it’s like 10 percent 10 percent like if
you’re at a good restaurant and everything if you’re at street food you
don’t tip but if you’re at a good restaurant
it’s 10 percent which we didn’t know at first this is not only applying to the
restaurant also when you go to drink at the bars you have two tips as well so
any set up type that you have to physically sit down there and they
serve you something you supposed to tips but most of the time for Street food they
leave just the box yeah and it depend on you if you want to tips them or not
so these are all the mistake we made as the first time in Mexico guys and
actually like you have to make mistakes in order to learn so now we’ve made them
so now you don’t yeah exactly so we have a lot and
because we made the mistake so this is something that we will remember for life
if you have been to Mexico City as well or just Mexico in general Houston yeah
like let us know so that next time we go we don’t make the same mistakes you do
let’s it’s giving community we’ll give you something so thank you guys so much
for watching and thank you to our patron members and the new ones coming in and
we can’t thank you guys enough I wouldn’t be able to do this without you
guys yeah a couple thing we study would like to leave the message here is that
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videos yeah it’s pretty pretty DNA so we hope that you enjoy the video and found
this video useful and let us know below what you think about travel mistakes in
Mexico or anywhere else really it doesn’t have to be in Mexico it can be in some countries, some region or some city you might make the same mistake like us
let’s help each other out Thank you for watching guys and we’ll see you in the next one

100 thoughts on “Mistakes NOT TO MAKE In Mexico City 🇲🇽

  1. Thank you very much for all those tips. Check Weather first. Find a reliable and accessible location to stay, Be careful with Uber or i guess i can buy a chip phone with a local line and from there setup a new uber account?, Salsa is so delicious, according to my experience there are so many varieties of chile (green and red mostly) and to me, when i eat something new, i prefer to dig in just a little bit and from there i will decide if it suits me or not. Clothing, i need to be smart on what kind of staff will carry on. Question! can i take a drone with me for filming purposes only? or do i need a special permit or something like that?. Wish you could have aerial videos!!!!! Thank you very much. I enjoy your Channel!!!!!!, here is my like!, Happy Holidays!!!

  2. I have just returned from ten days in Mexico City (a loooong way from Australia!) and I found the metro so cheap and easy to use BUT was stitched up a couple of times switching lines. Pantitlán, I am looking at you WTF?’ For those heading there – PAY ATTENTION because sometimes you actually have to walk up outside and then a block (sometimes further) to the different line. For someone a little directionally challenged this more often than not turned into an extremely frustrating experience as google maps won’t always be completely straightforward with this either. Arghhh!! 😂

    Ps. I see your friend Laura – I really enjoyed her channel and found it super helpful in the lead up to my trip to Mexico City.

    Thanks for a great video guys – wish I saw this earlier haha x

  3. Mexico City is at a High attitude so it will be cold, it is not in the tropics.
    Great video.
    Every nation or region seems to have their own version of Uber without all the extra fee's, example Grab in SE Asia.
    Most Asian nations you don't tip, but in India you Tip, and depending on the restaurant to go to, the waiter will literally hang around waiting for your tip, at times like that I get annoyed and leave him a smaller tip. If you visit expensive restaurants this in never the case.

  4. Thank you both …i love your vlogs …i going going to Mexico in a few months i have friends there so I’m good but thank you for showing me around ….love you guys thanks again ..keep it going …

  5. I have lived in Mexico (guanajuato state) for 7 years. couple of things ive learned.. and it could be for my area:

    1) wearing shorts, this is usually seen by kids or americans… its hard not to stand out i know, since im fat and white, but this will peg you even more.

    2) if you are invited to a party at someones home, so basically a small one, when you arrive go around and greet everyone, and when you leave go around and say goodbye

    3) uber is usually cheaper, but local transport is the cheapest… unless you walk

    4) my parents spanish is pretty bad, mine is only slightly better, and everyone does their best to help/understand you.

    4a) learn "lo siento mi espanol es muy malo" this cuts alot of confusion
    4b) be humble, smiling sheepishly goes along way.. did this in France, and never felt being looked down upon

    5) speaking of being humble… dont be loud… my sister reminded me of this about 10 years ago, and while i tend to revert at times, i try to remember this

  6. #Hi guys! First of all I have to tell #Jimm that you are very #handsome, with all respect for your girlfriend, you are a #beautiful #couple, and how #fortunate you are to have #each #other, #CONGRATULATIONS. I #love your #videos, I just give #likes and sometimes I can #comment and sometimes I'm very busy, sorry … I hope you come back very soon and #enjoy knowing more states of the republic, apart from this #beautiful #Mexico #City … #Hug with a lot of #love.

  7. I also know The New Travel, they are #amazing and #surprising, please #share the name of both of you in the description of the video, to be able to remember them and learn them. Thank you !

  8. Hi the reason that uber was expensive was because your bank charge you international fee and the exchange rate was the lowest it happen that while a travel there twice and pay with my capital one or westfargo card and it was so expensive the uber fee is like .05 or .04 cents of dollar…
    last couple of times I went I paid with my credit union credit card they pay the dollar to the hight exchange rate and not fees so every trip was like .50, 1.50 or 2 dollars if you go from one side to other of the city yes take metro and later uber but if you go near just don't lose time and take uber…the good thing from uber mexico it give you how much will cost you the trip…it was a lot pay over 30 dollar by day…. I had pay 8 or 10 dollar by day using it a couple time witch it saves time and its cheap

  9. A) I wouldn't recomend going to the metro all the time if you don't use to it can be overwhelming I'm from there but my daughther is born in usa everytime we visit it is very difficult for her and just in case we go far we take it , if you notice they separate the males from females in the metro lol ( do not expect they will move or walk slow )you have to ask if they going out…other wise you can miss your station…be ready for a lot pushes you won't have a personal space ( wish is bigger for american by the way)
    B) take always a ligh sweater with you if you are not sure with the weather yes it can be hot or chill in any moment specialy if rain…
    C) if you are going in a budged be ready to walk a lot!!
    D) do not bring with you a lot money, credit cards or values , bring a copy of your passport
    E) drink always water from bottle if you decide to eat streat food be ready for the venganza de moctezuma (diarrea)
    F) bring always with you toiler paper (Very important) you won't regret it
    G)if you are in a budged I will recomend stay in a place near to a metro…it is very important that you ask someone who know before you book ( I use airbn) if that area is secure) there are a lot places who are near to a metro but is not really secure .
    personally I like near metro coyoacan, division del norte, viveros, etc is near to a lot turist places…other wise if you stay far of turist atractions it will be a nightmare you will be losing time in transportation and trafic it really sucks…

    and please you have to see the International Lucha libre …..lol so fun…thank me later….

  10. Do not take this Personal but there was just Freak Storm in October and that is not Normal for this Time of Year…like today was like 67 Degrees…but that was just a Rare Event…I just want to give You Travel Tip…when You travel to a Poor Country its Best to Pack Light because You can buy Clothes Cheaper there…

  11. Guacamole is used around Mexico but is more common in Noth Mexico always used in the tacos and we used avocado in every meal. 😜

  12. Mexico City is so amazing. I went in August and I had to go back so I did in December. I also made the mistake of bringing summer clothes, wasn’t too cold for me. But I highly recommended visiting this city. So much to do and see.

  13. Get local currency! Avoid fees and avoid credit fraud. AND learn to haggle. Mexicans are still partial to haggling. From taxis to souvenirs, within reason.

  14. Regarding #4, the metro is the way to go in Mexico City. 5 pesos per ride, plus it goes practically anywhere. Last time I was down there I vowed to not take a taxi anywhere and got around just fine.

  15. Yea I have heard of the different temperatures in Mexico. Nice trick about smelling first am definitely not a spice person.

  16. these two guys are such morons. it was cold bc Mexico is in north america as well.. so the winter is in the same time period than USA and canada.

  17. Mexico City its located in a high altitude, in autumn and winter it can be cold. If you are looking for sun and higher temperatures go to the coast (Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean), there is normally warmer 😀

  18. I didn't know uber charged an international fee or that you should tip in sit down nicer restaurants in Mexico, I've been there so much they must have thought I was a giant asshole.

  19. That’s a good question why we don’t have guacamole everywhere? I guess it’s because salsa is waaaay cheaper to make and stays nice longer. Guacamole oxidizes at room temp. So leaving guac out later would be all dark and nasty and salsa would still look tasty.

  20. The color of the salsa doesn’t classify them and less or more spicy. What makes it spicy it is the species of chilli used and or if they used the seeds. Nice rests waiters may ask for a 15% tip.

  21. tip culture exist and even more for foreigners , and it really apllies to every place, I mean is not like the waitress from the bar deserved it more than the lady from the quesadillas, they both work

  22. hollywood create this images of mexico, THAT ALL THE COUNTRY ''MEXICO'' IS WARM. BUT LIKE youll say is so big mexico

  23. Les erreurs de voyage….titre en français mais tous les commentaires sont en anglais… C'est quoi votre problème?

  24. Hahaha great video guys, I saw all the mexico serie, it was so funny and really cool to see how seems my country from your perspective, you are welcomed whenever you want to come back 😉

  25. Last time I went to Mexico City was with my Dad for around a month in 1974 😱 when I was just 9 years old. I'm looking forward to visiting again possibly this Spring for a couple weeks. How much can I expect to pay for a hotel by the week? Im not interested in 4 and 5 star accommodations. In fact in 2015 I was totally happy with a 2 star hotel in Paris. I just want to find someplace clean and hopefully not too far from the park and other transportation.
    Thanks for the video 🌞

  26. About tips: 9:43 "if you eat street food you don't tip" not true. 90% of street food stalls will have a tip can or a piggy bank to leave tips, but of course it's voluntary. At sit down places the norm is around 15%, 10% is kinda stingy hehe.

  27. I watch your videos and i love it… Especially video when you are in vietnam .. It's really help me alot :') thanks guys.. Love you ❤

  28. If you’re coming from the US you should tip anyway even if it’s not part of the culture you are in. I doubt anybody would be insulted by receiving a tip, and it feels good to make others feel good. You’d be tipping at home anyway, so you’re really not out anything

  29. The summer clothing mistake are also done by los guiris when they travelling to Spain, and it isn't summer.
    So in Spain, no, it is not always hot and sunny.

  30. I made the mistake of only packing cold weather clothes and no summer clothes… I had to go buy some dresses and short sleeve shirts cause it gets very hot mid day

  31. I live in Mexico City, because I studying medicine. Worst time to take uber is at 5pm so I recommend taxi to the closest metro station or only metro. Best time is early morning because you don't have those hidden fees.

  32. Metro is so helpful and pretty easy, but never use at night. Daytime metro is perfectly fine, but at night, it can get a little bit dangerous.

  33. Kidnaping tourists in Mexico is a reality. If foreigners come over to to deal drugs and not pay for them, try and have sex with minors, lose respect to th stutus quo, yes. The cartels are ready to take care of these people in no time. As I am speaking, a cartel is offering a one million pesos ransome for the whereabouts of the person who is working for Donald Trump in organizing his so called 'caravans.' Soon they will find him and slaughter his ass. I. think that is fair game.

  34. Nobody smells the salsa, you just ask if it's spicy or you just try things out and see how it works. the mustache guy was just being a snob.

  35. lol i've heard about the guac and pico salsa story before from friends that have gone to mexico.

  36. Great job guys, I taking a solo trip to Mexico City for 48 hours and your suggestions will be very useful, thank you.

  37. The charges you get for your transactions depend on what kind of credit card company you are using. I use my international Credicard and they don’t charge any extra fees

  38. I was in CDMX // Mexico City few months ago and I can say that I had good times 😀. CDMX is a huge city, but Uber is cheap. I won't recommend Taxis as they charge 2X-3X 🤑 more than Uber. I love to take pictures and make videos and upload them on my YT channel 🤗 – be safe & happy travels.

  39. Guacamole is ubiquitous in every mexican food place. The thing is that you have to order for it. They don't put it out there like the salsa saucers

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