Mirik Homestay – Experience West Bengal – The Sweetest Part of Incredible India

In front of Mirik Lake From the balcony of a homestay at Mirik Busty Mirik is famous for its high-quality oranges These are grown in Mirik Busty, Murmah and Soureni Busty Ecotourism is being promoted here and home-stay facilities are coming up Homestay is a form of tourism that allows visitors to rent rooms from local families It is sometimes used by people who wish to improve their language skills and become familiar with the local lifestyle Homestay opportunities range from a complete family experience to basic room rental The goal of a homestay is for the guests to be immersed in their host’s culture Mirik has become a popular tourist destination for its climate, natural beauty and easy accessibility This is a good place for bird watchers Generally the kind of birds found in relatively lower Himalayan altitudes Toursits can enjoy long and short treks to various places along routes used by the oranges traders These trekking routes take you through many beautiful landscapes of Darjeeling and give you the opportunity to connect with nature You can also trek to the river and relax by the river with a sip of beer and enjoy the food cooked by the locals At Mirik Busty you can visit to the orange orchards and interact with the orange growers you can learn and experience organic farming

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